The Underhelm Thread

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I might come on down to visit, check it out. Not stay though 27 vote(s) 45.0%
I want to stay here, if you'll have me. 12 vote(s) 20.0%
I already live here dude. 15 vote(s) 25.0%
Yeah sorry but, not very interested. 6 vote(s) 10.0%
  1. So, have I already made a thread about this place in the Frontier? Yes. Was it not as seen as I'd exactly like? Yes. Am I making a new one with updated information? Yes.

    So, anyone who doesn't know at this point, me and a ton of SMP2ers are making a place out in the frontier called Underhelm, a city entirely underground all Dwarven-City style. Been very successful so far but since the last thread wasn't seen as much I want to make a more updated one. It's a lot of fun, you can get your own house, volunteer around with building, help us expand out into new caves and areas, and a ridiculous amount of minibosses happen to spawn here, along with slimes.

    • Fill out the application here:
    • The Application is REQUIRED to be a memeber
    • Any Members Who've Joined Before the Creation of the Application must now fill it out so I can write down who you are
    • All the normal EMC rules, so no griefing, stealing, etc
    • If you want a house you'll have to ask me whilst I am either in Underhelm or by letter/forum message. If you ask me and I happen to be in town, chances are I might not give you a response
    • If you have a house you are allowed to expand it to your hearts content. However, you cannot expand into other people's houses, other hallways, or in any way that breaks the general theme of a particular area Ex: Making a nether house in a neighborhood that was already previously full of flowers
    • Any public services (farms, trees, animals, spleef arena, etc) must be restocked/replanted/repopulated after use.
    • No killing of any animals that are named. People have actually been banned for this happening.
    • Even though it falls to mostly the builders to repair creeper holes, if a creeper explodes on you, be the better man/woman/vegetable/other and fill it up with whatever the surrounding block was.
    • Any questions, comments, or just plain "THIS IS SICK BRUH 40,000/10" can go down in the thingys below.
    • Be sure to vote on the poll, really interesting in the results
  2. It is a cool area...
    Definitely recommend for folk to check out...
    Looks pretty cool so far. :)
  3. Tis quite a fun place here, Lots of People, Nicely built, plus we're expanding housing so Come on down to AverageWalrus Auto Mart Underhelm!
  4. This sounds really interesting. Reminds me of the dwemer ruins of Skyrim...
    You can totally make some sort of backstory or future story out of this
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  5. Backstory: Me and SkeleTin found a nice spot in the frontier
    SkeleTin: Hey this place is pretty cool.
    Carrot: Lets dig a hole into it and blow it all up.
    SkeleTin: Okay.
    The End
  6. Delayed Bump
  7. And another Bump
  8. Actually, I made a sort of lore story behind it all. not as simple as Elfin's, but I wrote a book in EMC about it.
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  9. Couple things. I went by the shopping district today. Looking good. Why is Planty the Plants Salesman a butcher? Also could I build the really shady word shop?
  10. Its a butcher because that Villager was not meant to have thematic trades. As for the really shady sword shop, I was planning to do it, but you could make a shop in one of the other spots.
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  11. Okay good idea
    What is that walrus in your sig doing?!?!?
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  12. Why is everything always under or over? Why can't anything just be helmed?
  13. Blame Elfin, he's the one who put the Giant Helmet under the ground
  14. Sneaky Peek of my latest project down here
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  15. That's a really cool project, will check it out some time :). Just one thing: do minibosses really spawn down there? I thought they only spawned in the surface.
  16. They dont spawn down in the cave, but multiple bosses spawn per day here it seems
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  17. Some screenies of the Desert Crater Project in a nearly complete state ^_^
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  18. Looking good walrus! Ill be out some time soon. Would you want to do a nether one or a ice one with me?
    With the new spaces we have you can now request an area to make a shop or service, and have multiple of these.
    Just check in with either the Head Builder, Head Caretaker, or Head Generalist
    (AverageWalrus, Kokorocala, and ElfinCarrot respectively)
  20. Hey, not convinced to join Underhelm by the name? Heres a few screen shots of some choice areas in Underhelm
    Guest Starring AverageSeaBasedMammal and Stirfrychan

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