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  1. Need an escape from the dangers of the wild?
    Something to occupy your time while your grinder fills up?
    Just looking for a pleasant place to spend a few quiet moments?

    Look no further than...

    We now have two locations!
    SMP1 - 104, located in the northwest corner, third floor.

    SMP8 - 17430, book sections marked by color/sign.

    I stock an ever-growing selection of short stories, journals, guides, and other original works of fact and fiction. And if you're a writer looking to have your own work published, just send me a PM to discuss having your books stocked as well! Here's a look at what I have to offer thus far:

    • 100,000 Meters - 175r
      • A long voyage into the great unknown...
      • Special thanks to Importerer for recovering the original journal!
    • Treasure Hunter's Tales - 175r
      • Five stories from the wilds of the Empire.
    • Lamar's Wedding - 175r
      • The amazing true story of how Lamar Ramal married a cactus!
    • Tales of SMP8 (vol 1) - 150r
      • Recounting the great Super-Turkey Hunts of Thanksgiving 2014.
      • Written by Prometha
    Short Stories
    • The Longest Night - 175r
      • An original Minecraft-based short-story about Herbert's struggle to survive in the wild after dark.
    • 3rd Strike - 200r
      • A suicide pilot drives home the futility of warfare.
    • The Endless Pearl - 300r
      • Liam buys an enderpearl, and gets more than he bargained for.
      • Inspired by corruptedsmile's contest entry.
    • Disturbing Tales - 250r
      • A collection of peculiar short stories.
      • Written by Seffychan.
    • Once I met Death - 100r
      • A chance meeting with Death
      • Written by Seffychan.
    • The Boy Who Was Friends With Staff - 100r
      • A short fable about fairness on EMC.
      • Written by Fishcat.
    • Purple Eyes - 250r
      • An eerie tale about Minecraft's spookiest creatures.
      • Written by xXMetroXx
    • The Three Little Pigmen - 100r
      • The tale of the Three Little Pigs, with a distinctly Minecraft twist!
      • Written by khixan
    • Herobrine Strikes - 400r
      • Nightmare becomes reality when a man dreams of Herobrine.
      • Written by ShyguytheGamer1.
    • Creating Reaper - 175r
      • The origin of the Undying Blade.
      • *Discontinued. Stock still available in SMP1 store, SMP8 is sold out.
    Guides & Reference
    • The Complete Pyrotechnic's Compendium - 300r
      • A comprehensive guide to building and using your own fireworks. Describes materials, techniques, helpful tips, and includes 12 original firework recipes designed by yours truly.
    • Brewing 101 - 240r
      • An extensive 50-page guide explaining how to brew, which ingredients to use, and where to find them.
      • Written by ChrisFlareon
    • Guide to Horses - 200r
      • A comprehensive manual on how to breed, raise, and tame horses.
      • Written by Arystina
    Periodicals & Papers
    • Carthaga Times - 60r ea.
    • The Inkstain - 60r ea.
      • Hashhog3000's awesome newspaper. See his thread for more info.
    • The Shadowspire - 350r ea.
      • After countless un-years in the timeless void, the floating mountain has returned...
    • Nucleus (pt 1-4) - 500r ea.
      • The ongoing saga of a young Baltimore man, and his unusually gifted cat.
    More books are being added all the time, and Master copies are kept of each one - nothing is ever out of print for long!

    Need some reading material for your hotel rooms? Want to add some interesting extras to your drop party? Special discounts available for bulk orders of 5 books or more (any title).
    Can't get to either store? Mail-order is available on request! To place an order:
    • Start a PM here on the forums, listing the book title(s) and quantities you'd like.
    • Mail a book & quill (unsigned) in-game, with the same information.
    • A total price will be determined (including 'bulk' discount if applicable). Books will be mailed to you when payment is confirmed in Rupee history.
    And, as always, thanks for reading!
  2. I can definitely recommend the Nucleus series! If you like cats, that is. :D
  3. I highly suggest "The Longest Night" it is a good story with a great ending!
    Now onto the "Nucleus" series... will update once finished :)
  4. I'm very glad you guys are enjoying! And my additional thanks, Palmsugar, for proofreading Nucleus for me. Didn't realize how derpy my fingers had gotten retyping it all.

    Also, good news for you sci-fi fans, I have published a new book tonight! "3rd Strike" has been added to the sales list.
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  5. Can you set up an area where I can give the book back once done reading it? Im just paying to read it, not for the copy :p (I'm the person who will not read ANYTHING more than once :))
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  6. I could, but honestly I don't want to encourage people to toss them back. I mass-produce with Bookz so that I can replace purchased ones - I'm selling the item, not just the right to read it. ;)
    But you are more than welcome to give / loan / resell it to your friends, if you wish, as long as it is not marked up beyond the original sale price. I made this shop mainly as an outlet for my writing, so people could enjoy it, not really for the rupees.
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  7. Love the books, I'll be dropping by the moment I can!
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  8. Ok, I will just give them about to my friends as i read them. :)
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  9. How is 3rd strike?
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  10. Well I'd like to think it's at least decent. 27 pages, so not the longest I've ever written, but for a short story it stands up well enough on its own.
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  11. omg this sounds amazing ! i love to read and need to buy a book :)
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  12. Thank you for the visit, had a great time with both you and Bunkerllama. :D

    And in shop-related news: Typos have been fixed! Nucleus Pt 2 has been revised and those naughty little errors sorted out. I'll correct Pt 1 tomorrow (and Pt 3 is coming some time this week as well).
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  13. Spent most of the morning writing for Pt 3. Barring unforeseen catastrophy, it should see print sometime tomorrow.
  14. Less sci-fi than I expected, but the story is still sexy, because aircraft are sexy. :D
    This book is pure eye candy in written form.
    (I wish a movie would be made based on the book so I could watch the aircraft.)
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  15. You a flight simmer?
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  16. The reason it's classed as Sci-Fi is mainly because of the Helios. The story was inspired by the old PS1 game Einhander.

    The overall shape of the Helios was, at least in my head, modeled roughly after the Astraea, sans the gunpod arm and upper cannon.
    Of course I didn't really do a good job of describing that... :rolleyes:
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  17. Only if I have to be.

    Oh... I didn't imagine the Helios looked like *that*. :p
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  18. Nucleus, Pt 3 has been published :D
    Updated the OP.
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  19. As a celebration of my upcoming 500th day, I've added a new book: "100,000 Meters"
    But this is no ordinary book! It is a treasure hunt, of sorts!
    See details in the event thread here.

    EDIT: Well that was fast. "100,000 Meters" is currently being rewritten as a result of the original journal's recovery. It will go back on sale sometime tomorrow.
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  20. Just a quick update to let everyone know, the recovered version of "100,000 Meters" is now on sale, in its proper place.

    To you folks who have the Treasure Hunt copies, you may exchange them for the Recovered version any time I am online, if you wish, or hang onto them as keepsakes if you prefer :)

    Also a special announcement: Tomorrow (7-11-2013) is officially my 500th day!
    I will be hosting my first ever (and likely only) drop party at 16087, in the Lavafall room, at 7:00pm, EST (GMT-5). Among the usual handouts of precious gem/ore blocks and enchanted gear are some particularly special bits:
    • 1 Beacon - Thank you Duskblades for cutting me a deal on this one!
    • 4 Rupees Vouchers, in 500r and 1,000r amounts. Simply sell them to the chests in the room to redeem your rupees
    • 1 Tiger Mask Certificate - If for some morbid reason you're aching to get your hands on my head, this item entitles you to your very own Tiger Mask. I don't give my head out anymore except under very special circumstances, so this may be your only chance to obtain it (if you care).