EMC Shopkeeper

Jun 15, 2020
EMC Shopkeeper
  • EMC Shopkeeper is a utility program for viewing your EMC rupee transactions. It Groups all of your transactions by item or by player, telling you how many Rupees you made off each item.

    EMC Shopkeeper can be used by more than shopkeepers; it is also used by some as a general-purpose tool for organizing their rupee history. It automatically provides statistics and graphs based on your history, and you can easily find payments and shop transactions

    Note that EMC Shopkeeper requires your password in order to retrieve your transactions. Your password is not logged or stored in any way.

    Forum Thread:
    Questions and comments can be posted here.

    Source Code:

    Alt Accounts:
    EMC Shopkeeper is only designed to support a single user account. If you have alt accounts and would like to download the transaction histories for them as well, you will need to create separate profiles for them.

    To load EMC Shopkeeper under a different profile, run the following steps:

    1. Download the .jar file if you haven't already.
    2. Press [Windows+R], type "cmd", then press [Enter]
    3. Type "cd Downloads" and press [Enter] (or navigate to where ever the .jar is stored).
    4. Type "java -jar emc-shopkeeper-full.jar --profile=ALTNAME" and press [Enter].

    Chat Log Viewer:
    In addition to the primary application, EMC Shopkeeper also provides a Chat Log Viewer, which allows you to view the Chat logs in your .minecraft folder, without opening the files themselves. You can access it by pressing the three horizontal lines in the top-left, and clicking "Chat Log Viewer" under "Tools".

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