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  1. Hi there community! Today, I'm going to post a new version of Aikar's How to make money on EMC. Here is the original: Click here
    Here are five simple steps to getting your shop started out, no matter which day you join.

    1.Start a farm, you can have pumpkin farms, melon farms, wheat farms, etc. These farms can help you get rupees, by selling them to someone that also buys items. Here's what the sign would look like if someone was buying.

    2.Head out to the public utilities on various smps. There are a few very big ones on SMP8, open to the public. Here is a link:Click Here
    3.Once you've been to the farms, bring your stuff back to your home smp, and go to your res. Set up a [Shop] Sign in a clean and nice looking room. Remember, the quality of the shop can change a player's mind from buying.
    (Overboard)(Can be visited at 11078)

    4. Add a res tag to your shop. Be sure to add the tag Shop, and also a unique tag that you think is cool.
    /res tag add Shop

    5.Keep expanding your shop, and also putting more and more stuff in. But be sure, to keep all items in stock.

    • "There isn't enough space in chest!" means that the chest is full, and the buy price may be too high, or that shop owner may have a lot of the item.
    • "You don't have enough items to sell!" You've either sold all of the things you've had or you didn't actually have any of this stuff, but the shop buys the item!
    • TIP: Visit several player shops and check buy prices. Ask people which shops buy items! Remember, you can go to other smps :)
    • Some shops have several chests for an item, each with different buy/sell prices.
      Some shops have redstone lamps or redstone torches showing which chest are not empty.
    • You can decide what to farm based on shops and prices.
    • Wood / logs is almost alwas a good choice, wood sells well.
      Obsidian is another good choice if you know how to mine it efficiently and in a safe manner.
    • Items that require skill and patience to obtain will get you much more money per invested time.
    • Buy good tolls (like enchanted pick / axe, beacon / iron pyramid) to farm / collect efficiently.

    1. Claim the promo (Duh). Use
      /promo (promoname)
    2. Wait a few months*
    3. Put the item up for auction in the auction section of the forums.
    *TIP: If you put the item up for auction immediately, it won't be worth as much. If you need quick rupees, you don't have to wait for an auction to start. Just sell it to some buyers.

    1. Promotional Items
    2. Custom Mob Drops (Blizz nose, Momentus' toothpick, etc.)
    3. Items from staff-hosted Drop Parties & Events!

    Fun ways to get rupees:
    1. Partake in staff hosted events. You may even get some cool items, which you can trade in for a lot of tokens/rupees
    2. Participate in forums giveaways and player giveaways in-game. These are always fun to participate in.
    Ways that may get you banned for getting rupees
    1. Rip new people off
    2. Go into the wild and grief someone's base, then sell all the stuff you obtained*
    3. Go into town chat and beg for money**
    *Definitely permanent ban, no doubt about that, except on very rare occasions
    **You probably won't get money for this.

    Other ways:
    1. Kill custom mobs, then use the tokens to buy the /tbuy object. Then, sell the /tbuy object for money.
    2. Kill custom mobs, then take the custom mob drops and sell those for money
    3. Voting! vote.emc.gs
    Items of popular demand:
    1. Enchanted books
    2. God pvp armor
    3. Ores/minerals/gems
    4. Enchanted tools
    5. Stuff from the ocean monuments
    6. Horse armor
    7. High speed horses (Speed 130+)
    8. Supporter vouchers
    9. Promos
    10. Quartz and Glowstone
    11. Staff heads
    12. Wood
    13. Stone
    Good shops to sell your stuff to:
    1. 15145:SMP7 (NutriciousBudha)
    2. 11372:SMP5 (Shavingfoam)
    3. 2000:SMP1 (ToddV)
    4. 18721:SMP9 (MrColt45)
    5. 12221:SMP6 (M4ster_M1ner)
    6. 16870:SMP8 (Sgt_Pepper4)
    7. Any of the Azoundrias.
    10331 1514518721

    Another way to get money is to do jobs... but some jobs the employer doesn't have to be there! By jobs, I don't mean join a company, or dig for someone, or whatever, but here's what I mean. Some places now have a "jobs area." At this jobs area, owners will pay you to do things, such as craft sugarcane into paper, shear wool, etc.
    Places to find jobs:
    1. Smp2: 3470 (Poofasaurus) (Sheep shearing, transform sugarcane into paper, transform melon blocks into slices.)
    2. Utopia: 5555- Go from hub to directory, then find 'Job Opportunities' section. (Mr_Poof_) (Sugarcane to paper)
    Afternote: all lists will be added to later on, kindly leave a comment if there is something that needs to be added/changed! This was put together by Crazy_TJ. Sorry for all the extra spoilers...

    Updates coming soon to this thread:

    • Going to add in 1.9 information (when it comes)
    • Adding in more photos for the information to be more simple and easy to follow
    • Perhaps a video tutorial
    • Add ons to the other lists
    HUGE thanks to the following who helped me make this thread EVEN BETTER!

    • M4ster_M1ner
    • MrColt75
    Click HERE to submit any shops you think are good to either buy/sell from.
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  2. Great tutorial :D

    New members will appreciate this.
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  5. Good tutorial
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  6. Tip: Add 18721 on SMP9 to the list. Also a very good selling shop ;)

    EDIT: 600th post!! :D
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    Be sure to leave messages if you have a jobs section!
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  11. Ive found that Sgt_Pepper on smp8 is a great shop to sell to. I like that he has varied prices chests depending on current supply.
  12. Hm, this seems like a very helpful guide.

    11011 on smp5 is very good, you can buy/sell most items there.
  13. Nice list of shops to sell. However, I went to SMP1 /V 2000, sold a bunch of stuff(even bought some stuff) and now I'm stopped from entering the residence. No message in game or on these forums about what happened or why. What's the point of having a store on this list of how to make money if the owner is going to ban you from the residence with no explanation just for selling?
  14. /v JohnDeere89 on smp5 is a new shop which is really nice, I recommend it.
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  15. Todd shut the shop up for a bit
  16. 2000 Works for me?
  17. It was shut, the specific players perms weren't taken away
  18. Flags show none, Open to the public.
  19. Yea, I ascertained that
  20. Too bad, I was just about to make large purchase of Bottles O' Exp.....

    I was able to buy them elsewhere..... :)