[Ongoing Event] The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

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  1. lol gg ZIMROCK
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  2. if you haven't been to hogwarts i suggest you go it amazing thanks a bunch jd
  3. OHH MYY GOOOOWWWWDDDDDDDDDD!!!!! To all the people that helped make this, and make it possible... I love you!! <3

    (Sorry, probably a bit dramatic but, i love harry potter ok..:oops:)
  4. Hi :)

    Just for clarification because I've gotten a bunch of PMs about this now, at the moment there is not a wiki page for the event because it does not categorize under a "Big Residence" 120x120 build, as it is much, much larger than that! As well, as far as I know, we currently don't have pages for special events like this. This may be changed in the future.

    Please message me if you have any questions or need clarification about this.

  5. ^ and just a slight bit more clarification - Hogwarts is a player build, not a staff build and would therefore not have its own wiki page. I would love to see a page on multi-res events/builds, but it would have to be maintained properly. :)
  6. Thanks Toadster... though it may also cause a little further confusion for some, as this is posted under the Staff events threads and not Player events threads...
  7. Yeah for sure - this is sort of a hybrid event of sorts - instead of building this on stage in creative and then copy/paste somewhere, he (and family) built it all by hand. So the build is a player build, but listed as a staff event.

    Some more clarification:


    If I run a Mob Arena, this is a staff event, staff build, being hosted by a staff on a staff res. lol
    I could not only broadcast this event to the entire server, I could also put it in the announcements on discord or heck, even facebook if I wanted to, and ALSO frontpage it on the forums.

    If I were to have a "4 years on the server bday party!" this would be a player event (even though I AM staff as well) and I would not be able to do any of the other things listed above. This is why when I do run my own personal events, I give away my own prizes and advertise on the smps one by one.
  8. Best way to think of it:

    The event is a staff event, since a staff member is operating it and it's not a player-focused event (ex. birthday party or something similar, which are always a "player event" even for staff hosts).

    The build is a player build, since it was built by players not staff. (I never used my staff acct while building, was all done with my alts lol).

    As such, there isn't a place for it in the Wiki, since we don't place player built events in the Wiki, even if they are hosted by staff. However, staff are allowed to advertise/promote their event like normal.

    If that helps make sense of it a bit? :)


    While I'm posting here though, I just want to add that my family and I have been very appreciative of the very positive feedback we have received thus far! We are ecstatic that everyone has enjoyed the build and event as much as we have enjoyed creating and building it :D

    I would also like to add that since opening, we have had over 150 players show up the event and check out the build! It has been an amazing few days, and we are super excited to get to work on additional years of school for everyone to enjoy.

    Thank you all for your support and for enjoying the event, we look forward to continuing to see you at Hogwarts ;)
  9. Any idea when hide and seek will be? been in my hiding spot for days lol can't really move without losing my spot xD
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  10. It's a shame Mojang hasn't made it so you can lay down on the floor in Minecraft yet. If they had, those huge fireplaces would be ideal for hide an seek.
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  11. i already got my spot(ish) ;)
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  12. You can lay down if you have elytra and a block over your head, although I think that would use durability even if you're touching the ground.
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  13. Lol, unfortunately I won't be doing it for a while yet. School just started back up for me, so I'll be a bit more busy with that work now. On top of that, now that I have the first year of Hogwarts released I'm working on some other EMC projects that I put off in order to finish Hogwarts by Sept 1st. I likely won't do any Hogwarts related things for a bit, at least until I get some other EMC things situated ;)
  14. That's understandable since there will sometimes be projects that come before Hogwarts.
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  15. Thanks for all the hard work and effort you and your family put into this event JD, even if you don't add anymore to it i think it will be a popular event for a long time. ;)
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  16. Thanks JD for having year two planned near Christmas, as I have school :l
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  17. Yea JD, Hogwarts was fun and all but you need to stop goofing off and get back to the important stuff on emc! >_> *hears that whip being cracked in the background and giggles >=D

    lol.. I only joke .. I absolutely loved, loved, loved the whole experience and send so many thank you's to you and your family that where there being helpful and to make it all that more special. I felt like I was going to Hogwarts and did I say how much I appreciated and loved the experience? :rolleyes: Taaanks
  18. Yep and we kept running into each other and I think I prevented Crystaldragon13 from jumping off the highest bridge :rolleyes:
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  19. Looks freaking awesome! Will check it out:D
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  20. Well, it's a good thing I live next to it :)
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