Jan 6, 2023
  • The PvP lobby, accessed with /v pvp or the portal in the main lobby, is where you can find a variety of player vs. player mini-games on the Games Server (/games). The three modes included in this section, each described below, were launched alongside the server itself, but the lobby also includes room to expand.

    Each path is labelled by an abbreviation for the game mode’s name. Inside the room for each mode, you can find portals to one or more arenas where the games are played.

    Free for All (FFA)(top)

    Free for All (FFA)
    Game type: PvP
    Launch: August 4th, 2017 (Games Server launch)
    Staff hosted: No
    Players required: 5
    Victory/length: First to 25 kills
    Items/kit supplied: Yes
    Free for All (FFA) pits each player against one another in a race to be the first one with 25 kills, which ends the game.

    FFA PVP is distinct from the SMP PVP mode for several reasons: there are three playable maps which are large in comparison to the SMP arenas, the game’s sessions End once the objective is reached, and kits are provided in this mode. This means that you cannot Vault and equip items from your regular EMC inventories to use them in FFA. You cannot join a round in an arena which is currently in session; you will have to wait until it is over.

    Lost Keep is a vast, besieged castle with opportunities for both close and long distance combat. Isolation emphasises closer quarters combat, with tight walls which often follow a maze-like arrangement. Last Resort is a fortress build which contains open catwalks and courtyards, encouraging sneaky, longer distance and archer gameplay.

    SMP PvP(top)

    SMP PvP
    Game type: PvP
    Launch: February 2014; August 2017 (Games Server launch)
    Staff hosted: No; occasional Staff events (Event Hub)
    Players required: 1+
    Victory/length: N/A
    Items/kit supplied: No; SMP inventory accessible


    The SMP PvP mode consists of 16 46x46, uniquely designed arenas available for indefinite PvP battles, meaning they are always open and there are no set objectives/rounds. These are spread over 4 floors. The PvP Lobby portals can take you to Normal Inventory arenas (floors 1-3) or the Fair arenas (floor 4). To enter an arena, simply right-click on one of the teleport signs at its center-most corner. A special Staff vs The World arena is also available in the PvP Lobby, in the SMP PVP section.

    While they are now found on the Games Server, the 'SMP' in their name comes from their original location on SMP6, where they were launched in February 2014 and upgraded in January 2015. The PvP arenas on SMP6 no longer exist as of December, 2022.

    You can Vault items from your SMP and Utopia inventories into the SMP PvP world for use in the arenas (but not other PvP maps).

    Normal arenas(top)

    Floor 1
    • Blue Arena - "Shipwrecked"
    • Black Arena - "Frustration"
    • Red Arena - "Dinner is Served"
    • Purple Arena - "Under Siege"
    Floor 2
    • Cyan Arena - "Feral Ruins"
    • Light Gray Arena - "A Bug's Life"
      • Special: 20% static damage dealt by weapons
    • Orange Arena - "Boom Town"
    • Magenta Arena - "Aikar's Inferno"
      • Special: 10% static damage
    Floor 3
    • Light Blue Arena - "The Deep"
    • White Arena - "Operation: Arctic Storm"
    • Yellow Arena - "Indecision"
    • Pink Arena - "Sky Islands"

    Fair PvP Arenas(top)

    In the fair PvP arenas, buffs, armor and enchantments will not apply, and all weapons deal the same amount of damage (i.e. a static amount). You are able to consume food and arrows. You can also block attacks in fair PvP, reducing damage by 50%.

    There are four fair PvP arenas, and each one has different static damage levels.

    Floor 4
    • Lime Arena - "Playground"
      • 20% static damage (2 hearts)
    • Brown Arena - "Block Fort"
      • 15% static damage (1.5 hearts)
    • Green Arena - "Labyrinth"
      • 10% static damage (1 heart)
    • Gray Arena - "Vertigo"
      • 5% static damage (1/2 heart)

    Staff vs The World arena(top)

    This special arena is used to host Staff vs The World, an event in which the objective is for players to kill the staff involved in the game. See the relevant Wiki page for more information.

    Player Heads(top)

    The PvP arenas are a great way to get other players' Heads. When killed, a player has a 15% chance of giving their head to the player who killed them, provided both players have both the [Drop Head] and [PvP Drop Head] Player Settings enabled. If the killer does not have their Head Drop setting on, but the player who was killed does, the head has a chance of going to the slain player.

    Use the following Player Settings Commands to toggle head drops. Both settings have to be set to "on" for Heads to drop in PvP.
    • /ps set drophead on
    • /ps set pvpdrophead on

    Control Point (CP)(top)

    Control Point (CP)
    Game type: PvP
    Launch: August 4th, 2017 (Games Server launch)
    Staff hosted: No
    Players required: CP: 10 (5 per team); KOTH: 5
    Victory/length: Hold the control zone (hill) for the specified amount of time
    Items/kit supplied: Yes
    This PvP mode involves an overarching 'king of the hill' style gameplay, where a higher-ground must be secured or successfully defended to win the game. However, each arena - of which there are two - has different mechanics.

    Control Point: Castle Assault(top)

    This game involves two teams: attackers and defenders. It is the defender's goal to prevent the objective from being occupied for ten minutes, while the attackers must remain in the objective for three minutes without being repelled back. In this game, the hold time is accumulative, meaning it won't reset if no one is in the control zone. If you die, you will be sent back to your team's start point.

    The attackers have access to a trebuchet, which will catapult explosives at the defenders, assisting them in their siege. At least two players must be at its base for it to fire, which is performed with a lever. The trebuchet can open up the control zone, but it may also miss.

    King of the Hill: Titan Clash(top)

    This game is a race to the top of the hill for both the red and blue teams. They each start out at the bottom, on opposite corners of the arena. The winning team must remain on the platform for 2 minutes and 30 seconds to win.


    Despite the addition of these arenas, players are reminded that PvP outside of the dedicated Games Server modes is still against the rules. Any PvP-related actions outside of these areas will result in an in-game punishment.

    EMC's /games is a server full of mini-games. It is also host to Staff events.