The Inkstain: An Ingame Newspaper

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    What is The Inkstain?
    The Inkstain is an ingame newspaper that I created because (a), I like writing, (b), I thought it sounded pretty cool, and (c), I also like rupees. :)

    To buy a subscription, first you buy the subscription booklet. Then you need to buy a Subscription Purchase Record (don't worry, they are cheap!) and fill it out. Once you've filled it out, sign it and throw it into the hopper. This ensures that I won't miss your subscription! I will see the book in the hopper and will then be able to check my rupee history to confirm your purchase so that I can send you books.
    To cancel a subscription, fill out a Cancel Book (currently unavailable), sign it, and toss it into the hopper.

    Issues currently available:
    This is currently changing, I will have all issues available for purchase soon. :)
    Subscriptions currently available:
    3 Issue Subscription: 115
    5 Issue Subscription: 210
    10 issue Subscription: 415
    Party Pack Subscription (5 copies of the next 5 issues): 800
    Gift Subscription (Gifts a 5 Issue Subscription): 210
    Eternal Subscription (Never ends!): 575

    Community Input
    I will accept community input into the paper. If you have riddles, puzzles, stories, poems, or articles that you want in the paper, private message me and your stuff could end up in the paper. Your name would appear in the paper, and you might get something small, still deciding. If you are looking for a permanent position, please fill out the application below.
    hashhog3000: writer, editor, and owner

    Current Locations
    Do /v hashhog3000-3 on SMP4 to access the headquarters of The Inkstain. Here's a picture for those who want it!


    Q: How many subscriptions can I buy at once?
    A: As many as you like! We'll just add up the numbers. :)

    Q: Is there any way I can be banned from The Inkstain?
    A: Abusing purchases of certain books can get you banned from the res, these books being the Subscription Purchase Records and the Cancel Books.

    Q: I see you only have three issues available alone. What if I want to read past issues?
    A: For more information on that, please go to the PRICES section of the thread. :)

    Q: How do I apply for staff?
    A: Just click the link in the COMMUNITY INPUT section and I'll read your application within 48 hours, unless I am away. However, you should not expect a response unless you are accepted. :)

    Q: Your HQ is kind of small.
    A: Personally, I think that it big enough to suit the purpose, so if you have a problem with it, just think of it as "cozy." :p

    Q: How can I make a suggestion?
    A: You can post it on this thread, or (preferably) send me a private message on the forums or ingame.

    Other Things
    I will try to publish a new one every weekend. However, there may be weeks I am unable to publish or have to publish early. The reason I say this is that when you purchase a subscription, you are not signing up for x weeks of papers, you are signing up for x papers.
    Other than that, I just hope this works out. :) Please give me as much feedback as possible! Thanks. now, lemme go make some copies and set up a chest.:)

    The Inkstain would not be possible without all the help we've received! :) Thanks to all who have helped us and donated to our cause!

    Olaf_C: 10,000r
    SDOliveira: 5,000r
  2. Sounds pretty awesome
  3. A newspaper in Minecraft? By golly, it just might work!
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  4. Move flag disabled?
  5. *facepalm* I forgot I had that on, going to fix it. :) Thanks.
    Another note: This version is only around 20 pages. Expect future versions to likely be a bit longer. :)
  6. *starts copying* *sells for double price* * doesn't know why nobody's buying my half a page newspaper* lol that would be funny if I actually did that...
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  7. I like the sound of it! I've been interested in getting some sort of newsletter for a while now on EMC so I'd love to see this take off!
  8. Okay, I think I've had the test edition out long enough. The stand is temporarily closed due to my upcoming event. Once that is over, I will be building an official building as well as setting up a buying area for the next issue. :)
  9. Are you hiring?

  10. :)
  11. sounds cool, you should try to bring down the price, and offset the loss by selling ads, or you can add ad's and keep the price the same :0
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  12. Aw, I missed it :( Can I get it from you when I pay you a lot? :3
  13. I want this to be a thing. Also selling ads is a great idea I would buy one every edition.
  14. You can get it from me for the normal price, I'll set up a sell chest for the extra first editions as well as the new edition. :)
    That could definitely be a good idea, I'll keep that in mind! :D
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  15. ill pay 1k for a page two ad or a page one half ad
  16. Just be careful with ad's. rupees are like water to most of us and before you know it itll be 200 pages long and feel like your watching a movie on fx
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  17. Valid point. I don't have rupees like water so I didn't think if it lol.
  18. can there be a price for a permanent subscription?
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  19. Wow. This is like the BEST idea ever! You should set up a bookstore, selling the Inkstain, and also encourage people to write short stories, or something, that you could sell too.
  20. That's the long-term plan. :)

    Hmmm... I'll think about that. I just want to make sure I don't price it wrong. :)