Jun 2, 2018
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I'm not disclosing what's wrong, but I am dealing with a pet emergency. I may not be available until Tuesday, and that's likely overshooting.. I'll handle anything I've been asked to once I return. Mar 28, 2020

    1. Sadie_Dragon
      I'm not disclosing what's wrong, but I am dealing with a pet emergency. I may not be available until Tuesday, and that's likely overshooting.. I'll handle anything I've been asked to once I return.
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      2. CatNapInn
        I hope everything is okay and I wish you the best of luck. I've had my fair share of pet emergency's and they are not fun. Once you're back and okay (if you need support I'm here <3), wanna do the work of checking on all the PWU builds together to hang out and get stuff done?
        Mar 28, 2020
      3. Extendingskys
        I’ve been there before an unfortunate number or times. If you need help, advice, or just someone to talk to, I’m here for you
        Mar 29, 2020
      4. Sadie_Dragon
        Thank you both, i'm online when I can be but I occasionally have to get up unexpectedly to handle the situation. She's fighting as hard as she can.
        Mar 29, 2020
    2. Sadie_Dragon
      5 hours to sort my computer. Kinda. Mostly. Reason? Last sort was reverted somehow. Realized super early into sorting, and it complicated everything.... Turned out I had nine months of stuff to sort. -.- Hey, Sadie from 9 months ago, organization is crucial.
    3. Sadie_Dragon
      I woke up with acid burn in my throat bothering me, to get yelled at because i was late to a stream.... then i have to do other things before i have to mod a second stream... woo.... Cream of mushroom and coffee are my friends right now
    4. Sadie_Dragon
      *sigh* Within the twenty four hours since it was officially a pandemic I have seen nothing but panic spread, and yet I firmly believe i'm safe... *smh* Perhaps not watching the news has done me good for once? or am I missing an important key? Dunno. Everyone i know is fine..
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      2. TomvanWijnen
        "not watching the news has done me good for once" I never watch the news and don't feel like I'm missing out on anything. If it's important enough others will tell me about it eventually, and the rest is just negative news anyways. :)
        Mar 12, 2020
      3. Sadie_Dragon
        I agree with Tom. I never watch the news yet I usually hear about it from friends if it's something important. And if I feel like I'm missing stuff and need to pay attention, i'll dig for info.
        Warlord, I live between Music City and MTSU. I think the second hint should pop the right thing, if not oops.
        Mar 12, 2020
      4. Sadie_Dragon
        also there's more cases since I was last informed. but i at this time have once more forgotten how many more.
        Mar 12, 2020
    5. Sadie_Dragon
      Woo, today's gonna be a good day! *not an hour later, the battery on the only laptop that can stream in this house blows, which pops the charger which fries the extension cord* I take that back. -.-
    6. Sadie_Dragon
      "I'mma store the streams on a USB" - nope that's not gonna work... but i've spent the day productively organizing my laptops. Does that count for something? xD
    7. Sadie_Dragon
      "Egh, the stream quality is the best so far but the game sucks..." *then in trying to fix it, I break the game and we spend the next few minutes going "what in the world..."* xD That was the best one so far. xD Still not amazing. But better. xD
    8. Sadie_Dragon
      after a test stream i run a on this computer. Upload is much lower than usual. HAH.. that's on hold until the dell is back up. (Yes. I know what's wrong with this computer. it's a common problem.)
    9. Sadie_Dragon
      There's one game i'd def play though on stream it'd have to be 1.12.2; there's one game I don't care for but if others want i would play; there's 2 on my wish list; and I'm not sure if anyone would care to watch coding. (Still setting up though.)
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    10. Sadie_Dragon
      Sorry to nudge Krysyy's post- but that moment when you scream your head off in reaction to a show, then cry like a baby over it and your mom is going "What in the world got ahold of you?" I'm okay I swear I am... *nooooooo* It's been so long since this show made me do this..
    11. Sadie_Dragon
      I dunno why but a ring on my finger as I code feels great. Also I can't talk in vc tonight cause I'm sharing a room on a fam trip, but I'll listen in. Lol.
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    12. Sadie_Dragon
      "Good! You got here just in time, the covered dish dinner just started and we need to go over." *me with the biggest migraine* Nup. I'm sitting here. Bring me back food. I signed up for food. Not socialization. *takes 2 hours for food to come back.* Grrrr. -.-
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    13. Sadie_Dragon
      Road trip... Going north so mom can handle fam business. (I'm tagging along to get outta the house and puppysit). I also happen to have an unshakable migraine this morning. Grr.
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    14. Sadie_Dragon
      So. Can I sing? I'm apparently Lucky when I sing with sinuses. Lol. Oh and apparently he sang at the same time? Idk anymore. Lol.
    15. Sadie_Dragon
      Yeah, he no teacher: Pokes him, explain what the code should do, ask for help making the code do it because I don't know the language, and get growled at to read the documentations for it. But.. that... doesn't.. help?... Ugh... Why did I pick a language few friends know, again?
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    16. Sadie_Dragon
      Yo, anyone here code in Haskell? Looking to spread my wings but hitting the natural learning curve and the friend guiding me got frustrated and quit rather quickly- moreso with my way of learning. Lookin for guidance, I do try to code on my own but this is difficult here.
    17. Sadie_Dragon
      May the new decade be filled with less jagged rocks to land on... And may it *please* not start off with a bang of drama. I beg you.
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      2. Nickblockmaster
        Bam 💥, There I took care of all the jagged rocks. Happy New Year 😂
        Jan 1, 2020
    18. Sadie_Dragon
      How to wake up: right leg is in pain as if the nightmare you had was reality. Welp. This will be an interesting Saturday.
    19. Sadie_Dragon
      I'm late to the party. The Scrooge mutters happy holidays as the week continues to crawl along. Hah. Back online, back to trying Haskell.
    20. Sadie_Dragon
      Question: why did i save those 120 schematics? (they're all deleted now) xD All random nonsense save for the 5 (there were 125) that I saved.... (Computer cleanup evening. Soon to upgrade setup (maybe), making transition easier)
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      2. jewel_king
        the better question is.... how much space did you get back by deleting them
        Dec 18, 2019
      3. Sadie_Dragon
        uh... i wasn't paying attention to that. xD but I'm clearing a lot of space off my computer currently. (and it's not a small number xD)
        Dec 18, 2019
      4. Sadie_Dragon
        So far, I've deleted 10 folders, created 5 to categorize better, moved 30 folders. (some moves are "nope that's not a good organization" moves) so. yeah not a small clean up. last cleaning I did wasn't that thorough, and since that one I've brought on a backup CD's worth of stuff without organizing that. And that was about 7 months worth.
        Dec 18, 2019
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