smp7 - jungle outpost

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    New wiki (made by @Sunny_Chicken):

    How it all startet:
    How we got our name:

    OLD First post:
    *Links are broken now A copy of the homepage (not inlcuding subpages) is on*
    This first post had gotten way too long and it was a pain to update and read. So we made a small site for the community.
    Short URL:
    There also is a Pad to discuss collaborative projects or give anonymous suggestions:

    For all you Google+ users we also have a community page there now:
    Feel free to join us there too!

    How we got our name:

    We are for copying ideas and stuff (hence the CC license on LLO google site's content). Feel free to make fansites or private LLO group forums on your own but be sure to not use pirated software or spam techniques to promote them.

    This thread will remain the main place for discussions and we will copy or link to any important news on the site here.

    I hope this is ok. I need an email address to give permissions for the site. I do not share the data with anyone (except google of course). I will delete the form submissions as soon as I set the permissions for the site. I will not put ads on the site myself, not sure if google will at some point.
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  2. Who will be stronger. Griefers or the community?

    You'd win anyways for having one of the first Jungle communities, if you post screenshots. (F2)
  3. I will follow this also, it's a nice experiment.
    The Delta Team can supply anything you guys need for it. Just call me :)

    We can't let griefers win this game.
  4. me might join.if i can
  5. sure you can. the more non-griefers we get there the better. it is in the wild after all :D
  6. nice. welcome on board. I will prepare some small huts in the nearby beach / desert area.
    If anyone can bring some wool for beds that would be great. Did not have time find any sheep around here yet
  7. Are you on the live map? Im having trouble finding it D:
  8. I am now visible for some time.
  9. umm i might i will for sure donate to its success :D but i probably will join
  10. hey guys

    you can probably count me in... i ll bring some wool from my smp2 home... just found you on the live map... way up there
  11. sweet. I will stay there for an hour or so. if you need help finding it /tell me on smp7.
    be sure to bring food and maybe a boat. it will make the journey a lot easier. see you in paradise :D
  12. I think I see it on the map. I'll try to come if I can. I want to try installing some (legit) client-side mods when I get home tonight, so I may or may not be there depending on how well that goes.
  13. I will be there and visible on the livemap for like an hour or so.
    Feel free to /tell me an I will help. Be sure to pack some food and a boat (not needed but makes it easier) for the journey. It would also be nice to have some melon seeds here. Kinda running out of melon.
  14. Build a Treehouse, less noticeable, plus, i have done this, this isn't the first one.
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  15. Well I am not planning on hiding it too much. Of course treehouses will be hopefully be common there. I don't think there is another wild community in / next to a huge jungle yet. I am aware there are all kinds of wild communities on EMC but still think the big jungle makes it something new.
  17. lol answer is simple using a lot of pistons make a code like 9 butons and you have to hit 3 correct to get through one wrong makes you fall so griefer lose their stuff and people get more oh yea im in even though im from smp6 ill try my best to help out hope you like the idea zulu and make it unpenetreble(ish) with obsideon nad traps for people who break in