[Ongoing Event] The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

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  1. Giving everyone a 2-week notice that Hogwarts will be shutting down in preparation for Year 2! We will be updating the build and adding all of the Year 2 quest items and materials, so access to the res will be removed until then.

    If you have not already completed Year 1 and want to before we release Year 2, do so now! Otherwise, you will have to wait until we release Year 2 to be able to complete Year 1.

    See you guys around ;)
  2. Exciting! can't wait :DDD
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  3. The Hogwarts Team is happy to announce that Hogwarts will be re-opening Today, Saturday, 12/29 at 3PM EMC Time. This re-opening will include the addition of the Year 2 Quests, giving access to more unique games, items and more!

    For those that have not completed Year 1, this will be the perfect time to rejoin and finish Year 1 and then move on to Year 2! Hogwarts is open 24/7, so you can always pick back up where you left off last whenever you leave and return.

    I look forward to seeing you all at 3pm EMC Time!
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  4. I'm so excited for this!!!!!!!
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  5. Wow! Wasnt expecting this so soon! Looking forward to p2.
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  6. So excited now lol
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  7. Aww yeah boi :)
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  8. Opening time has been pushed to 4PM EMC Time to give some extra time for testing/final setup. I hope to see you all there!
  9. YES!!! so excited :)
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  10. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooot! Hype :D
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  11. Nice JD so exited,
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  12. Yayy! JD, you do not disappoint! I hope to hop on when my house is void of all but one toddler.
  13. I'm sorry to say that we are going to have to push this back another hour to 5pm EMC Time.

    Sorry if this causes any issues for anyone trying to make it to the event! We are running into #difficulties with some of the quests, which is delaying us finishing other things.

    Thank you for your patience!
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  14. An impressive second year no doubt can't wait for the third ;)
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  15. Just as fun as the first year! :D
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  16. I haven't read the Harry Potter books nor watched all of the movies yet, but I've been trying to at least watch them. I took a few online quizzes, and most said I belonged in Hufflepuff... Guess you quiz thinks otherwise :p I belong in Ravenclaw on EMC :D
    Just a point to make, this is amazing JD. The build looks so awesome and the quests are a blast to complete. :D
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  17. This looks really awesome JD! I see you were using my shop some too! If you need any build materials for year 3 just let me know what kind of material you're looking for! I'd be glad to help out with this project!
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  18. Lol. Ive asked as well... but he's such a stubborn ol coot this Professor Hallows...
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