Jewel of the Empire, 5007

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  1. Jewel of the Empire, 5007

    What to do with some of those precious blocks once you’ve collected them? Well, build something large and utterly useless of course!

    Diamond, emerald, lapis, and gold pyramids have all been done (my res’s are on smp9, home of the pyramids), so my vision turned to building a more complex structure that incorporated these precious blocks into a single seamless wonder. I found inspiration in Faberge eggs, and this was born…

    By the numbers:

    Equatorial diameter, 116 blocks
    Long polar axis, 97 blocks
    Short polar axis, 78 blocks
    Total height, 175 blocks

    Total blocks in egg structure, 47,600

    9,240 diamond blocks
    6,116 emerald blocks
    32,244 lapis and gold blocks (lost count of each)

    Additionally, the floor of the residence includes
    16,896 quartz blocks
    192 beacons

    I used for the build, combining two ellipsoids to get the egg shape. Great site.

    Future plans may include a gold accent on the top, some sort of a flying dragon within the interior, and shifting colors on the beacons. We’ll see. When/if dragon tombs comes out and if I can get a dragon egg it will definitely reside here.

    Please come and visit – bring a friend to realize the true scale of the egg. Remember, everyone can fly in utopia town and you can enter the egg at the very top. You can also get a good view on live map 3D.

  2. 7/8/16 - Replaced 1,912 emerald blocks with diamond blocks in order to maintain and enhance the eggs value. Updated numbers and pictures in the OP.

    View from B4DMAN5IMON's perch above utopia spawn :)
  3. How long did that take
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  4. Love it!
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  5. When I saw this, I was like " This res is amazing"!! :eek:
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  6. Pfft... you should use more expensive materials like dirt and cobble :p
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  7. You should add some smaller details to it, like embedded diamonds in the golden rings that encircle the emeralds. Looks impressive :d
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  8. damn great egg :D
    i love it :D
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  9. only because the 3 stacks of Baesons...
    so with all these other expensieve stuffs
    OH, WOW.
    oh, yes, and, The first time I saw it was one month ago, so it's here for longer now :p
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  10. There is no one point I can stand inside of it where I can render the entire side...
    192 beacons, no effects? :p
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  11. Oh yeah, I actually took a look at it today in-game. It's honestly hard to get perspective of its size because of how large some of the encrusting mineral blocks were.
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  12. Collecting/buying the blocks that I was willing to use on this? Let's see I'm coming on 3 years so...about three years. The actual build? 50 days.

    I agree, right now it looks as much like an Easter egg as Faberge egg (but both are fun). Over time I hope to add details such as this. I like symmetry and clean lines - to get that on this surface is real work.

    You should be able to with your render distance set to 6 while standing (flying) dead center at about y:74. As for the beacons, you can already fly, what more do you need? :D