The Underhelm Thread

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I might come on down to visit, check it out. Not stay though 27 vote(s) 45.0%
I want to stay here, if you'll have me. 12 vote(s) 20.0%
I already live here dude. 15 vote(s) 25.0%
Yeah sorry but, not very interested. 6 vote(s) 10.0%
  1. I thank both of you for your contributions and help during this time where people have been griefed.
  2. Hey ElfinCarrot,

    I finished surveying the first section of that road and repaired any other issues I found which was surprisingly minimal as the guys out there really chipped in to help out, and had it practically back in tip-top shape. There is a tower which overlooks your abode that is accessible from inside the tunnel. I have opened up the initial room to allow for some chests there. I have made good on my promise of 2 DC of cobblestone in this room. I have locked the chests for only you and myself so that I can donate from time to time. While out there a few creepers caught me off-guard and destroyed some of the landscape on the hill to the left of the staircase. I went and fetched some dirt and attempted to patch that area up best I could and plugged a few other apparent holes there. I went out with a SC of dirt, and used a few stacks. The remainder of the dirt I took out there is in a SC in that same room with our names on it. I figured this could serve as a creeper hole patch stash.

    As I have said on previous occasions, I am really happy to see others doing awesome stuff in the frontier, and am honored that the road I built has helped to make that possible. It is really exciting for me to ride down that once seemingly remote and vacant trail and now see many signs of life that have sprung up along the way. Keep up the good work guys, and keep exploring.
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  3. Fun Fact: This is a convo I remember from one of my first weeks on EMC
    *about midnight, with no one talking*
    Me: Hey Knight, wanna come see my res?
    Knight: Out in the wild building a bridge
  4. *UPDATE*
    Tales from the Depths unfortunately won't be coming out until next friday due to the griefings.
    However, it will be a double issue, containing issues 2 and 3 in one book
    You can still buy the first Tales from the Depths at my first res.
  5. My nether portal route had deadly lava surrounding the entrance to nether end. Thanks to HxCami10 who removed the lava before someone (me!) swam in it. I'll still need to restore the snow in the lava tunnel and confirm the clay biome path is ok.
    Thank you to the player who brought villager eggs. I restored the servants. The red tower has minor window and floor damage. I won't replace the lava lamp, but will bring out more clay and make the tower even higher. It will be a good place to fly with Elytras when we get them.
  6. I created this and immediately had to share it
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  7. Someone. Help me
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  8. Last one I swear
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  9. I like memes.
    Memes are fun.
    Also bump.
  10. UPDATE: Still no Tales from the Depths.....again.
    You know the drill at this point.
    Also welcome the massive influx of new members, great to see people surging in.

    We'll be giving out actual tasks sometime next week, for those curious. Its just been a lot of rebuilding lately.
  11. UPDATES:
    We may be introducing GUILDS soon. You may have noticed my second res having gone inactive. This is due to renovations to support the new GUILDS addition
    It will work similarly to how the Job Houses go, except you get paid, and it is entirely optional. You don't have to do it if you don't want, but they option to join a guild will be there. Potential guilds will include:
    • Masons, who will obviously be working with stone
    • Jacks, who will be working with wood
    • Farmers, who will be selling farm products
    • Smiths, who will be selling iron and the like
    • Glassers, who will be working with glass
    DISCLAIMER: Some of these guilds may be removed, more may be added, these are not guaranteed yet.
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  12. Don't Masons work with Bricks though? =P
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  13. True, but Stone can also be made into Stone Bricks, or brick-like Stone Slabs... and as full blocks, they have the same blast resistance as Brick blocks so it could be used just as easily as a crafting material. c:
  14. We could have like, a Baker who will focus on purely bricks while the Masons work on stone
    (bricks as in the red variety)
  15. Eh, that might be a bit complicated, perhaps just lump Stone with Smith into a Miner Guild and have Masons work with Bricks, Flowerpots, and Hardened Clay?

  16. I think stone work can definitely fall under the "Mason" class, if you so desire.
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  17. Ive been foiled once again by the dictionary
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  18. Well then, I guess what I mentioned before with bricks and the like being of the same category was... set in stone. ;)
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  19. Either way we need to get to actually building the Guild Halls.
    Also, anyone in the Builders House, please work on making some premade houses in ideal locations if you could