The Underhelm Thread

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I might come on down to visit, check it out. Not stay though 27 vote(s) 45.0%
I want to stay here, if you'll have me. 12 vote(s) 20.0%
I already live here dude. 15 vote(s) 25.0%
Yeah sorry but, not very interested. 6 vote(s) 10.0%
  1. Hey squad! I thought this was a great idea upon first reading about it, and promptly put in my application. Today (1st June) I arrived at Underhelm for the first time.

    My verdict: a great community, loads of people seem to have their own houses, and lots of potential for development. The thing that did put me off, however, was the navigation. In a surface settlement, it's not so difficult, but in Underhelm you have places tunnelling above and below each other, and you can quickly get mixed up and get stuck going in circles when the place you're looking for is pretty close.

    However, I've managed to solve this problem. Partially, at least.

    Throughout Underhelm, there are now signs showing players what direction Underhelm's surface exit is. I also signposted a few dead ends, and certain services which weren't signposted, or didn't have the right colour-coding. I hope having a single focal point established for Underhelm will help players, particularly visitors or new residents like me, navigate through it more easily.

    I took it upon myself to do this. If the signs are ugly/unnecessary/unwanted, etc., then they can be taken down no problem. And I can reimburse the outpost for the stack of Logs I took to make the signs.

    However, if they are wanted, great! Let me know if there's anywhere in need of signage that I missed.

    Further suggestions:
    - Have a Nether Portal close to the surface entrance. (Unless there's one nearby already?) So then when people follow my signs, they'll be close to the Nether Portal too.
    - Maybe signed paths could also be created to other landmarks? The master storage maybe? (Or would that attract griefers/raiders?)
    - Could we maybe put rails in the Nether pathway? To make it extra quick.

    I'll come up with more as time goes on.
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  2. The Idea of guide signs is nice, but ye put way too many signs.
    I reduced the number of signs around so it isn't a sign every 4 steps :p
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  3. I made it, And I love it too! I will be staying around for a while that's for sure.
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  4. I concede that is a fair critique! Thanks for improving.
  5. Sounds Awesome, hope to help out some what!
  6. Ok, more ideas.

    The Underhelm Library. Like, a functional library, with Written Books. I'd love to write and produce books and get folk involved in writing their own books and stories. Does Underhelm have Ink, Sugar Cane, Leather and Feather production?
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  7. Has anyone made a fishing farm? I tried building one but I don't think it is quite working right. I would like to make a community one, but not sure if it is able to work on the server.
  8. Ok I got good news! I'm bringing Beetroots to Underhelm.
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  9. Here's my progress on a map of Underhelm.

  10. Ok the Beetroot farm and my favorite, the Chorus farm is established. Please remember that when harvesting Chorus Stalks that you must remove the flower first, then break the stalk.
    This is what the flowers on the Chorus stalk will look like when they are fully grown and ready to be harvested.

    If you have any questions about Chorus PM me please.
  11. I was thinking about what to call people from Underhelm, and it looks like we're currently saying "Underhelmian citizens", or just "Underhelmians"? That just kinda sounds weird to me, to be honest.

    I thought it'd be cooler if we simply called ourselves "the Underhelmed" (making use of the whole 'underwhelm' pun), like "the Unsullied" or something. :p

    We are many, the Underhelmed, and we do not underwhelm.
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  12. 'Underhelmers' seems natural enough for me.
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  13. More progress on the map!

  14. Ey, where's my home lol ;p

    Also, the wheat farm is apparently a beetroot farm nao
    dunno where the wheat farm was moved to
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  15. Head to Flint fields, big wheat farm there
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  16. Ah, that's right, forgot about that place xD ...then again, I only just started getting back into going to Underhelm xwx;

    Still would be nice to note the larger farms on the map though, and not just the small farms. ^^;
  17. So, I saw there were a few dead ends, random caves leading nowhere, and thought "these would be good places to make pretty with birch trees, grass, flowers and stuff."

    I've adopted one beside my house. Here's my progress so far. I'm having trouble getting some of the trees to grow, even though I'm following the requirements stated by Minecraft Wiki, anyone know how to help out?

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  18. Ok, so I set up an afk fish farm in the upstairs of by house in Flint fields. Flip the lever up then get something to hold your right button down. If I'm not on it everyone is welcome to come use, best way to get mending book I have found yet. I will set up one later above ground since open sky above works better.
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  19. Hey everyone! I just wanted to let Elfin and everyone else know that i've fixed up the railway station (with permission by Elfin) by Jasper Junction a little bit. It is easier to get from Jasper Junction to Cliffside and vise versa. I have also made the walls and ceilings cleaner looking (a.k.a no holes and torches aren't everywhere, etc.) Also I made the space between the rails wider. Here are some screenshots of my work: (