[Ongoing Event] The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

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  1. Woot woooot!! Hogwarts, here I come! :D

    I am really looking forward to hopping on later to see this! You've put a lot of hard work into it, and I have no doubt that it will shine through. :)
  2. This was fun- Apparently I am Ravenclaw, as are T and Skele :D We spent some time earlier running around and doing most of our quests!
    I love the effort put into this, and the look of the build!
  3. Same but I was in hufflepuff oof
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  4. Awesome! Will need to check this out!
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  5. Tbh I was really upset when there was no prize for finishing thought there would be a item saying you finished or something for all the hard work
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  6. Wizardry. I will be by time permitting.
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  7. Another fun event from JD and Toade! I loved the theme this time around :)
  8. We used to have "massive" four residence builds

    Now we have 17 residence builds

    Love it :)
  9. Best thing ever!!! I’m soooo excited!!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting this together for the community.
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  10. This one was all JD!!! (and family)

    update: I got through most of my classes last night, just 3 more to go I think! So much fun!
  11. Was fun for sure! Got lost many times just like real school :D
  12. it was really confusing and apparently there may or may not be secret corridors that you can access and some they plan to release in later years i spent like 3.5 hours looking for those classes and secret area and found like 4 classes and not a single secret area(thanks for making these so hard JD)all in all it's super fun and very time consuming
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  13. Made it through sorting (Ravenclaw). Will be back soon for more. Great job on both the build and the game set-up! That's some serious (not Sirius) dedication :D
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  15. Looks fun.
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  16. Now, I don't like harry potter or watch the show... but... This made me think of all you guys and gals...

    also, i dont want arkon to repost and steal my meme

  17. the rest of the internet in a nutshell tbh

    Ok, back on topic.
    *insert harry potter content*
  18. Can't find the dark arts book so i can't even start.
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  19. found it! just missed it i guess.
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