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  1. StomeGuard is a community based on safe accommodation whilst out in the wild as well as safe mining ect this outpost is well protected and has a train that leads to wrem and volt.

    Jobs are available such as builders miners and much more there will be a rank system so the more u give to the community the more we give you such as access to the mines for personal use ect.

    Redstoners are needed so if u know how to make tree farms sugar farms ect feel free to ask!

    Access is available via a route created by the EMC Malitia in the east wild behind a hill

    More posts To come! If there's anything u won't to happen here feel free to ask and il try to make it into are bust schedule.
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  4. I'd love to help in stoneguard I can mine and watch videos on how to make the redstone stuff you need:p:):cool:
  5. I might help out, but I'm working on my own place right now... Got to get rid of the aggro mobs first lol.
  6. Hey luka, I would like to have a job in Stoneguard i have been in estona, please contact me ASAP
  7. Charter of Mutual Understanding, Co-operation and Peace (COMUCAP)

    Comrades and friends,

    Recent months have been fraught with misunderstandings, arguments, wars, embargoes, travel blocks and petty competitiveness between members of our outposts. In the last week or so relations between the nations of the smp9 east wild frontier have become more relaxed, but in order for us to look towards a more peaceful future I am writing this charter as a statement of our nations' continuing existence and shared ideals to be peaceful, co-operative countries, and as to limit any future destabilizing in-fighting.

    Within our region, I have identified 6 countries that will all, hopefully, sign up to this Charter: chosen because of geographic proximity, shared histories, friendships and interests;
    • The Estonan Federation
    • Volt
    • Wrem
    • Grand Republic
    • Terrione
    • Stoneguard
    Signing this Charter will act as a peace-offering and a sign of friendship between communities. I have come up with 4 main points that this Charter seeks to compel nations to conduct, COMUCAP signatories must;
    • Fundamentally seek a peaceful existence towards other signatories and act toward one another in a state of mutual respect.
    • Be willing to take constructive criticism maturely and seek to deal with disagreements in a civil manner as to continue cross-nation partnerships.
    • Be respectful of national borders and not purposely and knowingly build within other outposts' spheres of influence (whether officially established or not).
    • Be willing for other signatory nations to construct embassies within partnering signatories' territories if asked. This should in fact be encouraged.
    I hope that all 5 national leaders of countries' threads I have posted this declaration to will sign up, and in doing so actively seek a more harmonious future in our part of the frontier, than that we have experienced in recent months. To my knowledge current leaders are devon699 (Estona), rock00888 (Volt), hollyhill105 (Wrem), kitten3101 (Grand Republic), traynfreek (Terrione) and lukafolz (Stoneguard). Leaders who are keen to ratify and sign up to this Charter please message me, and edit the first post of their thread to include a sentence declaring they are a signatory of this Charter as well as including the 4 points mentioned above.

    In peace,

    ps. Any other nations reading this and wanting to sign up to COMUCAP please message me and we'll sort something out :)
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  9. Does this mean Stoneguard will become a signatory? if so declare it in your first post too. Thanks
  10. Hi lukafolz,

    finally there is a friends section in the Carthaga opening post and we included StoneGuard. Check it out here. Hope you like it.

    On behalf of the PoC,