[Ongoing Event] The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

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  1. Indeed I have! I went to quite a few shops to buy materials for all of this, in addition to some old fashioned manual collecting from the wild :p

    As for helping out with donations:
    Very stubborn! However, since so many people do want to help with the event, I have setup a donations room for people to donate items that we may need for Hogwarts.

    You can go to /v +hdonate on SMP7 and put items into the chests there. I have a sign there that I'll update periodically with whatever items we need the most at that time. Currently, the sign says we need: books, ink sacs, feathers, vines, and snow blocks. Rupee donations can be sent to my WeasleyHallows account, since that's my "bank" account for Hogwarts :p

    Thank you guys for your support of the project, it really means a lot to my family and I. Don't feel like you have to donate either, this is an event that I have been happy to support on my own thus far and it was a great way to get rid of some of the rupees and items that I had sitting around on my alts :p But if you decide to donate, thank you!
  2. I went thru the first year and then the second with spitfyre while she was home(she'd never really seen it at that point). She has been a huge fan of HP from the moment she first opened her first book and rereading it.. not sure how many times and of course watching the movies over and over again.
    It was just as magical for her as it was for me.
    Thank you again to JD and his family for this incredible build and sharing it with us.
    Much <3 from this fam to yours.
  3. (the door to RavenClaw is stuck open)
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  4. Perhaps someone got their claw stuck in it...
  5. Ok.. you convinced me. Starting to watch the movies this week. :)
  6. Woohooooo! :D
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