smp7 - jungle outpost - naming comeptition

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What should the smp7 jungle outpost community be called?

A New Hope 12 vote(s) 25.5%
Last Light Outpost 31 vote(s) 66.0%
Free Haven 9 vote(s) 19.1%
The Cooperative 5 vote(s) 10.6%
Underground 6 vote(s) 12.8%
Multiple votes are allowed.
    The winner is:
    "Last Light Outpost"
    Congratulations to Eclipsys!

    Final voting results at time of closing:
    A New Hope6 vote(s)33.3%
    Last Light Outpost7 vote(s)38.9%
    Free Haven6 vote(s)33.3%
    The Cooperative2 vote(s)11.1%
    Underground1 vote(s)5.6%

    We are deciding on a name for the our community in the wild and want to have the whole empire have a vote on it. We gathered suggestions for a few days on out thread and I am now putting it up to vote here. The winner will get tons of glory and 1500r from me*.

    * Disclaimer: One of the entries is mine. Should my entry win I will give the rupees to the second place. Prize may increase if others donate too.

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  2. Uh... i think i will... *yawn* ... vote later
  3. This will be the name for the whole community. There is still room for individual areas. I heard we already got our own "Little Oslo" as a nickname for the desert village. Just FYI :)
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  4. Oslo is a coastal city! I live in it, I should know! I find this terribly insulting! :p
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  5. Little Oslo seems to have moved to the jungle. Though I'm not sure that's any better. It seems Norwegians just don't like the snow biome :)
  6. I just know I have a lovely tree house in the Jungle. I tend to go places that aren't so crowded xD
  7. I Come 'nd Go where ever i please - and its very rare that i move anywhere :D
  8. Everything you left is in good stand, Lux. Happy to have you back when you can.

    I will double the prize by donating 1500r to the naming winner. :cool:
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  9. Just to throw this to air... there is Minecraft typish game coming ( since minecraft was first nice looking block game, i assume it is preferable to compare them )

    **---** lords of the uberdark **---**
  10. I can't edit the post with the poll so just you know.
    Thanks to Curundu the prize for the winner is now 3000r. :D
  11. Can i have coords for the outpost?
  12. Welcome DangerousPopcorn. I added you to the new members list. :)

    PS: Pls people vote here. Not only members of the community. We are currently at a tie between the top 3. Go! The winner gets 3000r
  13. Since we finally got some clear result I think it is time to close the vote.
    The winner is:
    Last Light Outpost
    So congratulations to Eclipsys. I will get the 3000r prize to you asap :)
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  15. Congratulations Eclipsys!
  16. Well done man
  17. yay!!! Time to put up some more signs :)
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