Mall @ SMP6 13131

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  1. Hello again I decided to make a new thread for my mall at 13131 just to update you all on things.

    As I mentioned before I have decided to make a new layout for the mall as my current design as nice as it is does not server the needs of all. So I am hoping with the new layout things will be much easier to find.

    The new design is pod like and is based under ground that being the case I can work on it and keep my current mall open while I get the work done.

    The new design is more compact and give me the ability to expand the current item that I sell. Some players have expressed I sell items that I don't have room to display in the mall as it is now so this will be a good set up.

    I also hope to have near full stock levels also but clearly that will be limited as items like gems diamonds etc are not so easy to fully stock.

    Anyway in the mean time pls feel free to use the current mall I hope the new set up will be open in the next week or so.
  2. Make progress Bump
  3. yay new design. Could you make it less laggy? if you can
  4. When I get lag on my resume it is due to my Internet connection from what I can see. When you get lag do /tps or it maybe / ftp if that is above 19.00 the its not the server but somehow it seems to effect your graffix which causes the lag.
  5. res is set to move false while I move stock around, sorry for the inconvenience will re-open as soon as possible.


    Really busy at the moment irl, so pls be patient ty