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Oct 15, 2017
Mar 29, 2012
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firefloor best game Jul 21, 2016

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Oct 15, 2017
    1. Extendingskys
      firefloor best game
      1. Sachrock likes this.
      2. Sachrock
        indeed! :P
        Jul 21, 2016
    2. Extendingskys
      Man, getting unbanned is so easy. You just have to wait 4 years and be extremely repentent ;) I'm back, EMC
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    3. Extendingskys
      hi people
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    4. MojaMan
      Saw the results of the appeal poll...
    5. MojaMan
      Are you getting unbanned or not?
    6. MojaMan
      Ok Check the one conversation I started with you. I left some messages there.
    7. Extendingskys
      Moja, take EVERYTHING from my places. ANYTHING you can. I am never coming back into the actual server, it does me no good.
    8. MojaMan
      Jeez I talk a lot.
    9. MojaMan
      zom not xom... eevee hounded me for stuff and also raided epik's who left the server. I think thats it hopefully you'll reply soon.
    10. MojaMan
      I split your belongings between me term xom and steve... zom and term got survival items, some farming items, and some building blocks, steve got some alchemy items and your 4th res, and I got your 2nd. Me and steve have not editted your res's yet though
    11. MojaMan
      of my res, chrisdog943 joined the place i built a mini nether and am working on a mini end, I built a railway system from the entrance to the exit of the base that everyone seems to like, we built a grave for you in the base...
    12. MojaMan
      The base has been remodled after Hip_Hippo griefed it, iamfuturetrunks was invited by zeg to join the base, Romat is active agian, There is a giant snow golem in my backyard,...
    13. MojaMan
      The only reason i keep asking is that you havent answered yet oh and let me update you on news from the base...
    14. MojaMan
      hey you probably already know this and youre probably tired of me nagging but can you make a Tekkit server? Me and steve would like to be able to play minecraft with you again. Hopefully you know what Tekkit is.
    15. MojaMan
      thats neat
    16. Extendingskys
      Back from Horseshoe Boy Scout Reservation. Lots of fun, tsayed for a week, gots tons of merit badges.
    17. MojaMan
      erm are you going to answer?
    18. MojaMan
      If you do make a server make it a small one (10-20 players) to avoid griefers and trolls. Also only give the server IP to people you sort of trust.
    19. MojaMan
      OK i have two questions. 1 Are you or can you come back to smp5? 2 Can you make a Tekkit srever? I want to try out tekkit with you and Ben. It looks fun but I can't set up a server... So I'm wondering if you can. Make sure its Tekkit not technic.
    20. Extendingskys
      Hahaha, What a noob, if i cannot get a simply assisted suicide, he wont be able to get away weith straight pvp.
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