API Reference

Jun 14, 2020
API Reference
  • PLEASE NOTE: The contents of this page are intended to be used by developers only. While you are more than welcome to experiment and create amazing stuff with these APIs, we can't guarantee we'll be able to support you in doing so. Anything made with our APIs must adhere to the EMC Terms & Conditions and API Rules.

    So that EMC players with development knowledge can make amazing EMC related things, we provide a few public APIs which allow you to integrate some parts of EMC into your amazing development creations. Any EMC APIs which return data will return it in the JSON format, and all responses are cached for one minute. Wherever possible and practical, please add your own caching of responses to your code so that you're not hitting EMC's servers more often than you need to do so.

    You do not currently need an API key to use EMC's APIs.

    API Rules(top)

    In order to keep things safe and fair for everyone, we have some super simple rules that anyone who uses our APIs must follow. Our terms and conditions must also be followed when using our APIs. Our API rules are as follows:
    • Don't use data gained from our APIs for any malicious or destructive purpose
    • Do not claim that you own EMC, or that your program/Website/app is official
    • Link back to EMC in a reasonably prominent place
    • Wherever possible, cache API responses for as long as reasonably possible
    • Do not attempt to phish EMC or Minecraft passwords
    See, they're not so bad are they? If you have any questions about what's allowed and what's not, let a staff member know. Also, we'll try not to, but we reserve the right to change our API rules at any time and without notifying you, and usage of our APIs is at your own risk - we're not liable if stuff goes wrong.

    Getting Help and Support(top)

    Sometimes you'll run into a problem with one of our APIs and have no idea how to fix it. It happens to us all, and while EMC's APIs don't come with any guarantee of support, we'll at least try to point you in the right direction where possible.

    The best place to ask for help is on the API Discussion and Support thread, where anyone else using the API will be able to support you if they are able to.

    Made something amazing?(top)

    Let us know by posting on the API Discussion and Support thread! We love to see your creations, and we'll probably link to it here. Fun fact: the vote and appeal pages were both made using the public APIs.

    Did we miss something?