[Selling] Cheap Iron and Gold Ingots!

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Is this Iron priced good?

yes 42 vote(s) 82.4%
no 9 vote(s) 17.6%

  1. Hey EMC,

    This is my Small Res where I will be selling Cheap Gold and Iron Ingots (and Blocks).

    When I get around to it, I will stock the shops with what ever and Post below.

    The res is Located @ 12845....

    Iron 2r an Ingot
    Gold 5R an Ingot

    Here are some screens,

    All shops will be setup like this on the res.
    Some Screens of the Build...

    -AlexChance for thread Banner {Service here}
  2. The res is open, but i am still stocking the iron, and building.
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  3. NICE! this will help me finish up my projects thx.
  4. You have already ran out of stock on iron.
    I just spent over an hour trying to write a proper explanation of why I don't like such cheap deals, and it became too much for me to complete.

    So, I'll only say this:

    I would rather be able to buy something at anytime than try to compete against other consumers for a good deal.
    For example, I don't actually need more iron right now on EMC, but this thread hooked me into your shop to find no iron there because it was a good, inordinate deal.

    (I think there's more to say here, but it's too much for me and is making me stuck for what to say. I guess it's better that I just withdraw now than get nothing done.)
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  5. I am sorry, but before i opened it, i put 6 DC's of iron blocks and 30 DC's of iron ingots, I will repost when the shop is stocked up again.
  6. so you dont like cheap deals because they sell? what exactly do you expect to happen?
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  7. Sales, in my opinion, makes the economy based around luck and haste for consumers.
    Thousands of people have lined up in front of stores right before major sales just so they have more money leftover for other stuff. However, not everybody in those lines will get the deal(s) they're looking for. Therefore, the faster somebody gets to the store and the longer they wait for midnight on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc., the more likely that they'll get the deal.
    Sales in stores are one customer magnet, but other short-term ones happen in the video game industry. When a new game or console is about to be released, consumers will line up, just like they would for a sale, hoping to get the new technology first. These people aren't caring about the price tags; they just want to have the devices to satisfy their instant gratification and be 'cool'.

    Because of these scenarios I've described, me and my family almost never attempt to fight a major sale or a new release of a video game or electronic device, such as Nintendo's Wii U or Samsung's smart phones.
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  8. Shop Is Currently closed, and is moving reses.

    Once i have a building up, and finished, I will open it up.
  9. You should make the whole shop in a road edit. :cool:
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  11. The Building is Fully Finished, and is now Located @ 12845, The Shops Will be restocked Very Soon,
  12. wow way different than last shop I see why it took some time.
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  13. yea, wanted a res that looked nice, and matched my res next door. I will be working on a road edit when I get more time to connect the 2.
  14. Will restock the Shops this weekend,

    Also, looking for any suggestions on the build, from adding to removing to editing, just post below,
  15. I think the only thing that could be add is a quick tp just in front of you when you spawn instead of in all the corners super far, but it's only for lazy ppl like me lol. *waits in front of store*
  16. I put them there as that's the design lol. I will try though. :)
  17. More Iron and Gold In-Stock, Come buy it before its sold out!

    Gold 5r Per Ingot
    Iron 2r Per Ingot
  18. Thanks for the opportunity to buy these materials :D
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  19. I Will re-post when I have more In-Stock, :)
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  20. Update #1
    (For new build)

    -Added Chests and Ender Chests to each shop
    -Changed Res Message
    -Changed Shop signs to go under my alt finch_rocks instead of finch_rocks_1
    -Cleaned up floors and did minor changes to res

    (Private area)
    -Started under the build,