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  1. Illuminooty's Promo Shop is a shop building on a section of Illuminooty's residence that is devoted to selling promotional items, first opened on November the 4th, 2015. To visit Illuminooty's Promo Shop, simply use the /v Illuminooty command, or alternatively you can visit through the residence number command, /v 123 on SMP1.

    The shop is currently selling the following items:

    • Vouchers
      • Vault Voucher (8k)
      • Stable Voucher (9k)
    • Bows
      • Cupid's Bow (15k)
      • Meteor Bow (20k)
    • Christmas Items
      • Avalauncher (40k)
      • Emergency Snow Clearing Device (40k)
      • Holiday Candle (20k)
      • Dancer (??k)
      • Dasher (??k)
      • Prancer (??k)
    • Easter Items
      • Magical Eggcellent Wand (22k)
    • EMC Anniversary Items
      • 2014 Birthday Cake (22k)
      • 2015 Birthday Cake (18k)
      • 2016 Birthday Cake (14k)
    • Labor Celebration Items
      • Labor Bench 2014 (26k)
      • Labor Bench 2015 (23k)
      • Labor Bench 2016 (20k)
    • Thanksgiving Items
      • Feast for a King (10k)
      • Ham Hacker (70k)
      • 2013 Turkey Slicer (60k)
      • Mob Drop Turkey Slicer (50k)
    • Misc. Items
      • Pot of Gold (27k)
      • Pi Pie (27k)
    • Diamonds and Emeralds by the entrance (112r per diamond, 24r per emerald)

    The shop is currently buying the following items for these prices or best offer:

    • Bows
      • Lucky Bows (50k or best offer)
    • Labor Celebration Items
      • Labor Bench 2013 (35k or best offer)
    • Misc. Items
      • Maxarian Head (40k or best offer)

    We are thinking about eventually adding the following items to the shop:

    • 60k Member Items
    • 100k Member Items
    • Halloween Items
      • 2013 Haunted Head
      • 2014 Headless Horseman Mask
      • 2015 Headless Horseman Mask
      • Headless Horseman Axe
    • Christmas Items
      • Holiday Pick
      • Rudolph
    • EMC Anniversary Items
      • Incitatus
      • Saltar
      • Valens
    Some of these items may already have space saved for them in the shop, some do not. The shop may have some of these items in the stores, but most will not be. These items are planned for when the shop expands further.

    Please hop on over to the shop and take a look. This is a service for all of you, so if you have any constructive criticism to make, I invite it either in this thread or in a PM. If you are rude to me or my other customers then you will receive the -move flag. Thanks everyone, happy shopping.

    Noot Noot.
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  3. I have added the date of opening to the main post. I will be sure to post any stock and price updates on the thread as and when I do them to the shop. If I'm out of stock on anything that I shouldn't be then let me know, I should account for it but there's a small chance that I can miss it with a shop like this. Remember that we sell diamonds and emeralds at the entrance too. Thanks for nooting looking!
  4. Looking to buy a Freedom Blade, and I've lowered the price of the Avalauncher.
  5. Restocked all vouchers, diamonds, emeralds, the Ham Hacker and the Magical Eggcellent Wand. Reduced the price of the Vault Voucher, emeralds and the Feast for a King paper. Now added the Freedom Blade to the buying list.

    I'm trying to fine tune my prices and keep my stock up, it's hard to do so when I can't be around all of the time, but that's the most recent update.
  6. The shop is now completely restocked.
  7. More stock has been added to the shop, and diamond prices have been lowered.
  8. Emerald prices have been reduced. I'm aware of the new shop signs, but for now, I'll be keeping the promo shop to using slot signs. Each item is named and has an item frame, so it's clear what they are. I'll likely change the shop signs over at some point.
  9. All shop signs should now be choose 1 signs, as the old slot signs are no longer in use. Let me know if there are any problems or some signs are not working.
  10. Reduced prices on Vault Vouchers, Feast for a King papers, Maxarian Head and Avalauncher. Restocked Pot of Gold. Added Birthday Cake 2016. Removed Freedom Blade from buying. Updated all of the signs to the new # ones.
  11. You don't have conversations set to all so I can't send you a PM. Feel free to PM me one with a price. I am buying the Thanksgiving Drop version currently, not the 2013 Thanksgiving one.
  12. Reduced Pot of Gold and Maxarian Head prices. Added the Freedom Blade chest.
  13. 2013 Labor Bench restocked.
  14. All Labor Benches moved to Level Two, prices updated with addition of 2016 Bench also. Now buying the Magical Eggcellent Wand for 15k or best offer.
  15. Emergency Snow Clearing Device and 2014 Labor Bench restocked. Now buying 2013 Labor Bench for 35k or best offer.
  16. Valens stockd?
  17. How many vault vouchers are in stock?
  18. If I had a Valens, it would be listed under the selling items section. It is not under this section, therefore I do not have it.
    Off the top of my head, I know it was more than 10 last I checked.
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  19. Minor price overhaul has gone into effect, main post is updated so you can see all the new prices now. The ESCD and Freedom Blade chest is now restocked.

    Price overhaul includes Labor Bench price reduction, Max Head price reduction, diamond and emerald reduction, and more!
    Hi Wither, thought I'd let you know that there's currently 16 in stock.
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  20. Magical Eggcellent Wand and 2014 B/Day Cake restocked.