Snowball Fight

Dec 30, 2022
Snowball Fight
  • Snowball Fight is a game found on EMC's Games Server (/games) and is found on the staff hosted side of the Funland lobby. Unlike other events, Snowball Fight is a team event.

    The event was previously hosted on one of the special 124x124 Residences on SMP7, accessed with /v snowball.



    The rounds take place on two parallel platforms above the ground. One of the platforms is for the red team, and the other platform is for the green team. When the round starts, players must grab snowballs from the chests located on one End of the platform. Then, they throw the snowballs at the opposite team to try to knock them off of the platform. Whichever team still has people standing at the End wins.

    EMC's /games is a server full of mini-games. It is also host to Staff events.