Mar 29, 2012
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Haeju, North Korea

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Esteemed Member, Male, from Haeju, North Korea

Already seeing some AWESOME pixel art being built for the contest. I am so excited to see how the frontier will look when it's got a giant wall of art around it! Nov 10, 2019

    1. Extendingskys
      EMC Mechanic of the day: Due to how enraged mob teleportation is coded, enraged enderman will teleport into spaces that are actually too small, (2 blocks tall), and suffocate themselves. Good for sorting endermen by enraged status!
    2. Extendingskys
      I can’t wait for 1.14! So much cool new stuff to play with, some old mechanics are gone so we have the fun of problem-solving new ways to do stuff, and most of all the scaffolding blocks are awesome!
    3. Extendingskys
      Today's Abusable EMC mechanic of the day: "Cheap Hits" for risk detection are based on how many hits, not on how cheap the hit was. Also, environmental damage doesn't appear to count for risk detection. Get enraged mobs low from fall damage, then hit them once or twice cheaply.
    4. Extendingskys
      It appears that if you crush an enraged shulker with a piston and it has no valid teleport locations, then it disappears? Like doesn’t die but just despawns. Curse you aikar and your foresight in preventing enraged mob farms!
    5. Extendingskys
    6. Extendingskys
      Tried to make an automatic enraged shulker farm using the enraged shulker spawn mechanics and the shulker teleport mechanics. Shulkers strangely completely stopped spawning though, no idea why. I'll get this working eventually and then free shulker boxes for all!
    7. Extendingskys
      PSA: many difficulty 10 mobs will run at you with disregard for their own safety as soon as they spawn. Could make a super easy and efficient pigman-style farm like this, for example with endermen.
    8. Extendingskys
      Does anyone know the spawning conditions of enraged shulkers? Is it random or is it only at fortresses? Also, do they spawn periodically, or only on generation?
    9. Extendingskys
      Automatic clickers aren’t allowed to click faster than 3 times per second, so does that mean I’m breaking the rules if I paid someone to sit at my desk and click really fast? :P
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      2. Extendingskys
        Sweet, time to start my business of converting dollars to rupees by paying professional starcraft players to click at 800 APM at my wool farm!
        Apr 12, 2019
      3. Krysyy
        Well, then you get into the concept of Real Money Trading, which breaches the terms and conditions...
        Apr 12, 2019
      4. Extendingskys
        Darn, there goes my genius business idea. Back to the drawing board.
        Apr 12, 2019
    10. Extendingskys
      I feel like EMC's forum has an addiction to extremely wordy posts... I'm a fan of fancy English, but I'm also a fan of laconic wit.
    11. Extendingskys
      I'm hopeful for 1.13.2 to come out soon, if you check the dev tracker you can see there are very few unsolved 1.13 related issues and its been a good few weeks since the last one was added. I think we will see the fruits of aikar and the dev's work soon!
    12. Extendingskys
      Mob psycho last episode :( Now I just have to wait for the OVA
    13. Extendingskys
      Can we get rid of smp8 for real this april 1st?
    14. Extendingskys
      Esteemed member yeet
    15. Extendingskys
      It's my seven year anniversary on emc! yay! 2555 Days.
    16. Extendingskys
      just found a book from ages ago signed by JD hallows thanking me for building him an item sorter lol
    17. Extendingskys
      Anyone want to donate rupees, quartz, or sandstone to my build for the SMP2 spawn? You can see it directly next to center spawn, in the west.
    18. Extendingskys
      look at smp2 central frontier spawn :P
    19. Extendingskys
      YESSSSSSSSSSS RE:Zero, my favorite anime, got season 2 announced. They said it wouldn’t be done, but I waited to read the light novels just in case and I was rewarded for my faith. YEET
    20. Extendingskys
      Randomly found an ICC cake parkour voucher in my ender chest on utopia from years ago, feels good man
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