Jun 2, 2018
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Don't ask how... but somehow... I'm into horse breeding..... Moving my operations to utopia.... Oct 20, 2019 at 8:22 PM

    1. Sadie_Dragon
      I come home, the dog pinned me. Free heat on bad knee! The the cat came in and laid on my bad shoulder.... wow. Ok then. xD
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      2. Stnywitness
        Sounds like a pretty good, productive day.
        Sep 26, 2019
      3. Sadie_Dragon
        I've been the most unproductive the past few days....
        Sep 26, 2019
      4. Stnywitness
        And those are some of the best days. :D
        Sep 26, 2019
    2. Sadie_Dragon
      I have a dog on my left and hurting shoulder, and a dog on my right shoulder. Training the youngest that my room is ok, whether or not the elder wants her to believe it.
    3. Sadie_Dragon
      Record in hardcore: 18 days! Now... let's not die here? Though all my mooshroom buddies can be shoved together to suffocate.... Look- my typical spots that I'd brave had ocean monuments flanking them.... I gotta tackle one soon...
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    4. Sadie_Dragon
      New code syntax. Expansion (?) of my coding language to be able to code a GUI. First night's results: Oh the list prints to the alert! Yay! ... wait. it prints to the original too? Wut? -.-
    5. Sadie_Dragon
      Whose idea is Orange Ginger Ale? It's... horrid... *gently complains loudly*
    6. Sadie_Dragon
      Came home, my dog lept into my arms *called it* and walked me up the stairs when I walked her *ci*. Dinner. Came home, she greeted me and my treat for her, then refused to let me make the bed. Then slept on my ankles for an hour before going to mom in disbelief of my reality. con
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      2. Sadie_Dragon
        She came in after being walked with her food dish, didn't eat, curled up against me and nuzzled into my arms to see if I was real. Had to hand feed her, she went to mom and then is now curled up with her rump to my hips.
        I think someone's happy but still in disbelief.
        Sep 17, 2019
    7. Sadie_Dragon
      I made 2 batches of honeycomb toffee. First batch was... horrible failure. Second round is doing better. *if I can stop being paranoid about it being bothered* Though I would so love to have a thermometer over trying to wing it with a water test.
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    8. Sadie_Dragon
      WOO! Friday! *then the thirteenth punches the EMC friendliness outta me* oh. Friday 13. make it Saturday! Please, make it Saturday, why don't you?
    9. Sadie_Dragon
      Well, youtube just threw 3 memory laners at me that still ring true. Man, I need earbuds, so bad. And privacy. (Take what ya get but still)
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    10. Sadie_Dragon
      Well. I'm no longer attending college this semester. it is final. Will I go back? Perhaps. We'll see.
    11. Sadie_Dragon
      opening the code for the first time in nearly a month, it's making no sense. Should not have left off in a random spot. xD
    12. Sadie_Dragon
      Slept better than had in a week, same with eating. Rested, started recovery already, but... oh yeah. I have to read a lab report and answer questions for the lab I have to do tomorrow by midnight tonight. Hrr. I'd rather sleep.
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    13. Sadie_Dragon
      I wanna go home, or at least get out and do stuff. Grr.
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    14. Sadie_Dragon
      Chilling to my mutt music. (mix of genre) No country. Then pause to watch a satire on the 5-min craft channel. Glance over, sketchy video recommendation. *Crap.* go to home- andddd well yeah uh, fixing youtube. Wth is going on? I don't like this ... Also! Screen is yellow lined?
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    15. Sadie_Dragon
      Ok, I'm breaking every protocol being a sensical adult? Nice ta know. Cool.
    16. Sadie_Dragon
      "child you look exhausted. You didn't stay in bed?" No... I had to get to classes. It isn't excused. "Excuse me?" Only Tuesday was.... "Excuse me. Let me fix that." *as walking to door* "Coffee? My treat. Then go back to your dorm." Hey, I have a teacher advocate. I look awful...
    17. Sadie_Dragon
      OI. did i mention before my right leg, I had a bad left leg? yeah. look who may have to drop out of her fall semester at this rate. And guess who ain't happy about it.
    18. Sadie_Dragon
      Everything adds up to: torn meniscus. Makes sense. If it tore and shifted to the right, then it would rub against the nerve (explains the night agony) (and the bowed leg). The new clicking is bone against the tear. And bending too much / laying flat is impossible. MRI moving...
      1. Sadie_Dragon
        Also a crap ton of pain.
        The ER doctor tried to gently break the news, he touched my knee and got the "welp" look on his face. MRI is only to confirm, I think... (also so I can get the treatment i need)
        Had to email my Seminar teacher and ask him to meet me somewhere closer. I can crutch walk, but buddy it ain't easy nor is it fun to "walk" far.
        Sep 3, 2019
      2. Sadie_Dragon
        Woops! I missed an exam, and will miss 2 more. Yay! All three profs understand my problem, and two of them are working with me to reschedule exams. The one I missed is coming later to let me take theirs.
        Don't jack your knee first week of college. It ain't fun.
        Sep 3, 2019
    19. Sadie_Dragon
      2 am update as quietly as possible: looks like a torn meniscus. Moved to a dorm by meself on a first floor. off class tomorrow.
    20. Sadie_Dragon
      "Have you not had your foot up this entire time?!" I don't have a stool... "BAD." *swat* "Foot up. NOW." *I now have a 3rd mother. Help me please.*
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