18200 Empire Minecraft Museum!

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  1. 18200 Empire Minecraft Museum is now officially open on SMP9!

    The aim of the Museum is to attract visitors from all over the Empire, no matter how old, from being on the Empire for only a few minutes, up to the highest veterans! At the opening ceremony, someone mentioned how the Museum was almost like a Wiki for Custom and Special Items, for all to see on SMP9 at 18200! The idea is to give information on items that people may not know about, or for people to get more details on items they are interested in!
    IcecreamCow's Special Eggnog
    T Virus Vaccine
    Voter's Block
    Aikar "Killed in PvP" Head
    RainbowChin PVP Head
    Arena Blade
    Arena Longbow
    Community Defender (and certificate)
    Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock
    Maxarian Shoes
    2013 Birthday Cake
    A piece of a pyramid (currently with mman's collection at 14002)
    Referral Block Of Clickyness
    Horse ManEwwEr
    Tales Of Eternia

    We are looking for more super rare items to make the museum even more unique! If you have a super rare item you wish to sell, trade or even loan, feel free to drop me a PM and we can get talking. There is a Gift Shop which you can buy from also, which helps us pay for more items at the museum and generally keep it running. If you wish to donate, you may drop items into the hoppers at the back of the Museum or pay rupees to my main account FDNY21, and PM me on forums to be written in the spoiler below!
    Hashhog - Diamond blocks, 2014 Birthday Cake!
    MoeMacZap/jewel_king - 4th Birthday of EMC Aikar Head!
    ShelLuser - 500k!

    People who loaned items are written in this spoiler here. :)
    woblerbutsy102 - Iron Medallion!
    ItsMeWolffpack - RainbowChin PVP Head!
    TechNinja_42 - Krysyy PVP Head!
    ShrinkingNub - Orange Krysyy Head!
    AnonReturns - Enraged Guardian!
    NetherSpecter - Cupid Egg and shaunwhite1982's head!
    Olaf_C - Aikar's Signature!

    I would like to thank AlexChance for making all of this possible, and thanks to everyone else who gave me feedback along the way!

    Feel free to visit any time, I shall be adding items as I obtain them, and make sure you PM me if you have anything super rare you want to sell/trade/loan! :D

    Just some of our positive comments:
  2. Heading Over now! :D
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  3. Bump, update! (#1)
    • Added more glowstone to the lobby!
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  4. Updates (#2) done since the last post:
    • Improved a couple of the super rares stands. (Thanks to Kephras!)
    • Changed information on the Starter Kit to accommodate the new armour and tools enchants and attributes!
    • Added links to the Wiki for Starter Armour/Tools information buttons also!
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  5. New update! (#3)
    • Added Haunted Candy to Promotional Items floor!
    • Added a few details on signs for Haunted Candy!
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  6. Looks fantastic FDNY. i'll be sure to point people there when they ask about emc items. much more fun than clicking around a wiki. :p
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  7. Thanks NZ! For many of the items, there is a big chunk of information/detail and if the players want to know more, I even put in a Wiki link in for them! :)
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  8. Yet another update (#4) :)
    • Right click buttons back to lobby added to every floor, thanks to supereskimo for suggestion!
    • Moved 'T Virus Vaccine' to Miscellaneous Items floor!
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  9. Update #5
    • Moved Aikar PvP Head to other side on the Super Rares floor!
    • Added Roof buttons near to where you spawn so you can get on top of the building!
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  10. Update #6
    • Changed path in between the Museum and accompanying Remissa Gardens (18201), thanks Bigdavie!
    • Added a few more slabs to the lobby! (Barely noticeable unless you have a good eye :p)
    • Updated Cupid Bow information!
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  11. Update #7
    • Re-arranged Super Rares floor!
    • New stands for the Super Rares floor!
    • Pyramid Block stand added (Will be swapped between 14006 and 18200) on the Super Rares floor!
    • Added gold block and button that takes you to the lobby on the Super Rares floor!
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  12. Update #8
    • Updated information on the Vouchers floor!
    • Added Wiki links for some of the Vouchers!
    • Added some missing sandstone and slabs on Misc/Mob Drop floor!
    • Added Wiki links for some of the Misc/Mob Drop items!
    Sorry for the downtime I had when making the changes, there were quite a few bits of information added :) Now back open to all, enjoy!
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  13. Used Valens sold - Unused Saltar now for sale at the Gift Shop!

    Some reason, managed to get a lot of visitors all at one time today :p Had a party on the Gift Shop floor:
    LuckyPat can be seen to the further left of the image on another floor, having fun by himself!
  14. Update #9
    • White Point Star has been added to the Super Rare Items floor!
    • Big thanks to RainbowChin for allowing the display of the White Point Star at 18200 for a week!
  15. Looks cute;)
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  16. Thanks ;) It will be passed on to your Museum at 14006 in a weeks time to be displayed for a week :)
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  17. Oh, ok then!
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  18. What don't you have?
    And what does the gift shop sell
  19. A lot of super rare items, but that is pretty much it.
    The Gift Shop currently sells an Ore Buster, Unused Saltar, Maxarian Heads and Cupid Bows.
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  20. Is it possible to show more screenshots for those who always forget to see places like this when they get on...
    Edit: just liked everything on the thread, how much alerts did I give you FDNY XD