Announcing The Center for Elytra Studies (Elytra Towers)

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  1. Are you a leader of an outpost? Let's talk.

    EDIT: Due to a (understandable) tweak from vanilla, the current launcher does not work. I'll have to decide whether to scrap this or try and continue, feedback appreciated.

    Announcing the new organization I've set up to be in charge* of Elytra Launchers. Tower design 2 in the image linked is the one used for public infrastructure.

    The CES will be in charge* of the funding, building, and maintenance of a series of elytra towers across the Empire.

    The document that outlines the project can be found HERE, skip to the summary at the end if you're in a hurry. You can comment on it if you feel the need.

    *anyone can build an elytra launcher , we don't "own" them. The CES was set up to use them to create a system for transportation. You can find the world file below.

    Help build these things!

    Currently looking for anyone willing to help, but specifically...
    • Community organizer: We need to organize dozens of people to make this project successful, and anyone who thinks they are good with people would be of a great help.
    • Logistics Helper: Helping choose sites for building, acquiring materials, and generally aiding the actual building and maintenance of the towers.
    And always, if you want to volunteer to help build the towers, just contact me!

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  2. -Reserved-
  3. Nice. Will there be inflight meals provided? :D
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  4. This is awesome! I'd be happy to be a logistics helper, as well as helping to build some towers. Just let me know how I can help! :D
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  5. I'll get in contact!
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  6. This seems interesting I can plan events if you would like. But it really comes down to how easily the Elytra is to get.
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  7. Just FYI this project is not forgotten, we're just waiting for 1.9 to be released on EMC before we really get rolling.
  8. Slowly collecting supplies, probably at least 1 SMP won't have to donate anything.
  9. Are there going to hoops to glide threw ?
  10. No it's meant for transportation, you face forward at 0 degrees and fly a ton of blocks forward.
  11. I would like to be a logistics helper. Maybe i could start laying outlines for towers?
  12. Yeah if you could create a suitable grid with actual coordinates (don't even have to do it in game that would be a huge help.

    Right now, we are kinda just waiting for EMC to update before going full steam ahead.

    I'll PM you.
  13. No pun intended:p. Lol
  14. I can probably get smp9 and smp6 because I'm not in any outposts there
  15. Awesome! Can't wait!
  16. Trapper, do have your permission to start reaching out to the community to acquire resources?
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  17. Yes just ask people to earmark the supplies for future donation, though, don't actually collect them. We still don't know what the update will look like, if Elytra cost 200k there's not really a point in having these.

    So basically yes go ahead!