Wyntyr's Wonderland

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    Welcome to Wyntyr's Wonderland!

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    Here is where I sell snow balls to ice and everything in between...well as long at it pertains to winter and the cold.
    Essentially if its related to my favourite season I sell it in either quantities of one or a stack.

    Just a quick outline of what you can find in my shop:
    Snowballs - 1/1r, 64/64r
    Snow Blocks - 1/4r, 64/256r
    Snow Layers - 1/6r, 64/384r
    Ice - 1/2r, 64/128r
    Packed Ice - 1/10r, 64/640r

    Bulk buying is allowed and even encouraged. Need an sc or a dc for a project? Just ask and i'm sure we can work out something!

    You can find all this and more at res# 14711 on /smp7 using the tags /v +wr4 or /v +snow.
    And while your there be sure to take a wander outside and say hello to the mascots: Glacis and Cryogen - my free range golems and take a look at the huge snowglobe the shop is situated in.

    Hope to see you soon and wishing all you lovelies a wonderful frigid day! ~ Wyntyr
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  2. Even if you don't plan on buying anything, go take a look at the shop. Wyn did an amazing job with it!
  3. Cool Place.

    See what I did there?... :p
    I'll stop... xD
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  4. A nice place to chill :D
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  5. This is awesome!!!! Pepper's bulk shop doesn't sell snow, so I'm glad that you bulk sell it. Awesome. :D
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  6. Nice! I love the prices actually.
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  7. Ill need Ice... For things

    I don't know I just like buying things
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  8. :p yeah I know you like spending money Iron lol. About how much? PM me and I'll see what I can do :)
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  9. I've checked this out before, it's pretty... cool... >.< :p
  10. Why do you have vault flag disabled on your res?... Don't even know why thats a flag lol!

    Bought some ice :cool:.
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  11. Oh sorry stew was messing with the chest interface familiarizing myself with it. Never worked with it before must not have re-enabled vault flag >.< This for letting me know! Will fix soon
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  12. Winter In Summer hmmm reminds me of Olaf XD
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  13. Im gonna buy some again for a project :)

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  14. ill check this out! it sounds like a great place!
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  15. it doesnt sound like a great place: it is a great place!
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  16. Thnx AK :D glad you enjoyed your visit there!

    also this is the Daily Bump for the day
  17. just visited ur res and it is AMAZING! looks like a giant snow globe ^.^

    small but cozy (bit chilly though ^.^)

    really cool res! (lol!)
  18. How much would a half a dub be?
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  19. half of what? ice...snow...everything...?
  20. Ice