GUIDE: How to earn lots of rupees FAST without being a supporter.

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  1. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to be a diamond supporter to have lots of rupees!

    Someone who puts effort into making rupees, will earn way more rupees than the Diamond signon perk gives.

    Step 1
    Learn Supply and Demand: Supply and Demand is a major factor into making lots of rupees.
    You need to find items that are in high demand (people want to buy LOTS of them) but also have little supply (always out of stock).

    A good example of this is Diamonds, Coal, Smooth Stone, Stone Bricks, etc.

    These are major building blocks/resources that are always in need. Smooth Stone and Stone Brick are higher demand because many people are lazy to make it themselves...
    This doubles in the fact people are too lazy to make them for selling purposes, so they sell plain cobblestone. Cobble therefore has HIGH supply, making it harder to sell, because EVERYONE is selling Cobble...

    sure you can sell cobble, but it will sell slower due to so much supply. Supply and Demand controls how fast you can sell your goods, and how fast you can collect money.

    Focus on doing stuff that you can get rid of fast, and not horde tons of items you can never sell.

    Step 2
    GATHER:You know that big Wastelands Wilderness? It's not that bad. Simply equip yourself with Iron Armor and Iron/Diamond Sword. This will let you take care of monsters with ease... You will survive!

    Now go far out in the Wastelands (Please do not mine in the Frontier!) with only the bare necessities (Food, Sword, Pick, Shovel, Torches, Wood, this is what I get by with :p) leaving you plenty of inventory room..

    Walk out a good bit to get to area that's not mined dry (300+ blocks out from the end of the protected area), and just dig!

    Collect tons of Cobblestone, Iron Ore, Coal, Diamonds if your lucky, Gold Ore, Redstone, etc..

    Fill your inventory, then go back to town and unload, and repeat this process 2-3 more times.
    Drop stuff like dirt and gravel, as they are useless in terms of making money.

    Ensure every item you keep is valuable. If an item is of decent value but high supply / low demand, consider just dropping it. a 100r item that's hard to sell eating up 1 slot of your inventory, that will take a week to sell, is better replaced with a stack of cobblestone that may net you 80r within minutes instead.

    Step 3
    Process: This is where people get lazy and lose a lot of money... You need to process all of your materials into more valuable resources!

    Check the prices, and do some math. If a processed material is worth more than the base, process it!

    Smooth stone sells for alot and is in high demand. Smelt every single piece of cobble you got (using the coal you collected!) then check the prices of Stone Brick. If 1 Stone is 1r and 1 Stone Brick is 2r, you double your money by simply processing it to Stone Brick.

    Then also find out the demand, even if stone brick results in a loss of 5r per stack, is the demand higher? Can you sell everything you have quicker if you process it? Do your research.

    Coal is also valuable, sell left overs too (keep a little in stock for yourself too though)

    When it comes to stuff like Diamonds Iron and gold its usually better to sell as raw Diamonds and Iron/Gold Ingots.

    They have higher demand, as people don't want to take the time to smelt ores themselves (they are usually bought for decoration purposes only) so smelt them all to ingots and sell the ingots and diamonds directly.

    Do not use it to make tools. People are more willing to buy raw ingredients cause it gives them the freedom to use it however they need at the time. Creating tools and such drastically reduces the rate in which you can sell things (I've personally never bought a tool from anyone...)

    Look at it this way, If iron ingot makes 20 different items (I'm guessing that number...), you now have 20x more potential for someone to buy your ingot if they want any one of those items. If you make it into a tool, only a person looking for a tool will buy that product.

    Step 4
    Unload: The next step is to sell everything you collected as fast as possible.
    Look around for "Super Malls" that offer "Buy" type shops, where you can sell the items directly. High demand items usually are offered great prices because the owner can quickly resell for a profit.

    Sell as much as you can to player owned shops to get rid of the stock fast. Then any left overs you can set up your own shop, and even sell it for a little higher than the other stores prices and make a little more, and advertise your selling it.

    But the idea here is get rid of your stock quick, as once you sell everything you collected.... you can now repeat the process, and have a fatter wallet!

    Going out on a 1 hour trip should very well make you over 5000 rupees if not more.

    Step 5
    "The Bawler": Once you have established a great sense of income, the next thing you can do is open your own "Mall" as people like to call them.

    Setting up a well known shop that buys and sells items, lets you take profit over every trade. You simply make money while your not logged into the game! (Look at Leowaste on SMP2...)

    Doing this however requires a lot of work, a lot of initial effort, and a lot of maintenance. You also got to study the economy, learn the supply and demand of every item, "cap your chest" on low demand/high value items (like Blaze Rods) to prevent you from being drained of your money and get more stock than you will ever sell. some items are horrible and will never make you money (like Blaze Rods) and will always sit in full stock.

    You have to learn this, and protect yourself from this by filling chests with dirt to prevent getting too much stock.

    Item Malls are not for everyone, but they will make you a lot of money if done right.

    If anyone has some other suggestions on high demand / low supply items, please state them and I will add :)
  2. Nice Aikar. Very helpful.
  3. Very helpful.

    I have a fair shop at 12182 and it earns me about 50r a day and im still expanding
  4. Great write-up! Likes for you! :D
  5. Nice write up. And as u would imagine, i 100% agree with people finding sell shops to make easy money starting out. :)
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  6. Also, <3 for the mention :)
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  7. Very helpful :D
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  8. I still haven't found a shop on other servers that compares to yours yet lol.... can you open one on 7 please? :(
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  9. As long as that took to build and keep stocked, i dont think i have it in me bud lol.

    But, i was thinking about "Mini Leo's" though. Primary items, cobble, sand, food etc. For a couple other servers. If i do though, wont be nearly as "epic" of a build lol
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  10. This is a super awesome post on the basics of the Minecraft Economy.

    Fantastic job Aikar. Thank you.
  11. Leo, just a question for you, How were you able to change the block type under the main EMC pathways? These areas are protected yet you seem to have been able to change them from Dirt to a more exotic block. Is this a Diamond Perk?
  12. Secret XD
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  13. DOH! X^X
    I Hate Secrets.
  14. Oh, I see what you did there. Tricky. ;)
  15. For people on SMP1, SMP2, or SMP6, here are some shops you can sell things to:

    /v 514
    /v 4116
    /v 13000
  16. THIS is how I get so much money.... Very Awesome Write Up Aikar! I am on 7 now so give me time. It is already 2 floors and going :)
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  17. I pay really good prices for stone, cobble, sand, sandstone, wood, obsidian, glass and more on SMP6 @ 12534!
    great for if you are newly starting out. :)
  18. 14141 on Smp7 is awesome, and it could be just as good as leowaste's shop
  19. I don't make rupees everyday, but when I do, I go mining!
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