500th-Day Event: The 100,000 Meter Treasure Hunt!

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  1. Recently I embarked on a journey to a wilderness outpost on SMP1. To keep things interesting, I decided to chronicle my voyage in a journal, which would culminate in my arrival at the outpost and a published book in my store back on SMP8.

    Well, the journal is published, but it does not end with my triumph - rather, I died in the wilderness, and the original copy of this journal was lost.

    I've rewritten what I could recall from memory, but I would really like the original copy back if possible. And since my 500th day is coming up, I figure why not make it an event? A treasure hunt if you will. As such...

    The person who recovers this journal and returns it to me, intact, will receive
    25,000 rupees

    So how do you find this missing journal? It's simple! The coordinates are listed in the rewritten version now available in my bookstore.

    EDIT: Courtesy of the supremely awesome Bigdavie, the items are stashed away safely in a chest, marked with glowstone. He has confirmed the missing journal is out there as well, so you need no longer fear the items will despawn! :D

    Congratulations to Importerer, who recovered the journal in astonishing time! As a special reward, the finished book will also include mention of his retrieval of the book.
    Anyone who participated by purchasing the "contest" versions of "100,000 Meters" will receive a prize of 1,000r for their efforts. :)

    Thank you guys for making this a fun, if brief, event!
  2. mine.
    Edit: I mean I'm definitely going to try and get this :D
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  3. I'll try...... 100k blocks from spawn??
  4. I would so get that book for you journal, however I can't find the spot in your cool res were I can get the book store. Please help
  5. Yep... it's a very long way out. I put the coords in my current copy of "100,000 Meters", and should the journal be recovered, I'll replace it with the original version and the event will thusly be ended.

    This journey isn't for the faint of heart however - it took me several hours just to get that far.
    The upshot is, if you're following along in my journal as it was written, you'll come across the same landmarks too. ;)

    Heh, very sorry Admiral D, it's just inside the main doors and to the right. Everyone can "use" on my res, so the door buttons will work for you.
  6. Well, I'll try.. No promises rofl
  7. It's a race then?
  8. To some degree yes. Once that chunk is loaded again, the journal (and all other items) stand a good chance of despawning if not retrieved in time. So... first person to actually reach that spot will have the best shot at getting it back.

    Redacted, courtesy of Bigdavie's help.
  9. I won't even try...
  10. Which one is x and which one is z, and is it just sitting in the ocean?
  11. Yes, laying at the bottom with the rest of my stuff (which is yours to keep if you find it). The coords are listed in X / Z order, or "Southwest" if that helps.
  12. I think i found where you die :cool:
  13. I want everyone in this thread to thank Bigdavie for being so profoundly awesome.

    The items are no longer laying on the ocean floor, but stashed safely away in a chest. :) Despawning is no longer an issue!
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  14. Thanks BigDavie, you've helped me a lot :D your the best :)
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  15. pssst, hey miner, where are you at coords wise?
  16. i got your journal, is it safe to vault it?
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  17. Holy crap, that was fast.
    I'll come to SMP1, just in case it's not. I figured it would be but, why take the chance right?
  18. -derp double post-
  19. Congrats :D
  20. Had to update the OP. I am still in awe.