Nation of Volt (ESTABLISHED)

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  1. What?:
    This is the official thread for the Nation of Volt! A medium sized east wild outpost that is made for everyone! We are established to help protect your creations from any people who may threaten them.
    Volt has many active members, you could be one! Some members include Devon699, L0tad and of course, Myself
    Volt is on the East Wild Frontier (the cords are x=14050, y=65, z=-3000). There is also a nether rail constructed from a portal near to spawn all the way to Volt, all you need is a minecart! I cannot give out info on this rail on the thread but if you contact me through convo here I can help you get to Volt!
    Volt is an excellent community that has many other players and offers a unique opportunityto anyone who may want to leave the comfort of town for more building space and the opportunity to create things that are not possible in town! We have done away with any political experimentation present in the NR. Instead we focus on building and creating a fun positive community.
    The Nation of Volt also has lots of land and buildings that are readily inhabitable at little to no cost! You could get a free house! We also have a functioning economy if you're looking to make some rupees.

    The Nation of Volt is a number of outposts that have come together in the SMP9 wild. We aim to build a harmonious outpost where creativity and community are encouraged.
    I've been working hard on Volt for the past year. So if you would like to come out we would be glad to welcome you! However to keep everything running smoothly and allow everyone to work and play in a safe enviroment I'd like to establish some simple rules.
    There is no application to join Volt!
    If you decide to come to Volt you will receive a free plot of land on which to build whatever you want! We are always looking for new businesses and residents! Contact me for details, questions, concerns or ideas!
    1. All EMC rules apply at all times.
    2. Respect and obey all other rules laid down by the outpost.
    3. Any arguing on the thread will result in a request to leave Volt.
    4. Have Fun!
    These are all the rules I believe are necessary at the current time. If you wish to come to Volt feel free to just boat/walk here ANYONE IS WELCOME!! (the cords are x=14050, y=65, z=-3000), you may claim your first plot for free when you arrive (provided said plot is open). Please follow all building codes listed at city hall.. Here's a shot of Volt.
    Any new members are welcome!!!! You can also join by replying below or starting a conversation with me!! No one can be turned down!
    Here is a direct link to PM me!

    Some of the Voltian Core values are progress, both economic and social, equality and freedom.

    LAST UPDATED 27-8-14
    Rock00888 is the leader.
    Was signed by Volt.
  2. Oh look, a thread :rolleyes:
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  3. Ikr, it's so pretty. :)

    Edit on 20-9-14:
    Addition of Legal Code!

    These laws are subject to change.

    This legal document shall be divided into 3 sections based on the type of Voltian Law covered in the section. The sections are as follows:
    1. Civil Law
    2. Criminal Law
    3.Economic Law

    1. Civil Law
    Civil Law is to be defined as any laws regarding the non criminal punishment of simple crimes. The laws that currently exist on this matter are listed below.
    CL1A.0: All buildings in populated areas of The Nation of Volt must at all times be lit. Lit is to be defined as in a state that prevents darkspawning hostile mobs from spawning.

    2. Criminal Law
    Criminal Law is to be defined as anything in The Nation of Volt that carries the punishment of banishment.
    cL1A.0: No EMC rules shall be broken.
    cL1A.0: All citizens and visitors to The Nation of Volt must at all times obey any officer of the peace.
    cL1A.0: Arguing on the thread is not allowed.

    3. Economic Law
    Economic Law is to be defined as anything within The Nation of Volt that includes the movement of rupees. Economic Law violations may carry a Criminal or Civil punishment.
    EL1A.0: All shop signs must be labeled properly using another sign to determine what is being sold.
    EL1A.0: No scamming or fraudulent dealings of any kind shall be allowed.
    EL1A.0: Any agreement made is binding.
    - Despicable Me...
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  5. That fluffy?
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  6. Following da thread! :D
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  7. And I first thought this thread will be about 72Volt...
  8. The griefer starts his/her journey...
  9. LOL
    I know it is the city >.>
    We can always ask a mod to change it to Volt City :p
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  10. It's named after me, in case you couldn't tell :cool:
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  11. If it is named after 72Volt, lets hope it isn't as successful as Lava Walls or the New Republic :p
  12. Please, do not bring the subject of the NR up, it is still a bit of a sore subject. Lava walls may or may not exist in Volt....
  13. Greifers... They haven't seen the lava walls yet...
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  14. Outpost still here and functioning! Anyone is welcome to come down (Or up or sideways dependent on where it is relative to your current location)!
  15. The Estona/Voltian tunnel is complete!
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  16. Look, a wild thread appeared, Lotad used follow, it was successful
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  17. Magic!
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  18. New Train Station now complete! Thank you to L0tad for all of his help in its construction! It needs a name though.
    Anyone have any suggestions?
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  19. the buildings go... the greifers will follow
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