A new idea for those empty EMC plot(s)?

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(After reading topic) What do you think of this idea?

I like it 10 vote(s) 52.6%
I am indecisive about it (couldn't care either way) 2 vote(s) 10.5%
I am unsure (it needs more time,options,ideas,etc) 4 vote(s) 21.1%
I don't like it 3 vote(s) 15.8%
  1. I made this suggestion and sent it to some of the EMC big wigs but its been quite a while and no reply so figured I would make a forum post about it.

    I had a thought about this quite a while ago. I remember in the past there have been specific PVP areas that every now and then would be monitored by the staff. I was then thinking about those big free areas (4 on each server) and usually there is nothing on them or like one thing per server.

    I was thinking of maybe making one of them into a PVP area like a paint ball arena where you have certain things like a cave or two, small tunnels, a fort, some trees, hills etc. And the only way into the area is by doing /v paintball (or whatever name gets chosen) and when you do that you automatically get a sword armor, a bow/arrows, etc. And can attack and fight other players that are also there. All your items you have on you when you go there instantly disappear off you and you only have the items supplied. Then when you leave any items you had in the arena type area disappear and you get your original items back.

    Iv seen this done before in a way with the tutorial etc. It could be fun for those people who really want a PVP area and it wouldn't affect regular users who don't want to participate. It would also make use of at least one of those empty areas on whichever server its put on. As well as another reason/example why new players should choose EMC because they can still fight other players but only in that area and/or those official EMC monitored PVP arenas that show up from time to time. Also if its popular enough possibly move it over to a few other servers to help spread it around especially when there are those empty areas on the other servers.

    I also know some of this would have to be coded by Aikar so only when he has time after dragon tombs and updates etc.

    If this does end up happening I have some cool ideas for making it really diverse and fun. Using different biome type designs etc so I could possibly help out in making it. As well as if Aikars coding permits ability to choose what weapons, armors, etc are allowed during each game.

    But anyways I figured I would make this post and see what other players on the servers think. Like I said it would be self contained and you wouldn't be able to accidentally stumble into it unless you did the command and even so you could still leave by doing some other command and your items you have wouldn't be affected.

    This could also boost popularity and/or help out on those boring days when regular (and the often rare enraged) mobs just don't cut it anymore.

    So what does everyone else think? Some Admin/Mods opinions are very welcome especially from Aikar on if its possible and how difficult it would be to implement.

    I haven't thought to heavily on it but the more I think about it the more ideas I come up for it that could make it more fun so let me and everyone else know what you think in the comments.
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  2. No PvP as much as I'd love it...
  3. Pvp will not be approved on any of the current servers. However there have been ideas of a separate pvp server.
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  4. /res set pvp true
    It may be a bit tougher than that to implement, but it seems to be an idea that will keep the community interested.
    +1/2, semi supportive.
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  5. i kinda like the idea, those 4 huge plots on every server are often empity, we could do it there, plus maybe a differant game in each smp?
  6. I think the problem with this is that people could stumble onto a pvp true res, thinking they are safe with all their items in town, only to be killed. I could easily see people saying "do /v ####" only to be waiting there to kill whoever comes by. Town should be safe.

    But, a self contained area with a command to enter and items protected wouldn't be bad. I've heard mention of specific plans to combine EMC and PvP in some way but I'm not %100 sure those are.
  7. I believe the "long term" plans were for a Match-play PVP server, a so called "Dystopia".
    Anyway, this would be different, PVP on a PVE server?
    If it were completely protected, I wouldn't mind it at all, if either a) there was no risk of losing items (item storage is with dragon tombs) or b) you were warned of the potential loss.
  8. That was one of the reasons. I have gone to some of the other servers and there just isn't much to do. Sure one has a fair type one. Another one has a park (no offense but pretty boring). Then there are some of the other servers with nothing on those plots. Also my idea was if it is popular enough to put more then one out there. Like say one on one of the servers and another on a different one. Each one different in some ways either with the terrain or maybe specialty features etc that other people or I thought up.

    That's another thing I was thinking of. Make it so when you teleport there (like the future dragon tombs as well as kinda like the tutorial) all your items are basically taken away put somewhere safe and any items you get in the PVP area (the sword, bow, etc) disappear when you leave. So there is no threat to losing your personal items etc.

    As well as plans to make it so that there is an area like a viewing platform where your safe and can just watch the players try to find/attack each other.

    Oh and I don't think it would be allowed to keep your own personal items to use in there because some players might ether use that as an excuse to try and complain about losing items or some players might have better armor/weapons then other players. So some would have an unfair advantage which isn't fair.
  9. No PVP on the SMP servers.
    We do not know if there will be PVP on dystopia, but we do know there will be a Dystopia, and a PVP server.
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  10. to all the people that are saying that it's no PvP;
    It's a bit different.
    PvP means player vs. player, but that really only means in like our 'wild' world (on other servers it's just the overworld, no town) so, your right.
    Trunks here is suggesting add certain moderated areas for PvP with mini game elements. So it's restricted PvP.
  11. I know what he means, this would cause fights and confused people wondering why they cannot kill other players at /town or something.

    Most importantly, NO PVP ON OUR CURRENT SERVERS
  12. Well if by moderated if you mean supervised by the mods no. There won't really be a need for it but I can see the ability for mods to view it or supervise some if they choose to. This would be so that the mods don't have to put in more work for themselves. If you don't want to get attacked or attack people anymore your free to leave at any time type of deal (by entering the teleport command etc).

    The idea I had was this is all self contained and the ability to turn on/off certain features like possibly teams, select weapons, etc with the push of a button type of deal in a room before you go into the arena/paintball area. So basically it can be played at any time even at night when there isn't many players on you and a friend(s) can all go there and just have a match together.

    And I have more ideas that would make it even more fun but I wont go into them until/unless this is ok'ed.
  13. -.-
    Look, I'd rather have things on the empty reses currently, it doesn't have to be PvP.
    Also what defines pvp? It's different in a lot of cases.
    So instead of using all caps to express another rule, maybe you should ask yourself,
    what would be of better use for the empty plots instead of getting caught up with it having any thing to do with PvP?
  14. I meant like restricted, and contained :p
  15. Hmm... Well, staff are always thinking of what to put in there Ex: Firefloor, /v Mudhut. And PVP, only one way to define it: Player Versus Player. That involves purposely killing another play with any tools, blocks, items, entities, or air.
  16. This will cause serious fights.

    If person A is fighting person B, and person A and B are both nearly dead. Person A could teleport away using commands and then attack person B in the back, killing him. This will lead to ranting, friends wars and other things we seriously DONT want.

    If they want to add games, make it a game you need to Enter and Exit via a command. And that you can only execute the command when the game has Ended.

    Like a mob arena, but different, like fully automatic.
  17. Okay just making sure. :p

    And everyone is entitled to their opinion as long as they aren't trying to start fights etc. I know there are players that don't like PvP that's why this would be self contained you wouldn't be able to just walk onto the plot and get an arrow in you or something.

    They have it set up these days so that when you try to enter res's that aren't allowing people in it automatically push's you back. You would have to actually type out the command and even if you went there just to try it out and didn't like it you wouldn't lose anything out of it.

    There are also other games I have thought up that would be lots of fun that could also fit within the res possibly below the paintball area etc. They are still PvP but are based on classic games some have already been done and shown on youtube that would be fun to try on emc. I wont give out all the ideas but Bomber man would be lots of fun especially with unlimited tnt and little power ups you can get when destroying blocks trying to find the other bomber men. But that is only if this is ever ok'ed not gonna go into it and start planning all that out if they deny this that's just a waste of time.
  18. Yeah this is something I thought of as well. Once you leave you cannot enter again until the match is over type of scenario. Like I have kinda mentioned I want this to be fair thats why all players would get similar armor weapons etc.
  19. You (mods) can always do something like the giant obsidian obelisk near me in SMP1 where it's not the sort of thing you can 'wander' into without a /v command.

    This could be fun.

    You could have (in a sort of stack) 3-4 'biomes' represented:
    Heavy forest (limits the effectiveness of bows)
    plains (long view distances)
    hills (take the high road or the low road?)
    lava dungeon/stronghold (strategic charge-attacking?)

    Since we already have the ability to cross-residence teleport, if it wasn't possible to make just a portion of a giant res safe, then the entry point could be placed somewhere in a neutral zone.

    Some people mentioned being able to /home when you were about to lose... so what? I don't see this as something worth worrying about.

    Some other random thoughts:
    -When you are killed in the zone you respawn in a room with teleporters to all of the stacked 'biomes'. It seems like the tricky part here would be providing you with new temporary items. However, if the items you received when joining had that 'soulbound' effect it might be okay if everyone was switched to, say, an unbreaking 3 iron sword when they joined.

    -the Leaderboards could begin to track 'Arena Kills' To give people some bragging rights without needing any kind of other reward.

    -In-Game groups don't have any effect in this zone. 'friendly fire' is always on.