Who to Contact

Feb 19, 2023
Who to Contact
  • EMC aims to provide the best support possible. In order to allow us to offer that, we need to know what you need, so we can let you know who the best person, or people are to contact! Please select the reason you need to contact us below.

    Report a rule breaker(top)

    Rule breakers can be reported to the staff team by using site PM if they require lots of looking into, or /report if they are basic (always include as much information as possible). For more info on /report, visit the Reporting a Player that Breaks the Rules page.

    For a list of staff you can PM, visit the Staff page. Please include as much info and evidence as possible when reporting. Cannot find anyone online? You can send a message to the Senior Staff pmss.emc.gs.

    Ban appeals(top)

    Ban appeals can be PM'd to the staff member that banned you. Do not post them on the forums, or on the staff member's profile. See appeal.emc.gs for more information.

    Moderator applications(top)

    For information on applying to be a moderator, visit the Apply for Staff Wiki page.


    If you are having billing or supporter related issues, you can contact the Administrators via PM. Click here to start a message with them.

    Also see the Redeeming Supporter Vouchers page.

    Bug reports(top)

    Bug reports can be PM'd to the Dev Team. Please include as much information as possible, such as screenshots and steps to reproduce. Click here to start a message with them.

    Even if a bug seems minor or trivial, please still report it - although make sure that the issue is related to the Empire, if not you can ask our Community for help.

    Suggest or Report a Wiki Page(top)

    Please see the Suggest or Report a Wiki Page section.

    General help & support(top)

    If you're in need of a little help, you can post in the Empire Help & Support forum section. More often than not, our Community will be able to help you.

    If you're in need of help with something private, you can PM any staff member from the list here.

    Our Community is active in many places.

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