Oct 18, 2023
  • Empire Minecraft has an official Discord server which the Community can use to Chat with each other through voice and text channels.


    To get started, you will need to create a Discord account on this page and log in. You might choose to use Discord on your browser (discordapp.com/channels/@me), or download the desktop client for Windows, Mac or Linux from this page.

    You can then accept the invite to join EMC's server by going to discord.emc.gs. From that point on, when you open Discord the EMC logo will appear on the left side of the window, and you can click it to enter our channel. You can also enter the invite code for EMC's Discord server in the prompt windows that open when you click on the circle "+" button on the far left.


    Staff and Community Team members can ask Senior Staff+ to mirror their forum titles in the Discord roles we have set up. All Teams can access locked channels specifically for collaboration.

    Please make your Discord username the same as the one that you use elsewhere on EMC. Remember that all EMC rules also apply to the Discord server.

    Verification (top)

    Verifying on Discord allows you to sync your in-game status more accurately with your Discord profile, and allows you to access the #discord-Chat channel that is linked to the in-game Discord Chat channel. When you are verified and become a supporter, your supporter rank will automatically update on Discord as well.

    To start this verification type /discord verify in game, this will give you a temporary code which you then type on EMC's discord with /verify <code>.

    Our Community is active in many places.