The Nation of Volt [Established]

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  1. Introduction!:

    Hello, EMC! In case you were wondering the old Voltian thread (here) has been closed to allow for a new thread. This is the new official thread. The old thread shall be kept simply as a record.


    This is the official thread for the Volt City Outpost! A medium sized east wild outpost that is made for everyone! We are established to help protect your creations from any people who may threaten them. We are located on SMP9.

    This is a bridge in Volt.

    This is a 3D overview of Volt City


    Official list is being created. Check back soon.


    Volt is on the East Wild Frontier (the cords are x=14050, y=65, z=-3000). There is also a nether rail constructed from a portal near to spawn all the way to Volt, all you need is a minecart! I cannot give out info on this rail on the thread but if you contact me through convo here I can help you get to Volt!


    Volt is an excellent community that has many other players and offers a unique opportunity to anyone who may want to leave the confines of town for more building space and the opportunity to create things that are not possible in town! We have done away with any political experimentation present in the NR. Instead we aspire to be a fun, positive, and active community.
    The Nation of Volt also has lots of land and buildings that are readily inhabitable at little to no cost! You could get a free house! We also have a functioning economy if you're looking to make some rupees.

    What can Volt do for you?

    Volt has Several farms with several on the way.We already have an Iron, Gold, Potato, Wheat, Wool, Nether Wart, Carrot, Sugarcane, Pumpkin, Melon, and darkroom spawner. Just ask Rock00888 for locations!

    What can you do for Volt?

    Volt is full of opportunities for service! We can always use a new building somewhere! Just ask Rock00888. We also have a list of planned, completed, and work in progress projects in the 3rd post!

    Other Info:
    The Nation of Volt is a number of outposts that have come together in the SMP9 wild. We aim to build a harmonious outpost where creativity and community are encouraged.
    I've been working hard on Volt for the past year. So if you would like to come out we would be glad to welcome you! However to keep everything running smoothly and allow everyone to work and play in a safe environment I'd like to establish some simple rules.
    If you decide to come to Volt you will receive a free plot of land on which to build whatever you want! We are always looking for new businesses and residents! Contact me for details, questions, concerns or ideas!
    1. Respect. This means respecting other outpost members and what they hope to accomplish, and what they want from the outpost. This also means respecting the server.
    3. Have Fun!
    Any new members are welcome!!!! You can also join by replying below with your application!

    1. IGN
    2. Timezone
    3. Have you been banned ever? ( if yes please explain, I have been banned myself. I just want to see that you have no intention of becoming a repeat offender)
    4. What are your plans fro your future on EMC?
    5. Do you have any special building/engineering skillz?

    Here is a direct link to PM me!

    This is the Voltian People's Palace

    This is the Volt City Natatorium!

    This is a big wall marking the end of Volt City. This picture is quite old!

    Volt is meant to be a place in the wild where people are free to build and create.

    LAST UPDATED 15-2-15
    COMUCAP Was signed by Volt.
    Outpost improvement survey! <---- Please fill this out to help us improve!
  2. Voltian Happenings
    11-11-14 Rock00888 announces new governmental reforms
    4-11-14 A new thread was created by Rock00888
    29-10-14 Volt City builders guild structure was completed
    25-10-14 JeffreyLi2003's Skyscraper surpassed the Imperial Apartments (rock00888) as the tallest building in Volt City
    28-9-14 Volt City Mall was completed
    27-9-14 Volt City's Large Bay Bridge referb complete
    27-9-14 Volt City's Natatorium completed
    25-8-14 Voltian line to Wrem refurbished
    20-8-14 Volt City Subway completed
    15-8-14 The Nation of Volt Offically signs CAPCOM
    6-8-14 Lukafolz declared Govenor of Volt City
    2-8-14 A true monument in East Wild History! The first man in East Wild Space, Rock00888, reached a height of 277 blocks about the void!
    //pg 15

    +10,000 Early Taxes
    +15,000 Donation from Rock00888
    -10,000 Purchase of private road in Volt
    -15,000 Purchase of Treewind from kitten3101's GR
    -140,000 Payment for construction of Iron farm
    +105,000 Revenue from first Voltian auction
    The Voltian Treasury is presently 35k in debt.
  3. We are always looking for people to help with waiting projects. If you are looking for something fun to do, pick one, or more, and PM rock00888

    Current Projects:
    (not in any order)
    0. Find more people!
    1. Improve Civic Centre in Volt City
    2. Start the birch tree farm.
    3. Finish new wool farm.
    4. Expand gold farm.
    5. Build an ink farm.
    6. Build new sugar cane and semi-automatic tree farm near the Seneca Falls fort.
    7. Build cacti farm
    8. Construct the Research Facility
    9. Build a port in Joule and Volt City.
    10. Re Re Modernise Volt City Sewers (4th generation, It should be pretty cool).
    11. Finish sewers in Joule
    12. Build more parks Nation wide
    13. Build a Library :)
    14. Build a school/university/college
    15. Build an airfield (for blimps, cause they look cool) (completion pending)
    16. Build an aquarium
    17. Finish the Voltian Museum (completion pending)
    18. Build a stadium!
    19. Build a Zoo
    20. Build stables
    21. Build a weather station/weather broadcast station
    22. Set up Voltian United Mail Service
    23. Set up a news service
    24. Build a new police Station
    25. Finish Iron farm compound
    Complete Projects!
    Gold Farm Built (rock00888)
    Darkroom Spawner (up to 5th floor) (rock00888)
    Catterson Bridge (spanning from Volt City to Joule) Built (rock00888)
    Volt City Wall (rock00888 and L0tad)
    Artificial Island in Volt City (rock00888)
    Volt City Hall (brickstrike and rock00888)
    L0tad (Volt City) Train Station (L0tad and rock00888)
    Hacksaw (Joule) Train Station (Tycho, Dr_Hacksaw, and rock00888)
    Tree farm built (it's even underwater!) (rock00888)
    Rail line to Wrem built (EMC Militia and rock00888)
    Builder's Guild built (rock00888)
    Volt City Sewers built (rock00888)
    Space, reached! (rock00888 and Devon699)
    Several animal and crop farms built (KiashiSama)
    Police station built (JeffreyLi2003)
    Iron farm (kubalabuku and skkubiz)
    New Iron farm (kevmeup)
    Active Members
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  6. I'll be posting some pictures of Volt City soon. Just something to look forward to.
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  9. I have updated the current projects. Please contact me if you are good at building any form of farm! All help is greatly appreciated and rupees are available!
  10. Hey, rock can I get some land to maybe try to build a park sorry but I can't make a amusement park in that building il sell it back if you want but can I just make a regular park?
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  11. Ok, NP, I'll start a convo so we can find an area. I'll buy the tower back for the original price I sold it to you for, if you want to sell it.
  12. I am want to keep it but if you want it back I will gladly sell it to you.
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  14. I will be reorganising the governmental structure of Volt City and The Nation of Volt to include ranks and a more socialist leaning policy on land. My hope is that will also attract some new faces to Volt! I will also be rewriting the first post to make it more visually appealing! The pictures I was going to post will have to wait just a few more days :(. Watch, like, comment and join to stay in the loop on all things Voltian!
    Edit: Plus we have a new Police Station in the works!
    Edit 2.0: Soon we shall declare 2 major national holidays!
  15. I have also created a brief history of Volt in the 3rd post for anyone who wants!
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  16. Wow, it has been awhile! We're still here! Anyone wanting to join can contact me or just come on out. Anyone's welcome!
    Also I'm planning some Major governmental overhauls. Including, but not limited to outside the cities land reform, some awesome new economic tools for businesses to start up (since sell shops are no longer working in the wild). I'm also hoping to start a very large redstone/steve research facility in Volt City.
    As I mentioned earlier I have made 2 national holidays! The first is Voltian Independence Day! VID is just as is sounds, when we celebrate not being not free! This shall be on the 24th of August every year.
    The second national holiday will be Voltian Achievement Day! This shall be a day when we celebrate the achievements of Voltians. This shall be on the 24th of March.
    Thanks for reading!
    Edit: Please fill out this form to give me imput on Volt and how to improve.
  17. We are still here! Come out and check out Volt sometime if you are looking for a wild outpost!
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  18. We're still here!
  19. Bump! Contact rock and check it out!
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  20. So, I just reread the 1st post. It seems lacking. I will add some pictures and stuff soon!
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