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Which Group Do You Fall Into?

I am already a member of Underhelm, and I will be writing a book for this 4 vote(s) 50.0%
I am already a member of Underhelm, but will not be writing a book 4 vote(s) 50.0%
    So, anyone who is unaware, Underhelm is a frontier settlement on SMP2 that takes place solely underground. We pride ourselves on this and have received praise from both moderator and player alike for its originality, beauty, and potential to be a great settlement. Not even joking there. If we can convince two moderators, around thirty people, and multiple livestock to live here, that's an accomplishment.

    We've come a really far way from our start as a 3 person settlement, and as such, we've decided to celebrate this with an event. A share your stories event.

    This will function similarly to Krysyy's Share-Your-Scares Event that took place during Halloween, where people shared spooky stories. Except this time, it is Underhelm themed. Any Underhelm Citizen can write a story with the general theme in mind. For example:
    • A story of your first impressions of the place, or how you discovered Underhelm
    • A fictional story featuring Underhelmians and or original characters
    • A poem of some sort, of any length or origin (lemme seem dem haiku people)
    • A documentary of people's lives down here
    • Or anything else you feel like saying about the settlement.
    Keep in mind that this event is for Underhelmian Citizens Only.
    If you do want to be involved but you aren't a citizen already, well don't worry. We are always accepting new peeps into the fray, and to get directions you just have to fill out this short but simple form http://goo.gl/forms/7n69jazeRLfeK9s23
    There will be a chest where you can deposit the books near Tungsten Tunnels (an area through the beetroot farms near the entrance, if someone could include a screencap that'd be sick) It will be marked off for collection.
    I look forward to seeing what all the citizens of Underhelm produce and hopefully see new people join the Helm to enter the event.
    The Deadline to Enter Any Books is JUNE 27th, 3 days before my EMC Birthday
  2. This will be quite fun indeed. Especially for any writers (such as myself) who live there!
  3. yay an essay writing assignment.. thanks teach! lol sounds fun.
  4. I can't wait to hear all the amazing stories you all will create! ;)
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