Hide and Seek

Aug 4, 2017
Hide and Seek
  • Hide and Seek
    Game type: Hide and Seek
    Launch: August 4th, 2017 (Games Server launch)
    Staff hosted: No
    Players required: 5+
    Victory/length: Find all hiders or remain hidden for 5 mins
    Items/kit supplied: N/A
    Hide and Seek games can be accessed with /v hidenseek or the portal in the main lobby of the Games Server (/games).

    Each game starts off with a seeker, while everyone else gets 30 seconds to find a hiding spot. If you are hiding and get 'tagged' (hit) by a seeker, then you also become a seeker. The winner is the seeker if they find everyone, or the hider if they remain untouched for 5 minutes (the length of the game).

    There are currently two maps on which you can play this mode. Mooshroom Valley is a luscious underground garden, while The HMS Silverfish is a vast sailing vessel. The Hide and Seek lobby itself is a cliff-top mansion.

    EMC's /games is a server full of mini-games. It is also host to Staff events.

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