Contribution Team Members

Nov 2, 2018
Contribution Team Members
  • You can learn more about the Contribution Team on the Empire Community Teams page.

    Each of the Community Teams has a leader or two. The Contribution Team's leader is AlexC__.

    AlexC__ joined the Contribution Team (formerly Wiki Team) on August 23rd, 2013. He is also part of the Build, Stream and Senior Staff teams. For more about AlexC__, visit Meet the Senior Staff page.

    Carbonyx joined EMC on Jan. 2nd 2016, and he joined the Contribution Team on May 22th,2017. "I was sick of the run-of-the-mill PvP servers, so I mainly played SMP. A friend introduced me to EMC and I've been here ever since :D

    What do you like to do IRL?: I'm a speedcuber and I love to solve twisty puzzles such as Rubik's Cubes. My personal best for a 3x3 Rubik's Cube is 19.3 seconds. I also love astronomy, and have about $1200 worth of equipment :D I also love paintball, and have a $600 setup. (My hobbies are way too expensive...) I also have a hobby-grade RC stadium truck that can go 85 MPH :p These wallet-bursting hobbies take up most of my IRL time :p I also run high school cross country. I'm an amateur programmer and am trying to get into it much more.
    Favorite animal and why: Anteaters. They're just chill and, you know, eat ants.
    Favorite Website: So much information to read and so many things to learn :D
    Favorite thing about EMC:The Community. I find myself spending more time on the forums than in game (mainly because I've been busy)
    Favorite color and why: Red. Don't really know why.
    Favorite Minecraft feature: Redstone, even though I don't understand it at all.
    Favorite Minecraft block: Command blocks, even though I don't understand them either :p
    If you were a mob in Minecraft, what would you be and what would you do?: I'd have to be a pig, and I'd probably just oink all day and live the pig life.
    Favorite music: Early-mid 2000s alt-rock. Hybrid Theory, Meteora, and Phobia are my 3 favorite albums. (Linkin Park and Breaking Benjamin)
    Pets?: One Maine Coon who is very smart and a Calico who is incredibly dumb. I also have a pure-bred dachshund :D
    If you had to lose one sense, what would it be?: Smell.
    Favorite cookie?: Chocolate chip, the original and the best.
    Favorite quote: “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.”
    -Albert Einstein
    If you could meet one person, who would it be?: Bjarne Stroustrup.
    Additional comments: umm....uh...well....

    cTJx joined EMC on Jan 14, 2015, and he joined the Contribution Team on Dec. 2nd, 2016. "I joined EMC randomly- it was one of the first multiplayer servers I had ever joined. It was a really good decision!"
    What do you like to do IRL?: I really enjoy just hanging out with friends and going to the movies. I don't get a lot of downtime so when I get the chance I love to relax.
    Favorite animal and why: My favorite animal has to be the penguin. They're so small and cute and they waddle around like nobody's business. They're great.
    Favorite Website: Netflix. I don't get much time to watch anything anymore, but on long commutes (when I don't fall asleep,) I can binge for hours on End. Not something I'm proud of.
    Favorite thing about EMC: For me, the best thing about EMC is that the Community is so welcoming. Even if you do something wrong or go away for a long time, you can always rely on EMC to welcome you back with open arms.
    Favorite color and why: White! It technically isn't a color, but I like how clean white looks. I like things that are very minimalist and basic because of my very busy lifestyle, and white is very easygoing.
    Favorite Minecraft feature: Multiplayer! It's great being able to play a game with other people, no matter how far away they are. The multiplayer feature allows you to not only play on big servers all around the world, but you can create your own server or even open a LAN world.
    Favorite Minecraft block: I love using clay. It's very clean and there are no borders on the block, so it's just a solid colour that travels across the entire wall, ceiling or whatever you're building.
    If you were a mob in Minecraft, what would you be and what would you do? I would love to be a ghast. You can spit fireballs at people and you can fly around through lava. It's great.
    Favorite Music: I have a Spotify playlist that my friends and I collaborate on and we add varying songs based on what's hot at the moment. That's pretty much the only thing I listen to since I can't be bothered to find my own music.
    Pets? I have a sister, does that count?
    If you had to lose one sense, what would it be? Smell. As long as it doesn't get rid of taste (I don't know how the pinch your nose so you can't taste it works), I'm happy since my nose is stuffed most of the time anyways.
    Favorite cookie: Oatmeal Raisin all the way.
    Favorite quote: "All my life I thought air was free.. until I bought a bag of chips."
    If you could meet one person, who would it be? Not sure. Would love to meet me from the future, though.

    EnderMagic1 joined EMC on Jul 8, 2015, and he joined the Contribution Team on Dec. 2nd, 2016."I was looking through the Minecraft servers list and EMC was there :p I decided to give it a try."

    What do you like to do IRL?: I'm almost a first-degree black belt in American Kenpo. I play the piano and I'm one of my teacher's best students. Also, I love doing graphics, EMC, (sometimes writing stories), playing with my dog, helping out at church, and other things if I'm not busy. :p
    Favorite animal and why: Dog. She is the second heart of my life.
    Favorite Website:
    Favorite thing about EMC: I'm tied between two features. The promos and the forums. Both of them make emc very unique!
    Favorite color and why: In real life, I love the color green. I know. I'm weird. xD
    Favorite Minecraft feature: Elytras. Who doesn't love flying over forests and mountains? Elytra are awesome.
    Favorite Minecraft block: Stone Bricks. These blocks go with anything. If I'm too lazy to design a complex structure, thrown in some stone bricks and the magic happens. :)
    If you were a mob in Minecraft, what would you be and what would you do?: If ender-skeletons existed in minecraft, I would become one of them. The combination of these two mobs would be unstoppable. Just imagine. If a skeleton was shooting arrows, but suddenly teleported out of sight, when the player was close enough for melee attacks. Pretty OP, right? In the End, a skeleton would be constantly shooting you and teleporting to different locations.
    Favorite music:Pop
    Pets?: I have a dog, named Roxie.
    If you had to lose one sense, what would it be?: Smell.
    Favorite cookie?: Sugar. Those are SO GOOD.
    Favorite quote: "A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work."
    -Colin Powell
    If you could meet one person, who would it be?: dunno
    Aditional comments: *poof* *shoots you in the back of the head* :D

    deathconn joined EMC on July 25th, 2012, and he initially joined the Contribution Team on August 5th, 2014. After a short leave earlier in 2017, deathconn returned to the team on September 23rd, 2017. "A friend persuaded me to join EMC and eventually got banned, but I stayed. Couldn't leave all the friends I've made here."

    What do you like to do IRL? When I'm not on EMC, I like to hang out with friends and take naps.
    Favorite animal and why: Koala. What's not to like about them? They're fluffy and adorable.
    Favorite Website:
    Favorite thing about EMC: My favorite thing about EMC is our Community. I've had days where all I do is jump around and talk to people.
    Favorite color and why: My favorite color is purple, just because I think Barney is a cool cat.
    Favorite Minecraft feature: My favorite Minecraft feature is the existence of dirt - it's pretty remarkable if you ask me.
    Favorite Minecraft block: My favorite Minecraft block is gold because I love to feel like someone from the Gold Rush.
    If you were a mob in Minecraft, what would you be and what would you do? I would love to be a spider. The most hated hostile mob in the game. I could climb up walls and be virtually impossible to hit when you want to most. I always get a kick out of it when I make someone mad after killing them. It fuels me!
    Favorite music: I could listen to everything except metal. I currently listen to Childish Gambino, Landon McNamara, and my boy Justin Bieber.
    Pets? I have 4 dogs and a bird. Call me a pet hoarder if you wish.
    If you had to lose one sense, what would it be? I'd lose the sense of sight. So I could focus on someone's personality rather their appearance.
    Favorite cookie: My favorite cookie is the ol' original chocolate chip, fresh out of the oven.
    Favorite quote: "That's what" - She
    If you could meet one person, who would it be? Aikar. Duh.

    jkrmnj joined EMC on November 18th, 2011, and he joined the Contribution Team on May 24th, 2014. "The server I used to play on shut down after the 1.8 update for technical reasons. After looking on server lists for a while, I discovered this one. The Town seemed really cool and things just kept getting added. Since then, I have stayed on this server."

    What do you like to do IRL? I enjoy playing saxophone in a marching band and doing other random things such as baseball. I also like programming.
    Favorite animal and why: I like the red-eyed tree frog because it is cool.
    Favorite Website: Neptune's pride 2 is tons of fun.
    Favorite thing about EMC: The way I can enjoy Town on one server but be part of the wilderness on others. All I need is a quick command to switch.
    Favorite color and why: Green. Red-eyed tree frogs are green.
    Favorite Minecraft feature: The ability to connect to EMC I also find the fact that I can kill an enderdragon with beds to be cool.
    Favorite Minecraft block: Air, because air keeps me alive.
    If you were a mob in Minecraft, what would you be and what would you do? I would be a skeleton and just unleash death on players from on top of a mountain.
    Favorite music: I like jazz, classical, and alternative. The band Imagine Dragons is great and Radioactive is still cool.
    Pets? I have a dog and cat. The dog is lazy and the cat isn't.
    If you had to lose one sense, what would it be? Smell because it is the least useful.
    Favorite cookie: I like peanut butter cookies.
    Favorite quote: "The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success" -Ian Fleming.
    If you could meet one person, who would it be? I would want to meet someone who would give me a million dollars.

    MoreMoople joined EMC on March 23, 2015, and she joined the Contribution Team on July 4th, 2018. "I had been through many different servers before EMC, but none of them really appealed to me. I stumbled across EMC one day and I've been here ever since!"

    What do you like to do IRL?: Wait... what's this "real life" that you speak of? I enjoy drawing and dancing. I usually dance over 8 hours a week, August-May. The types of dance I do are ballet, jazz, hip hop, and contemporary! I also love listening to people and trying to help them through hard times or problems.
    Favorite animal and why: Cats! I've grown up with at least two cats in the house my entire life, and used to get up early in the morning (when I was a toddler) and crawl around the house pretending I was a cat.
    Favorite Website: Hmm, inspired my love for programming, so I would say that it is my favorite Website.
    Favorite thing about EMC: I know lots of people say this... but the Community is my absolute favorite thing about EMC. I have always found that the Community is very encouraging and helpful. There is no Community anywhere else like the one that exists here.
    Favorite color and why: I like blue and green! Preferably lighter shades of both, but I like certain dark shades too. I'm not sure why I like either of those colors, but I do find them calming and pleasant.
    Favorite Minecraft feature: My favorite Minecraft feature is crafting to get different blocks and tools.
    Favorite Minecraft block: Dark oak logs
    Favorite Music: I like a lot of different music, so here's a few artists that come to mind first:
    Alan Walker, Imagine Dragons, The Score, AJR, The Cab
    Pets? Two cats, named Orlando and Rocky. Orlando is 12 years old, and the cat that I nicknamed "MoreMoople" when I was younger. Rocky is 18 years old.
    If you had to lose one sense, what would it be? My sense of smell. Sadly, that would also change my sense of taste.
    Favorite cookie: Chocolate chip! Yum
    Favorite quote: "You will find that help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it." - Dumbledore
    Additional Comments: Waffles are life <3

    NetherSpecter joined EMC on January 24th, 2013, and he joined the Contribution Team on December 2nd, 2016."I had just bought Minecraft and was looking for an SMP server to play on. EMC had its own charm and it stuck with. Suddenly I was addicted."

    What do you like to do IRL?: Write, write, write.
    Favorite animal and why: Cat, graceful, majestic, and can be stubborn at times. They're also adventurous and even their bigger cousin's are beautiful.
    Favorite Website: :p,The amount of entertainment, music, inspiration, and creativeness on that site always amazes me.
    Favorite thing about EMC: I know everyone says this but: The people. I love the people here, how selfless people can be when they only know them over the internet, I swear that EMC is a phenomenon especially in a time where the world is full of hate.
    Favorite color and why: Green. In my opinion it shows life. It shows creation, natural beauty, and a treasure trove of hidden secrets.
    Favorite Minecraft feature: Hoppers. Those things are amazing in the way redstone as a whole changed in Minecraft.
    Favorite Minecraft block: Stonebrick and Spruce. I tend to over use these two together in most of my builds. I'm kind of guilty, but they go SO well together just can't help but use them.
    If you were a mob in Minecraft, what would you be and what would you do? Creeper. Instead of destroying thing's I'd help Steve in an epic tale of creating the greatest structures the world of Minecraft had ever seen.
    Favorite Music: I normally listen to fantasy music whenever I'm doing anything creative (writing, building, working on game making) and a various of different genres when playing actual games (deep house, electric house, tropical house).
    Pets? Angel. She's nearing the End but I couldn't be happier as I look back on the time we've spent together. Almost 15 years and despite the injury she's recently acquired she's still strong. She's sorta a metaphor for me to be strong no matter what pain you may suffer.
    If you had to lose one sense, what would it be? Smell. I've never cared for smelling roses or scented candles, but I will miss smelling food.
    Favorite cookie: Soft Sugar. It just melts in your mouth ya know?
    Favorite quote: "Why so serious?"" - Joker, I know, I know. Kind of a weird quote but it does remind me to never take life TOO seriously. You gotta include a little bit of fun and chaos every now and then."
    If you could meet one person, who would it be? I honestly can't answer this cause I don't want to choose between the thousands of members on EMC. I wanna meet all of them, and actually come to know them as people instead of pictures on my screen.
    Additional Comments: Additional* :p(inside joke the questionnaire is spelled wrong).

    Qkazooo joined EMC on January 5th, 2015, and joined the Contribution Team on December 6th, 2015. "What brought me to EMC was probably the Town function. I had only played 1 other server before and it was a faction server, but I hated how there was no Community so I quit it after one day and came here, EMC has been my only multiplayer server ever since then."

    What do you like to do IRL? I like to just hang out and watch x files.
    Favorite animal and why: Penguins
    Favorite Website: Netflix
    Favorite thing about EMC: My favorite thing is probably the Town aspect. The whole you are safe and can build safely thing is what made me come to EMC, I feel like it brings everyone together as a whole because we aren't trying to kill each other for supplies.
    Favorite color and why: Black like my soul
    Favorite Minecraft feature: The lightning command, I just like making sure people are alive.
    Favorite Minecraft block: Probably slime blocks.
    If you were a mob in Minecraft, what would you be and what would you do?: The Skeleton Horse. They just always make me giggle, I have one named Indiana Bones.
    Favorite Music: I love listening to game/movie soundtracks. My favorites would be Ocarina of Time and Transistor.
    Pets? I have one wiener dog named Domino.
    If you had to lose one sense, what would it be? My sense of Dignity, I gave that up a long time ago.
    Favorite quote: “Don’t abuse a kind heart. You may never be offered one again.” — Pokello Nare
    If you could meet one person, who would it be? Chris Pratt.

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