16100 Promo Museum and 16062 Promo Shop!

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  1. As many of you know there are two buildings that look quite similar to one and other on smp8. These two buildings are my new Promo Museum and Shop! Look down below for more information on both!

    16100 Promo Museum
    This new building was built on one idea, simplicity. It packs a punch while making it simple that even new players can understand the sweet concept of promos. Inside the large diamond building, there are many sections that are all organized by their season, item rarity, etc. Every section looks different and helps you know what item is where the second you step into the building. (See pictures for more information)
    You don't have to come just for the promos either! Although the main purpose of the building is to showcase all the amazing promos that EMC has, I also have made a players lounge with many functionalities all free of charge to you! Currently, at the moment I have an auto-smelting machine, a load of anvils for you to break, enchanting tables, and brewing stand. Think you have a cool idea that would fit in the lounge and help people? Feel free to give me a shout!
    Finally, this museum also has a roof that will soon be housing two shops. You can check them out as they have been built but nothing is currently in them. Those will be available soon! Please note that either of these buildings on the top of 16100 are not promo shops. That building is across the street and made to look exactly like the museum......except gold!
    Picture of 16100 Promo Museum: http://imgur.com/a/FEVpG

    16062 Promo Shop (Panda's Promos)
    I am now moving on to my 6th promo shop over the years that I have been selling. This one is by far the coolest and holds nearly twice as many as all my others have in the past! This shop will still use the tag that all my other promo shops have used. So if you have visited any of my shops in the past,
    /v +pp (Panda's Promos) will still work! In this shop, I once again, tried to make it as simple as I could for you to find the promo(s) that you are looking for.
    The TP Center is currently working so you can find any promo in the store with just the push of a button!
    As most of you know if you have been to any of my promo shops, I have this thing called a Weekly Deal. Well, this promo shop will be the first one to get rid of that and add a new feature! It will now just be called a Special Deal that will pop up at random times. This, along with my chests for you to sell new promos to me, will be located in this shops lounge. Signs will point you in the right direction!
    If you ever feel like a promos price is too high or too low, please give me a shout! I will be glad to lower a price if I have it marked up to high. Also, note in this shop, my prices to buy promos are determined by the amount of stock I have of that item. To simplify that: I have a lot of one promo, my buy prices go down. I have fewer promos, my buy prices go up.
    Picture of 16062 Promo Shop: http://imgur.com/a/OP8fc
  2. This post will inform you if a Steal Deal is currently active at the 16062 Promo Shop!

    -No current Steal Deal is still available! (3-1-18)
  3. Ladies and Gentle man, here are the opening day stats of the new Promo Shop! I could not have wished for a better turn out over these stats that I am about to tell you. All my transactions that went on at 16062's Promo Shop have been totaled up. Here they are:

    I profited a total of 629,071 rupees!

    I lost (and gained a lot of promos) a total of 957,710 rupees!

    Once again, thanks to everyone who was a part of the biggest transaction day in Panda's Promos History!!
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  4. Update information for 16100 Promo Museum! A couple new PPP items have been added to the super rare chest! I am still looking for certain promos. Please reach out to me if you have a promo that you don't see in my museum and you are willing to sell!

    Update information for 16062 Promo Shop! I have added the Maxarian Head shop to both buy and sell and no longer just sell! Come and get your Max heads here. Also, the Teleport Center is now 100% up and fully working. Find the exact location of a promo that you are looking for using this: http://imgur.com/a/Ux7gD .

    1 Week stats of the Shop will be up Friday!
  5. Dragon heads are the new special deal!
  6. A quick update on how the first week of sales went. Spoiler: It could not have been better!

    Total Profits: 2,337,771
    Total Loses: 3,034,710

    Thank you to everyone who had a big, or small, impact on these numbers! Keep them coming!
  7. Lots of prices have changed in my shop! Almost 100% of them benefit you as a customer! A lot of my buy prices have went up meaning you can make even more money when coming to my shop! Will hopefully get around to listing every price change very soon!
  8. My entire shop is about to be price wiped! Meaning hopefully in the next two days I will go through and change my pricing for every item, due to the amount being sold/bought, inventory of item, and many other factors! Will have all price changes listed on here after I complete the change in my shop!
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  9. Price wipe will be happening tomorrow! Hopefully everything will go good and I won't mess up the buy and sell signs like I did back in my second shop =P.

    If you don't already know about this sweet upcoming event that I will be hosting, check out this link: emc.gs/t/73281/
    Will be an amazing events with tons of prizes donated by my shop and others! If you would like to donate to EMC's Hardest Maze you can head down to my Museum and head to your right or do /v 16100@donation.
  10. Entire Shop Price Wipe Information!:
    If it has a B in front of the information that means the price you pay. So the price going down is good for you!
    If it has an S in front of the information that means the price you sell the item at. So you want that price to go up!

    (B) Ham Hacker 50k -> 50k (S) 42k -> 45k
    (B) Cooked Turkey 250 -> 150 (S) 100 -> 100
    (B) Feast for a King 4,500 -> 4000 (S) 1500 -> 2000

    (B) 2014 Birthday Cake 30k -> 30k (S) 25k -> 25k
    (B) 2015 Birthday Cake 25k -> 25k (S) 20k -> 20k
    (B) 2016 Birthday Cake 18k -> 18k (S) 13,500 -> 15k
    (B) 2017 Birthday Cake 13k -> 13k (S) 6k -> 8k

    (B) 2014 HHM 45k -> 45k (S) 36k -> 37k
    (B) 2015 HHM 35k -> 35k (S) 27k -> 27k
    (B) 2016 HHM 30k -> 30k (S) 22k -> 22k
    (B) 2016 Haunted Head 35k -> 35k (S) 30k -> 30k
    (B) Trick or Treak Bundle 70k -> 70k (S) 62k -> 65k
    (B) Headless Horseman Axe 42k -> 40k (S) 35k -> 37k
    (B) Haunted Candy 10 -> 10 (S) 5 -> 5
    (B) Spooky Egg 25k -> 22k (S) 18500 -> 18k

    (B) 2014 Holiday Candle 25k -> 22500 (S) 18k -> 18k
    (B) 2016 Holiday Candle 18k -> 17k (S) 11k -> 11k
    (B) E.S.C.D 35k -> 30k (S) 25k -> 25k
    (B) Candy Cane Sword 30k -> 30k (S) 25k -> 26k
    (B) Annual Avalauncher 12k -> 10k (S) 5k -> 5k
    (B) (2014) Dancer 65k -> 62,500 (S) 55k ->56k
    (B) (2015) Dasher 55k -> 52500 (S) 42500 -> 44k
    (B) (2016) Prancer 25k -> 25k (S) 15k -> 18k

    (B) Declaration of Independence 17k -> 17k (S) 12k -> 13k
    (B) Liberty Sword 25k -> 25k (S) 22500 -> 22500
    (B) Meteor Bow 15k -> 13k (S) 10k -> 10k
    (B) Taste the Freedom 400 -> 250 (S) 200 -> 200

    (B) Cupid Bundle 75k -> 72500 (S) 60k -> 62500
    (B) Cupid Arrows 248 per 8 -> 200 per 8 (S) 8 for 100 -> 8 for 100
    (B) Cupid 50k -> 48500 (S) 40k -> 42k
    (B) Cupid Bow 20k -> 18k (S) 15k -> 15k

    (B) Magical Eggcellant Wand 30k -> 27k (S) 20k -> 23k
    (B) Chocholate Bunny 25k -> 25k (S) 17500 -> 22500

    (B) Pot of Gold 22k -> 20k (S) 14k - 14k
    (B) Lucky Rabbit's Foot 25k -> 25k (S) 18k -> 19k

    (B) All Marlix Armor 25k -> 20k (S) 17500 -> 17500
    (B) Marlix Bow 25k -> 23k (S) 19k -> 17k

    (B) (2015) Labor Bench 22k -> 21k (S) 15k -> 16k
    (B) (2016) Labor Bench 17500 -> 17k (S) 13k -> 13k

    (B) Blizz Ard's Eye 15k -> 15k (S) 5k -> 8k
    (B) Blizz Ard's Nose 15k -> 15k (S) 6k -> 8k
    (B) Blizz Ard's Arm 15k -> 15k (S) 4k -> 8k
    (B) ICC Flesh 10k -> 15k (S) 7k -> 12k
    (B) ICC Skin 10k -> 15k (S) 7k -> 12k
    (B) Dragon Stone 4900 -> 4k (S) 3k -> 3k
    (B) Dragon Stone Fragment 550 -> 300 (S) 300 -> 150
    (B) Momentus Helmet 45k -> 35k (S) 30k -> 30k
    (B) Momentus Toothpick 22k -> 21k (S) 18k -> 18k
    Shiny Flesh, Zombie Virus, and Shiny Arrows all stayed the same.

    (B) Stable Voucher 7k -> 7k (S) 4k -> 4k
    (B) Stable Voucher 6k ->6k (S) 3k -> 4k
    (B) Maxarian Head 90k -> 80k (S) 70k -> 70k
    (B) Pi Pie 25k -> 28k (S) 18k -> 20k
    (B) Starter Horse 5k -> 5k (S) 3500 -> 3500

    Firework Price changes to come in later update!

    Note once again: The (B) prices are what you pay for an item so you want lower and the (S) prices are what you get when you sell a promo so you want higher.

    Enjoy all the new prices!

    Price wipe V. 1.0
  11. Buying the new 2017 Labor Bench at /v +pp on smp8! Make cash instantly!
  12. My buy price has been raised higher on the 2017 labor bench! Come on down to /v +pp and make some cash!
  13. Price now at 15k each for the 2017 Labor Benches! Make cash fast at /v +pp on smp8!
  14. How bout them boys?!?! If you don't know I love the cowboys even though I am from Nebraska. So since right now is the season opener I am doing a steal deal at my promo shop for today only! Get your avalaunchers for only 1k per!

  15. People like your promo shop I guess
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  16. The people know:). Avalaunchers sold out in in less than 1 minute! Brought great business too! Might consider doing this for every home game. We will see! Thanks for the photo!
  17. are you meaning Dallas Cowboys, by any chance?
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  18. I am indeed. Don't know why my family picked them up since we are from Nebraska XD but we sure love em!
  19. Oh, I'm sorry, I'm not good at spelling...

    Dallas Cowgirls*
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  20. Okay, now this can turn back into your promo advertising now, sorry
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