Introducing the Empire PVP Arenas!

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  1. Introducing the Empire PVP Arenas!

    Due to recent changes to support the Cupid's Bow, we found a way to enable PVP in a VERY controlled fashion!

    Therefor, we have added a new Arena on SMP6 at /v pvp!

    There will be 4 different playing fields, with Black being the most complete right now (Designed by me!)

    Items are immune in this arena! You will not take durability damage or drop items on death!
    You respawn at the arena entrance.

    CONSUMABLES such as Potions and Arrows however ARE Consumed, so do not use them unless you do not mind!


    And heres the best part! These are open 24/7! No staff needed! Simply go in the arena with some friends, duke it out for some fun, and resume back to your other normal activities with no loss!

    This is pure optional fun :)


    We will be designing the other floors as soon as possible.

    DISCLAIMER: While we believe it to be bug free, this is a new feature and could still contain bugs! Do not take any item you can not afford to lose!
  2. THANK YOU AIKAR! :) :D :) :D I been waiting for this for a long time! :)
  3. lol I made a topic about this a while back. :O

    Also to all the players saying there wont ever be PVP on the servers.. like some on the topic I made a while back.... :p
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  4. Well, Empire is still not a PVP server. We will not be advertising ourselves as PVP, nor is this anything like normal PVP.

    This is a simple "minigame" that players can blow some time on, but no where near a major attraction :).

    But for safety... I did put up signs saying PVP is not allowed in Wild/Nether.
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  5. Player vs. Player
    Now with love!
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  6. Why don't you say for advertising "PVP optional" on our banner thing :) It could attract more players that are looking to play PVP with a great community :)
  7. Yeah I know its not a PVP server.. but so many players complained saying there would be no PVP ever on these servers etc etc.

    Also... I kinda had this idea already. :p
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  8. Thank you Aikar, I just knew you'd come threw with a pvp arena!! :p
    Dis gonna be good. :mad:
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  9. will this mean more lag?... ; - ;
  10. Now, this is a pretty cool semi-spontaneous update :D
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  11. Emc as a whole isn't a Pvp server or part Pvp server. This is simple a minigame with Pvp activated on 120x120 empire res. Also mainly Pvp players get their items from killing other player which you can't do on Emc.

    This shouldn't cause lag at all or normal amount that a res does.
  12. Theres really no special code here that wasnt really already there, so no lag what so ever :)
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  13. Why do I have to be far out in the wild? >.>
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  14. Constant slaying already!

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  15. That's why I have an alt :p
  16. Finally, PvP on a server that isn't as laggy as other servers! :D
  17. your welcome :p
  18. also heads drop when you die but appear in your own inventory!!!!! much better then dropping to head farm!!
  19. Sounds fun! Can't wait to test it out
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  20. IKR.