Community Teams

May 30, 2022
Community Teams
  • The Empire has a number of Community teams whose jobs are to help contribute to creating quality content for the Empire.

    Although these players receive titles and access to certain features in-game and on the site, these positions don't give them access to any moderation tools or powers.

    Contribution Team(top)

    The Contribution Team maintains the Empire Wiki and Blog.

    This team is led by MoreMoople. Check out the Contribution Team Members page to find out who else makes up the team! In addition, all staff members have the ability to write blog posts for the Empire Blog and edit the Wiki.

    Contribution Team Jobs & Abilities(top)

    • Edit, create, and contribute to the Wiki and the Wiki discussion
    • Write interesting articles for the Empire Blog
    • Some members also produce graphics for various purposes
    • Access to the Contribution Team forum and its subforums
    • Access to the Contributor Team Discord room
    • Always use correct grammar and language skills
    • Ability to earn bonus Rupees and supporter vouchers for outstanding effort

    Build Team(top)

    The Build Team consists of master builders that work on the Empire's projects. They often build models on Stage and help create large-scale projects, such as the Tutorial and the Empire Graveyard.

    This team is led by Khixan. Check out the Build Team Members page to find out who else makes up the team!

    Build Team Job & Abilities(top)

    • Access to the Build Team forums section
    • Access to the Build Team Discord room
    • Creatively build and maintain structures for the Empire (example: the Tutorial)
    • Very limited access to the Stage Server to work on builds
    • Use detail and imagination to create original structures

    Stream Team(top)

    Stream Team Members create and edit videos for the Empire. They may create official promotional videos, videos that explain various aspects of Empire Minecraft, or other general media that is used to promote the Empire or maintain its Community.

    This is lead by deadmon5. Check out the Stream Team Members page to find out who else makes up the team!

    Using your voice is a requirement of joining the team. Therefore, you must be at least 18 years old. This thread provides more details about the expectations and requirements of Stream Team Members.

    Stream Team Jobs & Abilities(top)

    • Access to the Stream Team forums section
    • Special access for filming opportunities
    • May receive special assignments in the Stream Team forums
    • Channel/EMC Profile link on all videos that you upload to the official EMC YouTube channel

    Joining Teams(top)

    Take a look at the information below to learn how to join each team. Follow any directions given to you. Remember, not everyone is accepted.
    • Stream Team - fill out this application. (Stream team applications are not currently being reviewed - send a forum message to Chickeneer/Krysyy instead)
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