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Have you been to my mall yet?

Of course! 7 vote(s) 38.9%
No, but I will! 11 vote(s) 61.1%
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  1. Hello fellow EMC-players!
    I have recently opened a mega mall at smp1 and the address is 611. I will try to keep the items as stocked as possible and of course as cheap as possible. My mall has a total of 7 floors with 16 sections. Containing a total of 237 (and counting) articles. These sections include:

    [Black Floor] - Food Supplies
    [White Floor] - Public Utilities
    [Blue Floor] - Clay, Colored Clay, Colored Sand
    [Purple Floor] Building Blocks, Decoration Blocks
    [Cyan Floor] 1.9 Items, 1.10 Items (Not arrived yet.)
    [Red Floor] - Wool
    [Orange Floor] - Weapons, Tools, Armor
    [Brown Floor] - Nature Items, Plants, Saplings
    [Magenta Floor] - Nether Items, End Items
    [Light Blue Floor] - Spawn Eggs
    [Silver Floor] - Enchanted Books, XP Bottles (Not opened yet.)
    [Gray Floor] - Wooden Items, Logs
    [Green Floor] - Redstone Materials
    [Pink Floor] - Mob Drops
    [Yellow Floor] - Utility Items
    [Lime Floor] - Ores, Gems, Ingots

    Hopefully I will see you there in the future!
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  4. Just gonna bump this one up a little.
  5. Will definitely check out :)
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  6. It looks amazing... Nice job
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  7. I have to give the credit to Eclipsys for building it. :)
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  9. This is my go to mall! Still young enough that you can sell anything to it yet old enough that you can buy anything.
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  10. I was selling a bunch of my clay to you and I couldnt seem to find where to buy/sell cyan stained clay, it looks like you might have forgotten that color
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  11. Thanks for noticing. I will have this fixed asap.
    Edit: Item is now stocked.
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  12. Been there and bought stuff already, good mall but what i find that most malls dont is sell literally everything, for example bat eggs ;-; i have to go to the emc shop to buy them xd try and stock them plz <3
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  13. Bat eggs are located on the light blue floor with the spawn eggs.
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