Updated Residence Templates

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  1. Hi EMC!
    Not much to see here, just some map downloads to help you plan out your residences in creative mode. Basically, it's just four 60x60 areas marked out by sandstone. There's also a 120x120 version for Utopia.
    I hope this helps someone! I have a dropbox account now, so the links shouldn't go dead like the old ones did. Here they are:
    60x60 version
    120x120 version
    Note that the biome is plains, but this shouldn't matter unless your residence has lots of foliage (leaves, sugar cane, and grass look different in different biomes) or open water (ice forms naturally in some biomes).
    Also note that unlike in town, the sandstone goes all the way down to bedrock. This is just to help you keep track of where the town boundary is; on EMC it's actually dirt, so keep that in mind if you have a lot of underground stuff.
  2. Omg so much love for you right now!

    I always have to make my own. I get partway through, then realize I was off...:confused:
  3. This'll help tons for my upcoming projects, thanks for updating this for me man.
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  4. So simple Yet so useful.
  5. Bump for anyone who hasn't seen this.
  6. Nice.
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  7. Oh, now I understand! Yes, this could actually be useful, thanks :)
  8. why not use world downloader xD?

  9. But seriously, it's easier for people who don't know how to use world downloader or don't have it installed (myself included).
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  10. Figured I'd give this another bump, probably the last.
  11. Wow, thanks! This will be really useful! :D
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  12. is there a way to make these mediafire downloads?
  13. Wow, this will come in handy...
  14. I made my own with a lot of plots and some nicer roads. You gave me an idea, might release a separate world for every biome and 16 plots per world, I'll have to see if WE wants to work with me when I get back from vacation. Could also make it so the entire plot is dirt and roads are sandstone but that's a 'lil more complex.
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