Server Residence Information

Feb 4, 2017
Server Residence Information
  • PLEASE NOTE: The contents of this page are intended to be used by developers only. While you are more than welcome to experiment and create amazing stuff with these APIs, we can't guarantee we'll be able to support you in doing so. Anything made with our APIs must adhere to the EMC Terms & Conditions and API Rules.

    The Server Residence Information APIs can be used to gain a list of all the Residences on a server, and information about those Residences.

    View the API Reference page for information concerning the use of EMC's API's.


    You can access this API by performing a GET request on the URL You should replace the hash (#) with the number of the server that you are trying to get the residence list for. Make sure you read the server number information page; the numbers are not the most intuitive thing ever.


    Example Response:

    Please note that this example response has been truncated - an actual response will return hundreds of Residences.

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