[Ongoing Event] The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

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  1. Years 1 and 2 Quests are available!
    Located on SMP7 at /v +Hogwarts

    Welcome to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the Wizarding World. This large 17 residence build located in town on SMP7 provides you with the opportunity to explore the corridors, class rooms, and many other places located throughout Hogwarts.

    However, more than just a castle, this build will be an ongoing event that will continue to grow over the years to come! You will have to collect your school supplies from Diagon Alley, then take the Hogwarts Express to the castle where you will use your school supplies to complete your first year at Hogwarts, learning about different creatures and practicing new spells.

    In the months to come, we will continue to add years of study to Hogwarts, where you will be able to use your knowledge of magical creatures and spells to further yourself in the event! In addition, as the years progress you'll be able to explore new and exciting places at Hogwarts and in the Wizarding World. Places like the Forbidden Forest, where you will start to fight some of the dark creatures you learn about, and exciting new adventures from the new Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them series!

    During this time, Hogwarts will be open 24/7 year round! Using the amazing Minecraft magic known as redstone, you will always be able to enjoy Hogwarts, no matter what time of day or night you start!

    We look forward to seeing you at school and hope that you enjoy your time here!

    Thanks to the following people who have helped make this event a reality
    My family - Prof_McGonaga11, Pr0fess0r_Snape, and PhoenixEmbers - for putting in countless months of work to help design and build Hogwarts, I would not have been able to do this without them.
    To Eviltoade - For putting in many hours of work doing road edits and other SS services to bring Hogwarts together.
    To AlexC__ - For the amazing banner ;)
    To numerous friends - Who have been patient with me as I have continued to talk about Hogwarts and even helped supply me with many items, despite never being able to see it or experience it until today :D
    To the shop owners and suppliers - Whose rupee balances are likely very full right now from the large bulk purchases I have made from their shops over the past year.
  2. Nice JD :D Can't wait to visit it! :)
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  3. Sounds cool! Will check it out as soon as I can. :)
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  4. I know I will be there :)

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  5. I hear i'll hear whether I am truly Gryff... looking forward to it!
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  6. So extremely excited for this!!

    (Would also like to point out that when JD said I did road edits for him, you might be asking yourself, "why didn't he just do them himself?" The reason for that is that JD and his family built this by themselves from the ground up - no ss magic, no free materials, nothing. Just a lot of hard work :) Love it!)
  7. Sounds way cool JD! :)

    I have to go to the eye doc in an hour to get dilation drops, so I'll be around to check it out as soon as they wear off.
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  8. this is so incredibly ambitious
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  9. Congratulations on the grand opening! This sounds incredibly awesome!
    (Always carry an extra pair of socks, because you know, Dobby.)
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  10. Yay! I’m gonna make it! JD thx sooooooooooooooo much fo this!
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  11. ooooo nice :D
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  12. This is so amazing! I love Harry Potter and can’t wait to get in game and explore :D

    Amazing work, thank you to all those involved ^_^

    Ravenclaw all the way ;)
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  13. yes i agree 100%
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  14. Good job JD Never watched Harry Potter but ill have to check it out :)
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  15. I’m not going to say that it’s the best house because I think each house has their own strengths and personalities, but I’m defintiely a proud Ravenclaw - and I have the merchandise to prove it ;P
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  16. I haven't played empire in quite awhile so i'm DEFINITELY hopping on to see this.
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  17. I knew this dude fell off the deep end
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  18. Cool jd hate to ask but are there any prizes around?
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  19. I had/have a blast exploring this awesome building.
    I really enjoy all the details you added, it's really fun!

    you don't mind, if I sit here, right :D

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  20. A good tip is to buy two of everything. You will most likely use everything, and if you screw up your first attempt you have to go back to buy it all again. :/
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