EMC Shops and Attractions v2

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  1. EMC Shops and Attractions v2

    Hello Empire!

    Welcome to EMC Shops and Attractions v2. This is a new version of an old thread by NZScruffy. The goal, as it was then, is to provide information on many locations from all servers to newcomers and veterans alike. The major difference from the original thread is that shopkeepers & operators (to be referred to as shopkeepers solely) provide their own descriptions and advertisements of their shops and attractions.
    1. Must be at least 90 days old.
    2. Must have logged in or voted within the past 30 days.
    3. Must provide me with the following in a convo titled “Res# shop listing” (1234 shop listing, for example):
    [Res #] - [Shop Name (if any)] - [Owner(s)] - [Description]
    with a maximum of two lines in the format provided. Please, no bold, italics, or underlining.
    4. May provide a link, if one exist, to their specific thread (see 18200 below for example).
    1. Shopkeeper must be at least 45 days old.
    2. Anyone may submit a shop on this thread for inclusion.
    The only data to be listed is [Res #] - [Shop Name (if any)] - [Owner(s)]
    -Shopkeepers, send me your info and get listed!
    -Have a favorite shop? Send me a recommendation and I'll do my best to get them listed.
    -I will be reviewing/updating the primary list every other month. Last reviewed 10/27/18.

    MatthewDA :)
  2. EMC Shops and Attractions v2

    5572 - /v +snow - Wyntyr's Wonderland - WyntyrRaevyn - Selling everything from ice to snow and everything cold!
    5555 - Utopia Plaza - Plebiasaurus - Utopia’s finest mall. Several hundred thousand items in stock. Buy and sell at market driven prices.
    5007 - Jewel of the Empire - MatthewDA - What to do with some of those precious blocks once you’ve collected them?

    19911 - Azoundria's mega shop - azoundria11 - bulk buy/sell - always in stock.
    19415 - Little Fortress Depot - Hoops_McCann - What this well-stocked shop lacks in glamor it makes up for in variety. Buy/sell non-crafted items, armor, tools, potions, spawn eggs, horse equip, heads, etc.
    19398 - Meowmart - GeistKitsune - A variety of goods at low prices, conveniently organized for quick shopping. Includes nether goods, spawn eggs, food, farming, armor, books and more!
    19219 - Enchanted Sword Store - HonorableScytheH - Selling funnily named diamond swords with 7 enchantments for only 7k a piece!
    18721 - /v +hoard - The Hoard - MrColt45/MatthewDA - This massive shop buys & sells most non-crafted items for those in need of rupees or bulk items. Also features an upper floor offering special items, promos, potions, and enchanted books.
    18617 - Mob Drop Shop - MrColt45 - All the mob drops you can stand. Buy/Sell. Be sure to step outside and view the stained glass a huge display of mob heads!
    18185 - /v +qs - QuickStore - BitcoinDigger - Buy/sell. Fair prices, stocked regularly. All of the basics, plus various mob drops. Sells some promos and rares. "This little piggy got a house made of bricks, Hand over hand over hand over fist".
    18102 - The Color Shop - HonorableScytheH - Selling the new concrete powders, blocks, and glazed terracotta in all colors.
    18722 - Pigman Head Park - MrColt45 - The former Enchanted Mega Mall boasts one of EMCs largest collections of pigman heads at over eight DCs (27,500+ heads)! Can you find them all?
    18618 - Slime Block Pyramid - MrColt45 - Need a break? Come have a bounce at the Slime Block Pyramid! Now selling some of the cheapest slime blocks and slime heads in the Empire.
    18606 - SMP9 Aquirium - HonorableScytheH - SMP9's Aquarium with pixel art fish.
    18200 - EmpireMinecraft Museum - FDNY21 - A large and beautifully styled Museum that hosts many special items from EMC, whether you're old or new at the Empire, come and learn today!
  3. SMP8
    17430 - Tiger's Text Bookstore - Kephras - Original literature by some of EMC's best writers. Sells written books of every kind - short stories, novellas, guidebooks and more!
    16111 - Azoundria's mega shop - azoundria10 - bulk buy/sell - always in stock.
    16062 - /v +pp - Panda's Promos Promo Shop - Zion_Moyer - Buy and sell promos from a huge selection! Always adding more promos!
    16100 - /v+pm - Panda's Promo Museum - Zion_Moyer - Check out and explore about tons of promos! Always adding new additions!

    14491 - /v +bird - Tbird1128 - Display of banners & banner pixel art at entry. 1st floor has odds & ends, 2nd is blocks & potions, 3rd (+bird books) has every enchanted book available - buy 10 and I will send a free book: Mend, UnbIII or EffV!
    14411 - Azoundria's mega shop - azoundria5 - bulk buy/sell - always in stock.
    14129 - Jossy's Lava Shop - jossytheninja - Selling lava in bulk (18 or 36) and single buckets for cheap prices. Get 'em while they're hot!
    14844 - Hogwarts School - JDHallows, ProMcGonaga11, Pr0fess0r_Snape, PhoenixEmbers - Experience the magic of Hogwarts on EMC and learn to be a witch or wizard!
    14006 - 14006 Museum - mman2832 - A very handsome build designed by computrix that has been filled to the brim with promos and rare items. Come learn about the history of EMC through these exciting items!

    13131 - 13131 Buy/Sell Mall - Silken_thread - A well stocked buy sell mall, selling most of the regular blocks and items. Always open for business.
    12845 - Mystic Gardens - finch_rocks_1 - Always buying items (@sell) for my builds. Want a different price? PM me and we can talk. I've also been a provider of cheap Iron and Gold since 2014. Am I out? PM me as I always have backups!
    12731 - The Empire Finch Gardens/Greek Gardens - finch_rocks_1 - EMC's first head deco shop selling mini block heads! Come by and check them out.
    12255 - /v +anon - AnonReturns - A cheap Buy/Sell mini mall! Stocked with all the essentials you need to build, farm or mine ^_^
    12249 - /v +taco - bitemenow15 - We are poor, but usually in stock. Bulk selling encouraged - prices updated weekly.
    12221, 12162 - Miners' Discount /v +mm - M4nic_M1ner - Discounter, Bulk Buy/Sell, low margin, always trying to keep fair prices.
    12211 - Azoundria's mega shop - azoundria9 - bulk buy/sell - always in stock.
    12163 - "No Rupees" Barter Shop - M4nic_M1ner/fairshop - EMC's 1st fully functional automatic barter shop: test operation with Logs, Stone, Sand, Sandstone, Glass.
    12845 - Mystic Gardens - finch_rocks_1 - We like to make the seasons and holidays fun, so we try to make the place very festive and decorative. Come by and check out during different times and see all the decorations.
    12731 - The Empire Finch Gardens/Greek Gardens - finch_rocks_1 - Looking for a nice place to come by and Fish? We have the res design for fishing. You can also enjoy the experience of fishing in different seasons and themes.
  4. SMP5
    11372 - shavingfoam's shoppe - shavingfoam - Great prices, great selection, great service.
    11086 - Witches Potions Shoppe - TuckerAmbr/Petuniafigtree
    11011 - Azoundria's mega shop - azoundria4 - bulk buy/sell - always in stock.
    10959 - BAD Books and Discs - TuckerAmbr/Packerfan
    10717 - Blunt's God Armor and DemiGod Armor Outfitters /v +armor - Bluntrauma420 - Specializing in God Armor and a new line of Iron DemiGod Armor. Max enchants also for sale and free public enchanting available.
    10693 - Stable & Sundry - MissFable - The Specialty Mall: Horses, mules, and a few other eccentric odds and ends.
    10960 - Haunted Castle and Scary Minecart Ride - TuckerAmbr
    10840 - Tucker Amusement Park - TuckerAmbr/God_Of_Gods
    10838 - Tucker Museum - TuckerAmbr/God_Of_Gods

    9397 - luckycordels' Outlet - luckycordel - Specializes in Redstone Products & Production.
    9274 - /v +trade - LordSkareC - For all enchant and emerald trading needs (almost best trading librarians).
    8811 - Azoundria's mega shop - azoundria6 - bulk buy/sell - always in stock.
    8122 - jungle shop - cadgamer101 - Free Public Utilities, Sells Remote Shop Signs, Jungle Saps, and you can PM me for bulk Logs, Wool, Iron. Also Free Fast Stonegen next door.
    8117 - Panda Inc. - Panda_Paradise - We are a nice mega mall with some of the cheapest prices you'll ever find!

    6702 - Belac555 - It's a small shop for now but i have big plans on expanding it soon! (12/22/18).
    6611 - Azoundria's mega shop - azoundria2 - bulk buy/sell - always in stock.
    6097 - 1-Stop Horse Shop - PhoenixAffinity - A quick shop for any player looking to buy Horses, Donkeys and Mules. High Speed, Jump and Health variants of most types! Rare Horse color variations!
    6015 - The World of Color Mall - PapaRoney - The Mega Mall to meet all of your needs with a free wool farm with every color!
    6006 - 6006 Casino - TrumanIII - Empire's BEST Casino is 6006! Win rupees, promos and even Supporter Vouchers! Come see how much you can win!
  5. SMP2
    3925 - /v +Stnywitness - Stnywitness - Ores, Blocks, Farming, Tools, Weapons, etc., get it all at /v Stnywitness!
    3559 - SSRC MegaMall - SSRCcorp - The official SSRC Megamall selling nearly all EMC items. Including a 2 Double chest design to allow for bulk buy.
    3550 - /v +hsp - Horseshoe Plaza - LADYJ4YE - Stone / Wood / Ores / Food / Mobs - Stocked for your Convenience @ Horseshoe Plaza - We Specialize in Horses.
    3469 - /v +poof - poofasaurus Mega Mall - poofasaurus - Several hundred thousand items in stock. Buy and sell at market driven prices.
    3111 - Azoundria's mega shop - azoundria8 - bulk buy/sell - always in stock.
    3035 - Adventure Time! - anthemsong - One-stop shop for all your adventuring needs! Armour, weapons, and tools at reasonable prices. Shulkers and Elytra, Polars and Parrots, Horses and Ocean Monument blocks. Free use villager trading.
    3564 - The Shire - poofasaurus - Visit the Shire and the surrounding residences to explore Hobbit holes, buy Bilbo's birthday cake, visit Old Man Willow, and take a stroll through the Elven Woodlands.
    3333 - Floating Island Parkour - Plebiasaurus - Test your skills on this custom built parkour comprised of floating islands. Winner chest with certificate (when in stock) upon completion!
    3015 - The Cow Hockey Stadium - ItsMeMatheus - A hockey stadium ready for anyone wishing to have fun. Contact ItsMeMatheus via PM to play!

    1758 - Panda Inc. - Panda_Paradise - We are a nice mega mall with some of the cheapest prices you'll ever find!
    1728 - Basic Mega Mall - RandomZh - Buy/sell all basic (non-crafted) items in bulk, armor, tools, few books, spawn eggs, horse equip, witherskulls, heads, food.
    1145 - TomvanWijnen/Jelle68 - A mall that buys/sells most vanilla Minecraft items and is one of the cheapest megamalls on EMC.
    1112 - Galeria LaFayette - Faithcaster - Buy everything at fair prices!
    911 - Azoundria's mega shop - azoundria - The core essentials always in stock and ready for you at competitive prices. Bulk stone, cobble, sand, sandstone, glass, nether brick, lava, water, wood, iron, gold, diamonds, redstone, lapis, coal.
    611 - Uzack's Mega Mall - Uzack - Welcome to my mega mall with around 240 articles and counting! Cheap prices and well stocked. You can also buy and sell everything I've got.
    123 - Promo Shop 123 - Illuminooty - Buy and sell custom EMC items at Illuminooty's SMP1 Promo Shop!
    2112 - SMP1's Teleport Hub - RiverWoodKnight - Teleports to all the stocked shops on SMP1, public and free services, and interesting, fun player builds - all in one location!
  6. EMC Shops and Attractions v2

    5658 - samtheboo
    19249 - alena1
    19190 - fox1fire
    19164 - 96talon
    19000 - Allengero
    18700 - GoodnightSmith
    18262 - SeniorPapino
    17462 - khixan
    17187 - ChumMiner
    17122 - The Clock Tower of SMP8 - deceptious (Attraction)
    16870 - Sgt_Pepper4
    16059 - iUlti
    15284 - EvilAshWilliams
    14441 - THE_LEGEND4
    14409 - Azygos13
    14266 - JesusPower2
    12009 - EnragedChicken
    10941 - ChumMiner (Enchanted gear)
    9384 - lorlorburger
    9057 - BigGoldPyramid
    9000 - pascal1881
    8413 - kevmeup
    7355 - ajmeyers34
    7313 - Silken_thread
    6009 - Luckypat
    1033 - CrimRyuken
    108 - weeh
  7. EMC Shops and Attractions v2

    EMC Market tool courtesy of azoundria.
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  8. I believe Faithcaster has a museum and mega malls on smp1...
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  9. This takes some time to manage, and I am sure that you will do great!
    Thank you for continuing the bloodline :p

    I have submitted what I have to offer in shops & attractions :)
  10. I really like this thread! so helpful! thank you!
    I have a random shop at SMP5 waiting for me keeping shop more than 45 days...to be on the spoiler list haha (almost there! )
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  11. No mention of TTB? :( I am a sad tiger now.
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  12. you should check out fairshop-2 on smp8

    edit: added "out"
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  13. Currently closed. :p
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  14. Yes, I believe he is moving items to a new sale area, underground pods or something.
  15. From what I understand he's rebuilding and repricing everything. Sounds like he may be down for weeks.
  16. If it helps, here's a list of shops on all servers that I know of:

    You could hunt down the owners in-game.

    SMP5 is pretty much dominated by shavingfoam and he makes the EMC Shopkeeper app so should be pretty easy to get ahold of.
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  17. Thanks. Yes, I've sent a few requests to shops, need to send more :)
  18. I would make a list of shop owners and /p each of them each time you are online. A lot of shop owners don't use the forums at all.
  19. Staffers - Can this please be pinned. Thank you!

    Much appreciate the time put into this Mat!

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