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  1. I made this website a while ago but never released it, since it's actually unfinished. I decided to go ahead and share it now anyways since I had fun making it and figured I might as well :p

    I might add more features to it over time, we'll see ;)

    EMC Map Hub: http://emc.jdhallows.com/

  2. Nice! That's super convenient :)
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  3. I gotta say.... I am glad you did!! :+1: :cool:
    With the added feature of Global Chat, a Global Map seems very appropriate. :+1: :cool:
    This is nicely done.
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  4. That's great! Good job, JD! :D
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  5. I like it but you said it was unfinished. What might you have added to finish it?
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  6. Oh, very cool! :D

    I wonder too!
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  7. oooh cool project JD! :D
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  8. Amazing!
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  9. It's unfinished because it's missing quite a few more features I wanted to add
    • Coordinate search, so ability to enter coordinates and have them pull up on the map
    • Add a box where you could enter a map link (like the one given in-game from /map) and have it opened in the frame
    • Ability to get a link to share the current map location. Currently you can't get a link to a location on the map and share that link with somebody
    • More mobile friendly. It works ok on mobile, but I would like to make it work a bit better
    • I also wanted to create a database of saved map locations. So a list of public locations that people wanted to have quick links to. Think of public outposts like LLO.
    • I would have liked to have created a way for people to create their own secret saved links too. So like for example, doing emc.jdhallows.com/LLO would take you to LLO on the map. These links wouldn't be publicly listed, just something I would provide to the person who requested it and they could share with whomever they wanted.
    Just a few ideas :) There were other things I wanted to do too, but I can't remember what they were, atm. There were also some ideas for other tools and websites that would offer similar useful functionality. Thus why I called it the "EMC Hub" instead of just the Live Map Tool ;)
  10. This is super cool JD! Definitely going to have to bookmark this for easy map use! :)
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  11. Awesome! :)
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  12. Pretty neat!
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  13. This is nice. Thank you!!
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  14. Great ideas, and thanks for sharing the tool anyway, even though you hadn't got it to the point where you wanted it yet. :) Maybe you can continue working on it later. ;)
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  15. Why isnt this part of the atual map?
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