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  1. Come as a guest, stay as a friend

    The People of Carthaga (PoC) are an open, non-profit community.
    Everybody can join or be our guest, help us to support projects on
    Empire Minecraft and get their own profession. 8 simple commandments
    make sure everybody enjoys their stay.

    Please also visit our web page and follow us on twitter.

    Carthaga is always looking for dedicated members that want to take up responsibility for the city and community. Living in the wilderness is a special way of playing, are you made for it?

    Please apply using the Application form below and post it in this thread. We will respond and send you the Starter's guide.
    For questions or assistance you can contact Kaizimir or one of our members.

    Please find a complete member list on our web page.
    Please answer these questions honestly. You will hear from us!
    1. In-game name:
    2. Timezone:
    3. How long have you been playing Minecraft:
    4. Have you ever been kicked or banned and what was the reason:
    5. Do you plan to build/have a mega mall/another big project:
    6. What is your favourite Minecraft activity:
    7. Why do you want to join PoC:
    8. Which of the 8 commandments do you find most important:

    We support
    A mission of PoC is to be involved in ongoing projects on EMC and send resources, specialists and Rupees to these projects and thereby creating great things.

    Contact us if you know a project that can use support. We will handle your request ASAP. We prefer to support public projects, but can cut deals for malls and other commercial projects.

    For a complete list of projects, please see our Project support page.

    You love architecture, you are a lucky miner or a slick diplomat? Make use of Carthaga's power to create monumental builds, find the rarest ores, or make historic pacts with our allies. PoC will be grateful and never forget their great leaders.

    By finishing jobs you receive points, rank up and gain extra perks. Higher ranks get their own working area, can post jobs and employ other members.

    Rules for Jobs and Rankings can be found on our Job system page.

    8 Commandments
    These guidelines help us to keep Carthaga a peaceful and safe place. Please respect them, when visiting.
    1. Respect the creations of others
    All builds, chests, animals and other items belong to their owners.

    2. Build responsible
    Builds can be put anywhere, but must be outside natural reserves.

    3. Protect the environment
    Mining and gathering of resources is allowed in designated areas and 300 blocks away from Carthaga.

    4. Keep it safe
    Outposts are fairly to very safe and must be maintained to stay this way.

    5. Make use of farms and resources in best interest
    These are not for personal gain or stocking of shops. Community storage only works if we stock it.

    6. Zero tolerance for griefing and other EMC rule violations
    If a structure got severely damaged, the Founders have to be informed immediately.

    7. Stay active
    Derelict on EMC = derelict in Carthaga.

    8. Have fun

    Want to know more? Go to post:
    #2 Additional information - Links and descriptions to our web page
    #3 Current missions - The projects we are working on
    #4 Friends and donations - Befriended outposts and a list of people that donated

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  2. Additional information
    Please consult our web page for more information about Carthaga. Here some quick links:

    Events - Parties, Get-together, hang-outs...
    Project support - List of the supported projects
    Member list - Members of Carthaga, ranks and professions

    The city
    Organizations - Carthaga institutions, groups and associations
    Finance - Spendings, income and current balance
    History - What happened so far

    Job system - Everything about jobs and ranks

    And a collection of screenshots.
  3. Current missions

    Please consult below whenever you feel like you need something to do, get your pals together and claim a mission.

    Current support projects

    Currently supporting:
    TNT res - by SEPTHEKID; needs sand, gunpowder, TNT; SP officer: Kaizimir

    Further suggestions:
    The Centre for Elytra Studies - by Trapper777 in preparation fir the 1.9 update

    The secret of the stunning stone... - project of our respectable member haastregt. We should support this as much as possible

    Open missions


    #1 Natural reserve (3 pts) -> Map (WIP by SteamboatWillie)

    The roofed forest north of Carthaga needs protection and marking as natural reserve. It should become clear that this is not a building area. For an example, please look at the flower forest or sunflower plains.

    #2 Build an efficient dark room spawner (5 pts) -> Map
    Right now it is hard for Carthaga to get hold of gunpowder, therefore we need a mob grinder. Please locate in the industrial district at the iron and sea temple farm.

    #3 Take down the active dark room spawner (3 pts) -> Map
    Located in the flower forests close to Kaizimir's house this farm doesn't work probably and needs to be taken down. Please return all items and blocks to the general storage

    #4 Build a new apartment building (6 pts) -> Map
    This is the ideal spot for a new apartment building. It should look nice and inviting and have rooms for many new members.

    #5 Very difficult job (8 pts):
    Build a whither farm or refine the one that is located close to the Netherrail station in Carthaga.
    If building a new one please consult with Suriyakeng, he knows an excellent spot already. This is a huge undertaking and you can count on all the support of PoC.


    #1R Nether Quartz
    As much as you can get; always useful


    #1O Assess gold farms (2 pts)

    AFK at the old gold farm, below the city centre and the new gold farm at the ice plains for 3x1 hour each and count the number of nuggets collected. Scientific precision required!!

    #2O List of farms and facilities (4 pts) (WIP by SteamboatWillie)
    It would be nice to have a list of all the farms around Carthaga with type and location. If you want to do more, assess the output of items per hour.

    Available professions
    • Architects - Responsible for a good looking builds
    • Town development coordinator - Work closely with architects to place what where and develop unused areas (Taken by Tisso)
    • Greeting committee - Welcome new members, show them around and make sure they feel like home
    General job guidelines

    • If you would like to take over a mission, please consider the requires skills and time needed to finish it.
    • When you think, you can finish a mission and want to claim it post a note in the thread.
    • It is always possible that a mission cannot be finished for some reason. In that case, please give it free by making a note in the thread.
    • Team up! Doing a mission in a reasonable sized team will be much quicker and more fun.
    • Points are per team player!
    • If you know of a project that needs support let Kaizimir or the committee know.
    • If you have a question or are uncertain about a mission contact us.
    • Deliver resources to the room behind the portal and label a chest with the mission # and your name
  4. Are you talking about making rails for fire star into the mines and making that outpost better? Also beacons buy beacons for the outpost.
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  5. People of Carthaga, we made some really nice progress on several things :):
    • We got an advanced transportation system for automatic loading and unloading of minecarts
    • An automated flower farm
    • The town wall is complete and the city is very save now
    • Roads and paving is finished

    There is now a path leading through the 'Sacred flower forest' going around the big lake (name suggestions??). Please be aware that the flower forests have received the status of nature reserve and should be entered during day time only to ensure the protection of the landscape and rare specimens.

    The center square (name suggestions??) so far only holds the announcement board. Please give some input on what you would like to see at this public spot.

    Also note, new projects have been announced in the second post after the OP. The squid farm is planned east of the Watch tower and the simple tree farm we have now is going to be replaced by an automatic redstone tree farm. Materials for this will be shipped soon.

    Thumbs up for striving towards excellent farming and automatization,
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  6. Irrelevent now :)
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  7. We will be expanding south by clearing out the Birch Forest so :D. Also we are really excited when new people join so, Join!
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  8. Alright, the outpost is coming along greatly! Today I will start the redstone tree farm and the next flower farm. Hooray to PoC!
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  9. I already put a gate in the southern part of the town wall to access this area.

    Yes, people, join us!
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  10. The redstone wood farm is done!
  11. Nice Notch Great job on such short notice!
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  12. Yes, that was amazing how you put it together in a few hours. Afterwards we went out and killed a Momentus close to the Watch tower :p It was a great Minecraft day...
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  13. I working on the squid farm it should be done soon

    Also really bummed about Joshy leaving it brought me the tears (literally )
    When I found out ok how he feels I only have one friend irl
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  14. Now with the flower and tree farms we have a huge demand in bone meal. I'd say we start an expedition underground to find a skeleton spawner in the area. I know of two 'natural mines' under the city, but they contain only spider spawner. A lot though, I think 8 to 10, lol.-
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  15. I'm thinking grinder maybe 8-10 lol.
  16. Yes, that should be good as well. Btw, whats with the sea side grinder close to your house?
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  17. Two marlixes and a momentus at the outpost today. Me and crafter got the momentus together and the marlixes randomly died whilst fighting me.
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  18. how often do they spawn ?
  19. They just try to make our lives hard, as we just set up. But luckily we have an Agent :)
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