Come Fish on SMP6 @ 12731

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Are you going to Come Fish here?

Yes 23 vote(s) 76.7%
No 7 vote(s) 23.3%

  1. Hey EMC,

    I had some spare time a few weeks back, and was not sure what to build, so I built a nice res players can come and go fishing at. This res is located on SMP6 @ 12731. You can fish in several locations.

    Here is a Nice Screen of the res....

    This is the top, and when i get more time, I will update the underground. I will also do small updates on the res every once in a while, and move the wall of chests off the one side.

    This res was designed using the SEUS, (Shaders).

    Feel free to post your Pictures of you and your friends Fishing at the res.

    I also sell my Alt heads in the Gazebo in the middle.

    -AlexChance for thread Banner {Service here}
  2. **Reserved**

    These Heads will never Change!
  3. I feel like I should be fishing for Koi here or something XD A fancy fish for a fancy garden.
  4. I rarely ever fish on EMC, but I will be sure to pop by whenever I get the chance. :) A truly magnificent build.
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  5. Thank you. :)
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  6. Very nice build looks even better in person
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  7. Will clownfish work? c:
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  8. I'll probably stop by. It's a very nice build. (You spelled "shaders" as "shadders", just letting ya know. :p)
  9. Very nice!! Thanks!
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  10. Thank you, :)

    If you have any suggestions on what to change, or what to build under, feel free to say.

    Tip: The tree's are ment to look like Willow Tree's like this

    Anyone see a Similarity? :D
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  11. Here are some Screens i took with my normal shaders.....

    Here are some Screens i took with LBPR TP......

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  12. RainbowChin came over today to check out the res, with his Steed, :D

  13. Small Update,

    -New Version of finch_rocks_2 head coming soon (At Head Grinder, Just need to bring back).
    -Chest Wall Moved.
    -More Head Stock Coming Soon (At Head Grinder, Just need to bring back).
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  14. Need Idea's what add under the build, Anyone have any idea's?
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  15. More Alt Heads In-Stock,
  16. It just so happens that I reached my 300 vote streak this week (reminds to vote btw) and that got me the voters fishing rod. This is something I'm quite proud off and also quite excited about, because I actually like to fish from time to time. And this rod is just... wow. Mind blowing, and I'm very serious here. So yeah, I like the idea of finding another exclusive fishing location.

    Even though the /park on SMP2 is my favorite. But that's also because I'm pretty sure that both B4dmansimon & Itsmematheus (senior staff) are behind all the good stuff you can fish up in the lake there. I bet they like to fly over the park every once in a while and dump all sorts of goodies from their creative inventory ;)

    (just kidding of course).

    Anyway, I'm definitely going to check this out and I might even use the location in an upcoming review I'm currently working on, but no promises (seems much better suited to use a player location than the /park for that, makes it a true player effort). If I do you'll be credited of course!

    So yeah, thanks for sharing, I'm definitely going to check it out later on!

    <writes numbers down>
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  17. So I did just what I said above and I had a great time. I think your res. looks amazing, and it is indeed perfect for fishing. I really like how you added several places to fish. For example: I prefer standing close to the shore while I know that others like to stand a bit higher above the water. Your residence provides all of those options.

    Now, obviously your residence looks awesome, as can be seen above. But I can also share that your residence also looks awesome for someone who doesn't use shaders (nor resource packs, I usually play using the vanilla setup). I really enjoy those small details; for example the use of sea lanterns under water; that really adds up and adds a nice contrast with all the quartz blocks you used.

    Not sharing pictures, sorry, but I'm definitely going to visit again soonish and well, do something zecret <insert ominous sound here>.

    I do have one complaint though... Sorry, but I have to say that I think that the entrance fee to some of your surrounding residences is really outrageous, and I'm not too sure if I want to be following up on this. I mean, really, the nerve of some people. Sorry Finch but maybe staff should look into this, this is rupee sink... :confused:

    (Just kidding / messing with ya! :D)

    Sorry, I couldn't resist a wee bit of added make-belief trollish drama :)

    Not to worry folks: just enter Finch' other residence and gasp while you immediately use /r or /rlog to make sure this didn't really happen ;) I think it is well played and quite funny :)

    So yeah, thanks for the invite. I had fun fishing here!
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  18. I will love to attend and fish with some players and have a great time.
  19. This res used to me my test res, I would build town roads and random stuff here, but now its above the res for now. If you look in the air, you can see it. :p

    And small hint, it is the old Rupee pay display where the names where light green, Unless you think i am SS then you got fooled as well, hehe.

    I will be changing that res message soon as it is now for my Iron and Gold Shop, as well as my Fishing res message will be changed.

    Thanks you visited, and had a Great time, I will do small updates from time to time. :)
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  20. Finally a use for my 300 vote bonus.