The Grand Line Alliance

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    Mid 2015 - This was a duel between the Lucky Pirates and Foxy Pirates captained by FoxyRavenger (clan23 at the time).
    We decided that if we were to win, we would need an alliance. Our little outpost on Smp4 just would not cut it with us few and a single ship. Those that joined us as a result of this thread laid a foundation for what we are today.

    The Foxy Pirates eventually conceded defeat. This war of the best became a turning point wherein our fleet grew larger than ever before.

    Thereafter, this changed from a war thread to one dedicated to building our alliance. Things also changed up a bit. Now any one person can join, not just bases. Ships builds can be in the wild or in town, and at any size. All ships are welcome here in this, the most powerful naval force on EMC.

    The Smp4 base was disbanded not long after the war. The new main outpost on Smp3, the Grand Line, is closed off to the public. A select few base leaders are offered a spot at the headquarters and embassy stationed there.

    The alliance today is quite easy-going. We enjoy the fellowship created by involving outposts and individuals in ship-building.

    Outpost - The Grand Line (LB Ind.)
    • Leader: Luckygreenbird
    • BrenJone
    • Boatbird
    • AceofPlanes
    Outpost - Prodence Kingdom
    • Leader: BurgerKnight
    • BurgerSquire
    • BurgerPage
    Person - RunningRhino

    Outpost - Whale Isle
    • Leader: AverageWalrus
    Person - Cadenman2002
    Person - jay2a
    Person - Masterdude13
    Outpost - Carthaga
    • Leader: Kaizimir
    Outpost - TTMOF
    • Leader: Rhythmically
    • AmusedStew
    Outpost - The Glade of Light
    • Leader - bevvydoll
    • Flipflopphil
    • IIFameHD
    Person - Sachrock

    Outpost - Poatotato Land
    • Leader - smooshed_potato

    My Terms of Alliance:
    Build a Ship.
    (Outpost or individual, Wilderness or Town)
    Post pictures here, along with the ship's name, and its status [complete/incomplete]
    Pictures of ship progress are encouraged.
    You will be added to the list under your name or outpost name as applicable.

  2. I'll join the alliance soon, though I can't be online at the moment.
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  3. I pledge myself to the alliance
  4. Added, will expect to see a boat sometime soon ;). Somewhere between a man o' war and a dinghy.
  5. I present to you...

    The H.M.S Unbreakable!

    Not really. :P
  6. I pledge myself to the alliance! :) I will build myself a boat tomorrow morning when I get on. :)
  7. I pledge to the Alliance! I shall build a Ship in the Bay of Whale Isle
  8. I pledge to the alliance. I'll either be building my ship later today or tomorrow.
  9. I pledge myself to the alliance, I shall ride into battle on my trusty steed, BlackKnight1021. He's been an undefeated boat in 2 of 5 competitions. Just text him that he allows me to use him as a boat, he'll agree I promise you
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  10. Lists updated...

    This would be a good time for people to start up or join
    One of your first builds could be a ship!
    (After you get a nice base going, of course)
    Join the Alliance and make friends with other outposts
    along the way!

    I greatly encourage participation in and communication between wilderness outposts.

  11. There you see me scouting you. I realized your war ship is too good for me and i had to hastily retreat :p
  12. I want to join in...
  13. Well I can't join two of my favorite people on EMC how do I choose a side
  14. Flip a coin to see which friend you betray.
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  15. I pledge to the alliance! I have built the Arizona on a different server but I want to build the H44 on any of the outposts or something :p :)
  16. He be t' death o' many. I be a robot, he's outdated pirate. I be t' new pirate step aside bird before this does get ugly! He be t' death o' many and I don't understand when he has a high bounty t' gain a arme like this! I will retaliate bird if it be t' last thin' I do!
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  17. I have set up a frontier outpost claim thread to begin the building of my ship. :) Empire, say hello to the Copperclaw Harborage and the S.S Copperclaw (if, that is, it gets approved. ;)).
  18. I pledge to the alliance i will build a ship tomorrow and post a screenshot of it
  19. I have posted the Claim for my Outpost.
    If it gets accepted, I have a lot of terraforming ahead of me. :)
  20. I want to join! I am currently designing my huge warship on SP.